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September 2009 - August 2010

main gallery

An International Competitive Exhibit

Curated by Tim Parsley

Sometimes you can say more by saying less. Many artists find that the intentional reduction of visual information actually increases a work of art’s impact. One such reduction is the use of color, creating engaging art through the use of a single hue. Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center is proud to announce the start of its 6th season with the exhibit Monochrome.

For this exhibit 250 artists submitted 540 works for consideration. Thirteen works by the following 10 artists from nine states and two countries were selected by our two-part jury/curatorial process for presentation in the gallery and catalog.


Stefan Annerel (Antwerp, Belgium)

Corey Baker (Medina, Ohio)

Jill Downen (St. Louis, Missouri)

Jessica Houston (New York, New York)

David Isenhour (New Smyrna Beach, Florida)

Robert Lansden (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Willard Lustenader (New Haven, Connecticut)

Robert Schefman (West Bloomfield, Michigan)

Sang-Mi Yoo (Lubbock, Texas)

John Zurier (Berkeley, California)

    Alicia by Corey Baker


    New Village Floor Plans by Sang-Mi Yoo





Friday Sept. 25
6-9 p.m.




drawing room

Paintings by Kirstine Reiner

As part of the launch of its sixth season Manifest is delighted to present a solo exhibit of eight paintings by Danish born San Francisco artist Kirstine Reiner. Selected from among dozens of exhibit proposals considered for the 2009/2010 exhibit season, Reiner's paintings provide an exquisite and important glimpse into serious contemporary realism. The collection of works brings 'old-world' craftsmanship and nuanced aesthetics unabashedly into the present day.

(in)animate serves as an intimate tour de force exhibit of painted realism, but it goes far beyond being a display of technical virtuosity. Each work, each object depicted, has a poetry as meticulously crafted as any formal or technical part employed in the process.


Kirstine Reiner was born in 1966 in Odense, Denmark. She received her BA degree in Illustration & Design at Kunsthaandvaerkerskolen, Kolding, Denmark in 1989.

Her works have been exhibited in museums and galleries internationally from California to New York City, including Washington D.C., Denmark, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Two of her drawings were featured in the most recently published International Drawing Annual 2007 produced by Manifest. One painting was also included in Manifest's first annual NUDE exhibit.

Reiner lives and works in San Francisco, California and teaches painting and drawing privately.

Artist's website: www.reiner-art.com

    Portrait Squared by Kirstine Reiner


    Brainstorm (detail) by Kirstine Reiner

parallel space

Photographs by Andrea Hoelscher

Manifest is pleased to launch its sixth season, and the inaugural exhibit of its new Parallel Space, with a presentation of thirteen photographs by award winning artist Andrea Hoelscher. Selected from among dozens of exhibit proposals considered for the 2009/2010 exhibit season, Hoelscher's photographs are a perfect first show for the new gallery space at Manifest. Interior reveals the artist's fascination with the inevitable remolding of the purpose and meaning of architecture, just as Manifest itself has assumed and refined old spaces in the Victoria building where today so much art from across the world is presented to the Cincinnati public.

Interior offers a formal, playful series of subtle amalgamations - images of vaguely familiar yet intriguing environments telling a story and inviting us in.

Andrea Hoelscher was born in 1968 in Marshalltown, Iowa. She received her BFA degree in photography and drawing from the University of Northern Iowa in 1992. In 1994 she completed an MFA degree from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago.

Her solo exhibitions have included locations such as the New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art, Roanoke College in Virginia, E3 Gallery in New York City, Bromfield Gallery in Boston, UC Berkeley in San Francisco, and Artemisia Gallery in Chicago. She has exhibited internationally, in solo exhibits at the Free University in Berlin, and at the International Artists Center in Poznan, Poland.

Hoelscher has been the recipient of several awards including a 2007 grant from the Indiana Arts Commission, a 2003 grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and a 1996 Fellowship for the Visual Arts from the New England Foundation for the Arts. From 1997 to 1998 she was supported by a Fulbright Grant for a project in Berlin, Germany.

Since 1995 Hoelscher has been engaged in teaching photography, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Currently she teaches at the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville.

Artist's website: andreahoelscher.com


    Entryway by Andrea Hoelscher


    Antique Shop (detail) by Andrea Hoelscher



main gallery


Curated by Jason Franz

One of the primary elements of art and design, shape is all too often relegated to an after thought, a mere coincidence of convenience based on manufacturing systems, the perpendicular efficiency of architecture, or bland habit. It is suitable then that Manifest hosts an exhibit for works that break outside the expected, traditional, monotonous shapes of such systems.

For this exhibit 114 artists submitted 250 works for consideration. Thirteen works by the following 10 artists from 8 states and Alberta Canada were selected by our two-part jury/curatorial process for presentation in the gallery and catalog.

