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Supporting Members and Donors for 2018-2019 – Season 15

Membership/Donor Drive to Support Season 15 Annual Fund!

We are currently 48% short of our goal which must be reached by end of August.

Nine levels of membership:



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Debbie & John Heuer*



Carolyn & Steve Bloomfield*
Harvey C Hubbell Trust*



Mary Heider*
Phillip C Long*
Perin Mahler
William Olsen*



Chris Coy*
Jennifer Drydyk*
Dan Dutro*
Dick Lajoie*
Jens G Rosenkrantz Jr*




Gabe Applegate*
Paul Baron*
Adam Bloomfield*
Missy & Brian Fox*
Pam Ginsburg*
Amelia Lewis
Carrie Pollick*


Valerie Allen*
Kate & Bill Baumann*
Maria DiMauro*
David & Nancy Dorsey*
Suzanne Gagnet Fischer*
Paul Gaitan*
Mike Gentry*
L. Brian Huehls*
Kathy Holland*
Injoo Kim
Belinda Kindle
Francis & Anna Maria Mancini*
Brigid O'Kane*
Daniel Pfahl*
Carol Pfetzing*
Kathy Salchow*
Gina Stevenson*
Judy Takács*
George Warrington*
Amy West*




Komla Adjaka
Kitty & David Michael Beck*
Jerry Bellas*
Richard Boydston*
Sharon Butler
Joomi Chung*
Lee Crooks
Joseph Dagenbach & Andrea Lukin*
Rose DeSloover*
Jean & Rick Donaldson*
Zachary Durban
Chip Finke*
Fred Franz*†
Tom Fullen*
Margaret Hardebeck*
Jeffrey Heyne
Jean Hess Keller
Carole Kunstadt*
Mary Anne Lee
Maggie Leon*
Bob & Diane Little*
Anita & Henry Metzner*
Murray Monroe, Jr.*
Robin & Murray Sinclaire
Rebecca Seeman & David Wood*


Michael Bennett
Tracey Chaykin
Laurence Deprez-Zenezini*
Susan Ewing
John Fleischman*
Alexandra Franz*
Jason Franz*
Mary Gilbert
Drew Gores*
Christine Johnson*
Janice C Kagermeier
Mary Kay & Louis Kroner
Dr & Mrs Edward Loftspring
Wendy & Greg Long
Kimberly Mullarkey*
Armin Mersmann*
Kevin & Tamera Muente*
Ken Reis
John Robinson*
Betsy and Paul Sittenfeld*
Christine Shea
Kenneth Rothe
Roy Willman & Mary Wahrer
Hayward Wilkirson





Greg C Albert
Maria Blake*
Judi Cettel*
Roxanne Darling
Adrienne Dixon*
Julie & David Doepke
Kim Flora*
Joanne Glaser
Stella Grabowski*
Julie Harwood
Ray Hassard*
Ashley B Holmes
Elaine Kurie
Mimi Sheiner
Shelly Riemer
Charles & Samantha Hyde
Echo Lew
Brian Moore
David Schloss
Teresa Stanley
Ruth E Wise
Zelda Zinn


(under $25)

Barry Andersen*
Mary Beth Coulson
Kurt Dyrhaug
Larry Griggs
Christine Kuhn
Judith Larsen
Elizabeth Reed
Sarah Sherman*
Ethan Wooldridge



* Renewing member from season 14

† In memory of


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Manifest's 15th season is funded in part by a grant from the Robert H. Reakirt Foundation, PNC Bank, Trustee. This season's programming is also supported by an impact grant from ArtsWave, by a sustainability grant from the Ohio Arts Council, and through the generous contributions of individual supporters who care deeply about the visual arts.

gallery hours:

tues-fri noon-7pm, sat noon-5pm
(or by special appointment)

closed Sun and Mon

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