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Perin Mahler*


Harvey C. Hubbell Charitable Fund*
Debbie & John Heuer*
Ron & Judy Isaacs*

Phillip & Whitney Long*
Kenneth Oswald



Laura Blackorby*
Carolyn & Steven Bloomfield*
Gregory Corrigan
Christopher Coy*
Mary Heider*



Jennifer Drydyk
Dan Dutro*
Susan Ewing
Martha Gaustad*
Ben Kutay
Richard & Vanessa Wayne


Andrew Beiting
David & Nancy Dorsey*
Missy & Brian Fox*
Mike & Rebecca Gentry*
L. Brian Huehls*
Belinda Kindle
Dick Lajoie*
Carrie Pollick*


Farron Allen*
Gabe Applegate*
Kimberly Bailey & Robert Schilling*
Paul Baron
William Baumann*
Jerry Bellas*
Reginald Dyck
Chip Finke*
Suzanne Gagnet Fischer*
Jane Garvey*
Kathy Holland
Irene Light*
Francis & Anna Maria Mancini*
Murray Monroe, Jr.
David & Janey Pace*
Daniel Pfahl*
Carol & Ed Pfetzing*
Kathy Salchow
John T. Spence & Colleen O’Toole*
Gina Stevenson*
Paul & Regina Tucker*
Larry & Maureen Vignola
George Warrington


Lee Crooks*
Jean Donaldson*
Jason Franz*
Tom Fullen*
Pamela & David Ginsburg*
Margaret Hardebeck*
Patricia Harris
Ashley Holmes*
Tim Kennedy*
Maggie Leon*
Bob Little
Melisse May
Charles Mintz*
Kimberly Mullarkey*
Brigid O’Kane*
Kimberly Rodey*
Robert Schefman*
Janet Shagam
Murray & Robin Sinclaire*
Velda Smiley*
Carole Winters



Christy Backley*
Walter & Christine Banach*
Karen Bondarchuk*
Melinda Borysevicz*
Judi Cettel*
Joseph Clemans
Philip & Anne Cone
Equitable Foundation Inc
John Fleischman*
Kim Flora*
Dean Forster*
Gary Gaffney
Sylvia Gray
Tyler Griese*
Charles & Samantha Hyde*
Patti Jordan*
Annette Kitchen
Casey LeClair*
Craig Lloyd*
Craig Margolis*
Emily Momohara
Tamera & Kevin Muente*
Sara Pearce*
John Robinson*
Shelby Shadwell*
Margery Thomas*
Jonathan Tobias*
Roy Willman & Mary Wahrer*
Dennis Wojtkiewicz*
Robert & Lauren Woodiwiss*


Greg Albert
Maria Blake*
Robert Bruch
Peter Cosco*
Dan, Carla, & Laura Fisher
Oscar Gillespie*
Joanne Glaser
Cindy Kopenhafer
Brian Moore*
David Schloss*
Jane Sites
Laura Stein
Marla Sweitzer

(under $25)

Eric Bates
Jason Brown
Courtney Brunsman
Julie Warren Conn
Fred Daniell*
Spencer Decker
Maddie Eaglowski
Sandy Eichert*
Louann Elliott
Katherine Forster
Hannah Freeman
Bonita & Mick Goldberg*
Melissa Gwyn
Autumn Hand
Justin Hoffman
John Humphries*
Janelle Kelpe*
Mary Kay Kroner*
Kent Krugh
Christine Kuhn
Prince Lang
Sydney Lang
Zhuang Leng
Lake Newton
Bill Olsen*
Kurt Pohl
David Remerowski*
Cecily Ripley
Jonathan Ryckman*
Kathleen Schroeder*
Sister Sally Sherman
Donna Sinclair
Marissa Smith
Brian Tracy
Dan Vance
Samantha Vance
Margaret Whiting
Rebekah Wilhelm
Ruth Wise
Chloe Wolff



* Renewing member from season 16

† In memory of


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Manifest's 17th season is funded in part by a grant from the Charles Moerlein Foundation, Fifth Third Bank, Trustee. This season's programming is also supported by an impact grant from ArtsWave, by a sustainability grant from the Ohio Arts Council, and through the generous contributions of individual supporters and private foundations who care deeply about the visual arts.

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