Bobby Campbell (Morehead, Kentucky)

Roxanne Driediger (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Kurt Dyrhaug (Beaumont, Texas)

Gregory Euclide (Le Sueur, Minnesota)

David Hickman (Greensborto, North Carolina)

Martha MacLeish (Bloomington, Indiana)

Ian Magargee (Columbus, Ohio)

Laurel Nathanson (Oakland, California)

William Potter (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Crystal Wagner (Montgomery, Alabama)



    Centrifugal Composition by Ian Magargee


    Torrent by William Potter


    Rose Tint My World by Laurel Nathanson


    Device in Progess 04 by Kurt Dyrhaug



Opening Reception
Friday Nov. 6
6-9 p.m.

(closed Thanksgiving Day)



drawing room and parallel space

Contemporary Still-Life

Curated by Jason Franz

We live in man-made environments, filled with mundane and precious things. Some of these things we place incredible importance on, making them cultural talismans, and symbols of our identity, accomplishments, or aspirations. Others we take for granted, using, ignoring, discarding on a daily basis. Yet at some level everything shares an equivalence. The still-life genre has documented this object-oriented existence for centuries. But Manifest is curious, how is such work realized today? Therefore, Manifest Gallery is proud to present PAUSE, and exhibit of Contemporary Still-life.

For this exhibit 208 artists submitted 480 works for consideration. Twenty-five works by the following 19 artists from 11 states and Ontario Canada were selected by our two-part jury/curatorial process for presentation in the gallery and catalog.

Brett Eberhardt (Macomb, Illinois)

Hall Groat II (Endwell, New York)

Pat Hobaugh (Lake Mills, Wisconsin)

Spring Hofeldt (Brooklyn, New York)

Pamela Johnson (Chicago, Illinois)

Catherine Kehoe (Roslindale, Massachusetts)

Richard Luschek (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Michael May (Oxford, Ohio)

Nancy McCarthy (Roslindale, Massachusetts)

Katherine McNenly (Almonte, Ontario, Canada)

Joseph Morzuch (Hewitt, Texas)

Patrick Moser (St. Augustine, Florida)

Brent Payne (Oxford, Ohio)

Elena Peteva (Macomb, Illinois)

Shelby Shadwell (Laramie, Wyoming)

Benjamin Shamback (Mobile, Alabama)

Gabriella Soraci (Eugene, Oregon)

Sheldon Tapley (Danville, Kentucky)

Patrice Wolf (Athens, Ohio)



    Tough Love by Spring Hofeldt


    The Wait by Elena Peteva


    Green Painting by Catherine Kehoe


    Untitled by Shelby Shadwell



main gallery and drawing room

Paintings by Jennifer Meanley

Curated by Jason Franz

Jennifer Meanley's paintings found a solid resonance with Manifest's seasonal exhibit committee in our annual review process. They quickly met with approval for inclusion in the season 6 lineup. Furthermore, based on their strength and size, Meanley's works are the first ever to be awarded a full two-room solo exhibit at Manifest.

While clearly grounded in the present-day, Meanley's paintings also bear a strong echo of Fauvism and Expressionism. The figurative narration that occurs throughout the exhibit trends towards the metaphorical, moody, and powerful. The pure paint, color, and implicit emotional tension promise to saturate the gallery, and provide a uniquely moving visual experience.

"The characters within my paintings often appear to be captured in moments of intimate self disclosure. In this way, they live the suspended existence of people held in that mental space in which the sensation of making discoveries is born or forms. This constitutes the objective ‘seeing’ of the self in relation to the subjective context."


Jennifer Meanley grew up in Wolfeboro New Hampshire. From 1998 until 2001 she attended Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley Massachusetts where she studied Literature and Studio Art. In 2002 she began attending the University of New Hampshire where she received her BFA in Painting. From 2004 until 2006 she attended Indiana University, graduating with an MFA in Painting. She currently lives in Greensboro North Carolina and teaches drawing and painting at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Her work is represented internationally by the Beaux-arts des Amériques gallery in Montreal, Quebec.

Read a blog review here.


     For the Love of Birdsong and Incredible Heights
     by Jennifer Meanley

     Quadrant Performance: 7 Years on Tour
     by Jennifer Meanley



Opening Reception
Friday Dec. 11
6-9 p.m.

(closed Dec. 24, 25, 31 and Jan 1)





parallel space

An exhibit of regional work originating from within 100 miles of Manifest

The Cincinnati region is rich with an abundance of artists, galleries, patrons, collectors, university art programs, professors, and students of visual art. While Manifest serves as a neighborhood gallery for the world, bringing art and people together from around the world through our wide-reaching exhibits, the fact remains that we owe the ability of Manifest to exist and thrive in Cincinnati in large part to the vitality of the regional arts, which starts with the artists in our own backyard.

