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2008/09 Schedule of Exhibits

PREVIOUS SEASON 5 EXHIBITS:      September 2008 - August 2009

main gallery


Manifest is very pleased to launch its fifth season of free public exhibits with a presentation of the work of Petra Kralickova. The artist will create a sculptural installation designed specifically to take advantage of Manifest’s unique Main Gallery space. The work will reflect her current focus on the limits of the body, fragility, resilience, and balance. The exhibit will transform the gallery, and present a compelling experience even at night to passersby.

Mini bio: Born in Czechoslovakia. Lives and works in Athens, Ohio. Studied at Ohio University – BFA, and University of Massachusetts Dartmouth – MFA.




Sept. 26 - Oct. 24, 2008

Opening Reception

Friday Sept. 26
6-9 p.m.




drawing room

Still Lifes from My Perspective

Manifest is proud to present a series of drawings by Kathy A. Moore as part of its season opener in the Drawing Room. Moore’s still-life drawings are meticulous, linear, layered and almost compulsively observed. Her process and images appear deceptively simple. Despite their apparent linear nature, Moore states that light is an important subject and that she works to provide a luminous quality to the final image. Her compositions and her thorough dedication to (and almost homage to) these arrangements of common things lend an air of spirit to the drawings which promises to envelope visitors to the exhibit.

Mini bio: Lives in Casstown, Ohio. Studied at Wright State University – BFA.


main gallery and drawing room

A Survey of Approaches to Landscape

Curated by Jason Franz

Manifest’s first group show and call to artists for season five will focus on interpretations of a theme not yet thoroughly explored by the gallery. Landscape can be so very widely interpreted and expressed. From the most observational depictions of geographic locations to conceptual or nearly abstract spaces, landscapes are generally considered works representing real or imagined ‘land’ or natural spaces. However, even larger scale architectural conceptions, or combinations of the natural and man-made are often categorized as such. Manifest is eager to present a wide variety of contemporary works that explore this subject.

Over 340 artists from across the U.S. and beyond submitted over 900 works for consideration to Terra Firma. A rigorous ten-person jury and curatorial process resulted in 26 works by 19 artists being selected for inclusion in the exhibit.

The exhibit includes works by:

Hale Allen (Philadelphia, PA)
Barry Andersen (Fort Thomas, KY)
Kevin Bell (Missoula, MT)
Stephen Cartwright (Urbana, IL)
Charlene Doiron Reinhart (Hayward, CA)
Ivan Fortushniak (Indiana, PA)
Ricki Klages (Laramie, WY)
Gerard Lange (Wilson, NC)
Marc Leone (Erlanger, KY)
Stephen Mishol (Lowell, MA)
Nancy Nichols (Terre Haute, IN)
Quintin Owens (Lubbock, TX)
Isaac Powell (Natchitoches, LA)
Ajean Ryan (Fort Collins, CO)
Jerry Schutte (Tempe, AZ)
Ted Somogyi (San Francisco, CA)
Steven Walker (Westerville, OH)
Melissa Wilkinson (Woodway, TX)
McCrystle Wood (Cincinnati, OH)

     Jerry Schutte: Buena Vista Road, oil on canvas, 2008


     Stephen Cartwright: Lost Landscape (Fort Peck), acrylic, 2008

Nov. 7 - Dec. 5

Opening Reception
Friday Nov. 7
6-9 p.m.

(closed Thanksgiving Day)






main gallery


Curated by Jason Franz

Like photography, printmaking is a genre of creative work that is underscored by its processes. Some artists are steadfast traditionalists, anchoring themselves in age-old technical methods. Others push the boundaries of the discipline, exploring just what constitutes ‘printmaking’. In this exhibit Manifest called to artists to submit works of contemporary printmaking in order to explore the range of methods and results currently being achieved within the bounds of such processes.

Nearly 400 works were submitted by 160 artists for consideration by the Manifest jury. The final selection includes 22 works by 13 artists from seven states and the U.K.

The exhibit includes works by:

Andrew Au (Cincinnati, OH)
Stephen Barnwell
(New York, NY)
Curtis Bartone
(Savannah, GA)
Dale Clifford
(Atlanta, GA)
Stephen Cummings
(Seattle, WA)
Mary Farrell
(Spokane, WA)
Rick Finn
(Cincinnati, OH)
Craig Fisher
(Toledo, OH)
Jenny Freestone (Takoma Park, MD)
Randy Garber (Newton Centre, MA)
Karla Hackenmiller (Athens, OH)
Katherine Jones (London, England)
Angela Katona-Batchelor (Boise, ID)


    Craig Fisher: Rights of Spring, aquatint over Inkjet chine colle, 2008


     Andrew Au: U747-IRp, etching and silkscreen, 2008



Dec. 12 - Jan. 9

Opening Reception
Friday Dec. 12
6-9 p.m.