Therefore, Manifest Gallery is proud to announce its first ever REGIONAL exhibit which was open to works submitted by artists living within 100 miles of Cincinnati.

Seventy-seven artists submitted 153 works for consideration to this highly competitive exhibit. Six works by the following 6 artists from Ohio and Kentucky were selected for inclusion in BACKYARD.


Patrick Adams (Nicholasville, Kentucky)

Andrew Au (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Cole Carothers (Milford, Ohio)

Hunter Stamps (Lexington, Kentucky)

Travis Townsend (Lexington, Kentucky)

Lisa Wilson (Oxford, Ohio)


    Another Tankard by Travis Townsend


   Frontier by Patrick Adams


    Invasive by Lisa Wilson



main gallery and drawing room

An exhibit of work exploring zones of living

Curated by Tim Parsley

By the end of the twentieth century, suburbia became the place where over half of all Americans live and work. More than just an American phenomena, however, cities around the world have birthed an “outer ring” of domesticity, interconnected by nodes of consumer options and web-like traffic systems. This formational landscape of backyard BBQs, super-size shopping boxes, mini-vans, and cul-de-sacs is the terrain upon which many artists work today (while others respond from an urban distance). Through various contemporary visual art forms, artists are creating work that documents, explores, celebrates and criticizes these particular zones of living.

For this exhibit 147 artists submitted 360 works for consideration. Twenty-one works by the following 15 artists from 11 states and Hong Kong were selected by our two-part jury/curatorial process for presentation in the gallery and catalog.

Meg Aubrey (Alpharetta, Georgia)

Piotr Chizinski (Falls Village, Connecticut)

Andrew Dickson (Long Beach, California)

Kevin Haas (Pullman, Washington)

Andrew Harrison (Hightstown, New Jersey)

Barry Jacques (Hong Kong)
(with David Smith)

Charles Kanwischer (Waterville, Ohio)

David Linneweh (Shorewood, Illinois)

Craig Lloyd (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Ron Longsdorf (Wilmington, Delaware)

Stefan Petranek (Rochester, New York)

Ross Racine (New York, New York)

Travis Shaffer (Nicholasville, Kentucky)

Nathan Sullivan (Columbia, Missouri)

Art Werger (Athens, Ohio)


    Home of Network Administrator/Medical Biller by Piotr Chizinski

    (new)jersey: brasilia by Andrew Harrison

    Plan #1 by Ron Longsdorf

    McMansions by Art Werger


Opening Reception
Friday Jan. 22
6-9 p.m.



Radio interview of Tim Parsley about Manifest, BURB, and Topographies.


parallel space

Stephen Cartwright

Since 1999 Stephen Cartwright has recorded his exact latitude, longitude and elevation every hour of every day. Cartwright uses digital and traditional fabrication techniques to translate his collected data into his sculptural projects. Since the inception of the Latitude and Longitude recording project Stephen Cartwright has completed several grand bicycle journeys through North America, Europe and Asia, totaling more than 20,000 miles. Prolonged observation of his location has led Cartwright to his recent work investigating the use and alteration of the landscape.

main gallery and drawing room


Curated by Jason Franz

Painting is something humans have done for millennia. The media has a lineage not unlike our own, evolving and accumulating like the culture that bears it. Yet like so many aspects of civilization, we take it for granted. For example, people don’t realize that numerous pigments are extremely toxic, not just the fabled ‘lead white’, or that in antiquity a pound of royal purple dye required the crushing of four million mollusks (and that the color purple was worth the trouble - to the Romans).

As art spread like a virus, from the skin tattoos and cave walls of prehistory, to temples and palaces, cathedrals and manuscripts, at some point it became desirable, advantageous even, for it to become portable, and transferable. Panels and canvases made art smaller, and pigment bound by egg, oil, or other experimental organic excretions, was invented to be more and more durable.

At some point, thanks to all that had gone before, society reached a level where ordinary people could spend a lifetime perfecting their ability to mix and apply paint, in extraordinary ways. Picasso put it nicely:

There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others who, thanks to their art and intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun.

Now Manifest seeks to present and document the best painting of the most varied types being made in the world today. PAINT is an exhibit that called for works of painting from around the world, made by students or professionals, as they carry the tradition forward, or reform it for another day.

For this exhibit 324 artists from 39 states and 13 countries submitted 730 works for consideration. Twenty-one works by the following 17 artists from 12 states, Belgium, Hong Kong, and Thailand were selected by our two-part jury/curatorial process for presentation in the gallery and catalog.