Closed Christmas and New Year's Day.


drawing room

Wild Kingdom

Manifest is pleased to present a solo exhibit of works by Jason Urban. As the artist states “My research has become an exploration of illusions.” He works across many disciplines anchored in printmaking, but pushed to the limits of installation. “Drawing inspiration from design (graphic, industrial, interior), motion pictures, and advertising” the artist seeks to appeal to the mass conscience using a shared visual history.

Mini bio: Teaches printmaking and drawing at University of Texas - Austin. Studied at Kutztown University – BFA and University of Iowa – MA and MFA.


main gallery

The BorgDot Works

Manifest is pleased to present a gallery full of David Dotson’s nearly microscopic cyborg-like sculptural creations. Two of these bio-mechanical ‘creatures’ were recently included in Magnitude Seven (2008). For his solo show Dotson will present several works, all individually displayed in the laboratory-like lighted tubular cases seen previously. Although beautiful and compelling in their intricacy and appearance of potential animation, these works also function for Dotson as a subtle jab at corporate manipulation of natural social and genetic order.

Mini bio: Lives and works in Oxford, Ohio. Studied at Miami University Oxford – BFA and MFA.


Jan. 23 - Feb. 20

Opening Reception

Friday Jan. 23
6-9 p.m.














drawing room

Looking Through the Glass

Manifest Gallery is proud to present a solo exhibit of the photography of Tama Hochbaum. An intimate drawing room experience, this exhibit titled “Looking Through the Glass,” will present a series of composite digital prints similar to those first seen in Manifest’s recent exhibit Trick of the Light curated by Dennis Kiel. Works will include moody fragmented views of architecture and landscape often as seen through a window (including the window itself). Similar to Kathy Moore’s drawings (season opener) Hochbaum’s works provide the viewer an opportunity to experience the point of view of the artist in tangible, visible, and formally beautiful ways.

Mini bio: Lives and works in Chapel Hill, North Carolina


main gallery

An Exploration of Narrative

Curated by Tim Parsley

Whether gathered around a campfire telling ghost stories, buried into an epic novel, or following the latest adventures of Spider-man, we are fascinated with stories, legends, myths and fables. Stories help locate us, form our personal identities and often operate as larger metaphors for reality. Throughout history, from the stately historic paintings of Jacques-Louis David to the provocative films of Matthew Barney, visual artists have offered a unique contribution to the telling of tales. Manifest Creative Research Gallery enthusiastically invited national and international artists, working in any visual creative medium, to come tell a story.

For this exhibition, a broad definition of narrative art was considered, including (but not limited to) comic art, sequential art, documentary, animation, video/film, illustration, performance, painting, sculpture, photography, and drawing.

Nearly 300 artists from 41 states and 14 countries submitted nearly 700 works for consideration to Mythography. A rigorous eight-person jury and curatorial process resulted in 16 works by 13 artists being selected for inclusion in the exhibit.

The exhibit includes works by:

Jessica Grace Bechtel  (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Charles Caldemeyer  (Mansfield, Ohio)

Bill Domonkos
  (Oakland, California)

Laura Fisher
  (Cincinnati, Ohio)

David Hannon
  (Muncie, Indiana)

Amanda Jaffe
  (Las Cruces, New Mexico)

Hugh Jones
  (Arlington, Virginia)

Noriko Kuresumi
  (Astoria, New York)

Robert McCann
  (East Lansing, Michigan)

Joseph Miller
  (Buffalo, New York)

Greg Sand
  (Clarksville, Tennessee)

Christopher Troutman
  (Richmond, Kentucky)

Chris White
  (Bellevue, Washington)



    Chris White

    Hugh Jones


March 6 - April 3


Friday March 6
6-9 p.m.




drawing room


Curated by Jason Franz

Selections from the International Drawing Annual is the fourth annual presentation of this exhibit, featuring a sampling of artworks to be included in the forthcoming 2008 International Drawing Annual exhibit-in-print.

The International Drawing Annual publication was conceived as an extension of Manifest's Drawing Center mission to promote, feature, and explore drawing as a rich and culturally significant art form through the pursuit of scholarly activities. More info. about this ongoing project can be found here.

The goal of the International Drawing Annual is to support the recognition, documentation, and publication of excellent, current, and relevant works of drawing from around the world.

All works included in each annual were made within three years leading up to its publication.

Over 410 artists from around the world submitted over 1100 works for consideration to the 2008 INDA. A ten-person jury and curatorial process is still underway. Final selections for the publication will be announced to the public in the coming months. However, preliminary scoring provided several options for selected presentation as a preview sampling prior to the formal release of the publication. The eight works presented here will be among those included in the exhibit-in-print.


The exhibit includes works by:

Susan D'Amato (Syracuse, New York)

Christina Empedocles (San Francisco, California)

Gregory Euclide (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Jason John (Sidman, Pennsylvania)

Charles Kanwischer (Waterville, Ohio)

Paul Loehle (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Douglas Miller (Louisville, Kentucky)

Ross Racine (New York, New York)

    Ross Racine

    Douglas Miller


main gallery and drawing room


Curated by Tim Parsley

Conceived and initiated in 2005, The Rites of Passage exhibits were developed in order to support student excellence by offering a public venue for the display of advanced ‘creative research’; to promote young artists as they transition into their professional careers; and to bring the positive creative energies of regional institutions together in one place.

With this fifth annual installment of the Rites series, Manifest now offers a $300 best of show award to encourage and support excellence at this career level. The Rites call for submissions was open to students graduating or expecting to graduate in 2008, 2009, or 2010.

A total of 731 works were submitted by 101 artists representing 57 schools in 30 states. Out of these, a set of 100 semi-finalist works were narrowed down to 26. The 2009 Rites of Passage exhibit features these 26 works by 14 artists from 12 schools in 9 different states.

The exhibit will include works of painting, photography, ceramics, drawing, mixed media, and sculpture by:

Sam Barton
(Senior, Bowling Green State University)

Paul Callahan
(Senior, Ohio University)

Brandon Dean
(2008 Graduate, Auburn University)

Benjamin Etten
(Senior, University of Minnesota)

Devin Farrand
(Senior, Eastern Oregon University)

Alexandra Giannell
(Junior, UNC Charlotte)

Soojin Kim
(Senior, School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

Katherine McMonigle
(2008 Graduate, College of Mount Saint. Joseph)

Sarah Reid   (BEST OF SHOW award)
(Senior, Ohio University)

Rhiannon Sallas
(Senior, Governor's State University)

Elizabeth Steiner
(2008 Graduate, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay)

Hilary Stevens
(2008 Graduate, Miami University)

Ellen Warner
(Senior, Miami University)

Wanda Wolmar
(Senior, Northwest Missouri State University)

    Soojin Kim, Senior, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

    Brandon Dean, 2008 Graduate, Auburn University


    Wanda Wolmar, Senior, Northwest Missouri State University


April 17 - May 15

Opening Reception
Friday April 17
6-9 p.m


main gallery and drawing room

5th Annual

Small works are very portable and fit well into many spaces. They also evoke in the viewer a sense of one's own physicality, in a completely different way than average or large sized works. Small works are intimate; inviting approach and inspection. Like short poetry, they are a challenge to craft with the same presence of their larger counterparts.

In the spirit of Manifest's mission of exploration, we offered this fifth annual call to artists to submit works no larger than seven inches in any dimension.

The call resulted in nearly 850 works submitted by 381 artists in 46 states and 23 countries. This year's exhibit will feature 50 works by the following 27 artists from 14 states and three different countries including England and Croatia:

    Saw by Chris Tinnen (Plano, Texas)

    Untitled Object #4 by Sunny Belliston (Midvale, Utah)

    Obscure and Common Duties, Pondicherry
    by Kathryn Myers (Mansfield, Connecticut)

    New Density Model 2 by Ryan Mandell (Denton, Texas)



May 29 - June 26

Opening Reception
Friday May 29
6-9 p.m.




Rob Anderson (Edgewood, KY)

Sunny Belliston (Midvale, UT)

Larry Blackwood (Bozeman, MT)

Kim Brock (East Lansing, MI)

Daniel Brown (Baltimore, MD)

Christopher Carver (Denton, TX)

Tim Clorius (Portland, ME)

Kevin Curry (Houston, TX)

Samuel Fisher (Leeds, England)

Travis Graves (Elizabethton, TN)

Mikhail Gubin (Kew Gardens, NY)

Brandice Guerra (Urbana, IL)

Carole Kunstadt (New York, NY)

Noriko Kuresumi (Astoria, NY)

Ryan Mandell (Denton, TX)

Kathryn Myers (Mansfield, CT)

Tutte Newall (London, England)

Jamie Oberschlake (Cincinnati, OH)

Marcie Paper (Brooklyn, NY)

Michael Reedy (Ann Arbor, MI)

Billy Renkl (Clarksville, TN)

Stefani Rossi (Fort Collins, CO)

Renata Sack (Waterloo, IA)

Chris Tinnen (Plano, TX)

Roberta Weissman Nagy (Pula, Croatia)

Jiyeon Yim (Rochester, NY)

Mollie Zanoni (Northampton, MA)

main gallery and drawing room

3rd Annual

Building upon the philosophy and success of the Rites of Passage exhibits for undergrads, Manifest offers a similar opportunity to graduate students for exhibiting at Manifest.

An annual offering, this third installment of the Master Pieces project will continue to reveal the intensity and professionalism of students working towards their terminal academic degree in the field of art or design.

Often the most exceptional work comes out of these artists’ immersion in their culture of study and intellectual pursuit. Manifest’s goal, therefore, is to select works that in the truest sense of the word are contemporary masterpieces – works that set the standard of quality that the artist is expected to maintain throughout his or her professional career. The exhibit catalog for this show will serve as a visual documentation of these artists’ own benchmarks for years to come.

This third annual Master Pieces project received 400 entries from 139 artists in 30 states and 2 countries. The final selection includes 16 works by the following thirteen new masters from ten states:

Meredith Adamisin (Northville, Michigan)

John Carrasco III (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Kyle Chaput (Corpus Christi, Texas)

Hima Chennamaraju (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Benjamin Clore (East Lansing, Michigan)

Rachel Heberling (Lewisburg, Pennsylvania)

Robert Hernandez (Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts)

Josh Johnson (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Sonia Lea (Bloomington, Indiana)

Robert Minervini (San Francisco, California)

Travis Shaffer (Nicholasville, Kentucky)

Japheth Storlie (Maquoketa, Iowa)

Kimberly Strom (DeKalb, Illinois)

    Oso Bay Site 46 by Kyle Chaput


    Central Christian Church, Henderson NV by Travis Shaffer


    Displaced by Josh Johnson

July 10 - Aug. 7

Opening Reception
Friday July 10
6-9 p.m.



main gallery and drawing room

1st Annual

In honor of that which we all share in common, which is the only thing that is truly ours throughout our lifetime...

Manifest exhibits many kinds of works, from the most conceptual and experimental to more traditional. In fact we think it's important to have such a range in our repertoire. In our Drawing Center Studio we provide opportunities and instruction to professionals and students to study life-drawing. While our studio is not limited to working just from the nude model, this age-old practice is a core component in our curriculum, and our flagship studio offering. So in honor of our commitment to this practice we have chosen to add another 'annual' exhibit to our roster, this one dedicated to works that in some way depict, explore, or address the human nude form.

With this we invited artists to submit works in any media, of any style or genre, (abstract, conceptual, highly realistic, etc.), and of any size, for consideration in Manifest's first annual NUDE, an international competitive exhibit exploring the uncovered human form in current art.

Over 600 works were submitted by 265 artists from 42 states and nine countries for consideration by our jury. The resulting exhibit will consist of 25 works by the following twenty artists from 13 states and three countries:

Michael Bird (Emporia, KS)

Chris Cooper (Lakeville, CT)

William Coronado (Passaic, NJ)

Matthew Davey (Indianapolis, IN)

Thomasin Dewhurst (Livermore, CA)

Delano Dunn (Brooklyn, NY)

Hans Guerin (Baltimore, MD)

Amanda Hext (Lake Charles, LA)

Mark Langeneckert (Columbia, MO)

Zachari Logan (Saskatoon, Canada)

Christina Grace Mastrangelo (Florence, Italy)

Michael Morris (Louisville, KY)

Valerie Patterson (Malone, NY)

Yvonne Petkus (Bowling Green, KY)

Joseph Reid (Chatham, NY)

Kirstine Reiner (San Francisco, CA)

Hyeyoung Shin (Amherst, NY)

Sheldon Tapley (Danville, KY)

Shane Wolf (Cincinnati, OH)

Plamen Yordanov (Chicago, IL)

    sh10 by Michael Bird


    White Pillow by Kirstine Reiner


    Torso by Sheldon Tapley

Aug. 14 - Sept. 11

Opening Reception
Friday August 14
6-9 p.m.





 Josephine S. Russell
Charitable Trust

Manifest is supported by sustainability funding from the Ohio Arts Council, and through the generous direct contributions of individual supporters and private foundations who care deeply about Manifest's mission for the visual arts.

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