Rob Anderson
(Edgewood, Kentucky)

Stefan Annerel
(Antwerp, Belgium)

Matthew Ballou
(Columbia, Missouri)

David Dorsey
(Pittsford, New York)

Brett Eberhardt
(Macomb, Illinois)

June Glasson
(Bangkok, Thailand)

Joshua Hagler
(Berkeley, California)

Jason John
(Sidman, Pennsylvania)

Matt Klos
(Sparrows Point, Maryland)

Daniel Nevins
(Asheville, North Carolina)

Jessica Rebik
(Dubuque, Iowa)

Elise Schweitzer
(Indianapolis, Indiana)

Sarupa Sidaarth
(San Francisco, California)

David Smith
(Hong Kong)

Nathan Sullivan
(Columbia, Missouri)

Sunny Belliston Taylor
(Provo, Utah)

Jovan Karlo Villalba
(Miami, Florida)


    Treasure Chest by Matt Klos

    Chasing Elusion- I by Sarupa Sidaarth

    Tanker-sea by David Smith

    Sequential by Sunny Belliston Taylor

    The Climb by Jovan Karlo Villalba




Opening Reception
Friday March 5
6-9 p.m.




parallel space


Curated by Jason Franz

Selections from the International Drawing Annual is the fifth annual presentation of this exhibit, featuring a sampling of artworks to be included in the forthcoming International Drawing Annual 5 exhibit-in-print.

The International Drawing Annual publication was conceived as an extension of Manifest's Drawing Center mission to promote, feature, and explore drawing as a rich and culturally significant art form. More info. about this ongoing project can be found here.

The goal of the International Drawing Annual is to support the recognition, documentation, and publication of excellent, current, and relevant works of drawing from around the world.

All works included in each annual were made within three years leading up to its publication. Soft and hardcover versions of the book will be available in fall of 2010.

For the INDA 5 an eleven-person jury reviewed 1276 entries by 502 artists from around the world. The final publication will contain 114 works by 72 artists in ten countries. Nine of these works, by the following nine artists are presented here as a sampling of this very exciting and important ongoing project.

Sonya Berg
(Austin, Texas)

Judy K. Dethmers
(Champaign, Illinois)

Brett Eberhardt
(Macomb, Illinois)

Karla Hackenmiller
(Athens, Ohio)

Charles Kanwischer
(Waterville, Ohio)

Joseph Miller
(Buffalo, New York)

Michael Reedy
(Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Sara Schneckloth
(Columbia, South Carolina)

Matthew Woodward
(Chicago, Illinois)


      Flood by Joseph Miller

    She Knows How to Use Them by Michael Reedy

    Seventh and Perry II by Matthew Woodward


main gallery


Curated by Tim Parsley

Conceived and initiated in 2005, The Rites of Passage exhibits were developed in order to support student excellence by offering a public venue for the display of advanced ‘creative research’; to promote young artists as they transition into their professional careers; and to bring the positive creative energies of regional institutions together in one place.

With this sixth annual installment of the Rites series, Manifest offers a $300 best of show award to encourage and support excellence at this career level. The Rites call for submissions was open to students graduating or expecting to graduate in 2009, 2010, or 2011.

A total of 530 works were submitted by 90 artists. Out of these, a set of 131 semi-finalist works were narrowed down to 10. The 2010 Rites of Passage exhibit features these ten works by eight artists from 7 schools in 5 different states.

The exhibit will include works of painting, photography, drawing, and mixed media by:

Leigh Bornhorst
(Senior, Miami University - Oxford)

Jase Flannery
(2009 Gradaute, Ohio State University)

John Grgas
(Junior, University of Cincinnati)

James Linkous
(Senior, Austin Peay State University)

Stacia McKeever
(Senior, Western Illinois University)

Abigail McLaurin
(2009 Graduate, Coker College - South Carolina)

Aidan Schapera
(2009 Graduate, University of Cincinnati)

Emily Schnellbacher
(Senior, Herron School of Art and Design)



      Untitled by Abigail McLaurin

      The String by Aidan Schapera


Opening Reception
Friday April 16
6-9 p.m.




drawing room and parallel space

Works About Time

Because we're born within the context of time, like fish in water, we forget that it too is a medium. It is a part of all we do. When we're young, time seems to pass very slowly. As we age it seems to move more swiftly.

All forms of art are affected by time. Some artists realize this, and it becomes the content and subject of their work. Regardless of whether it be overt "time-based media" (works that, by design, change over time) or subtle references to time in works made by more traditional means, TEMPO is an exhibit that sets out to feature art that addresses Time in some way.

For this exhibit 236 artists submitted 450 works for consideration. Twenty-one works by the following 19 artists were selected for presentation in the gallery and catalog.

Sarah Bliss
(Montague, Massachusetts)

Carol Boram-Hays
(Columbus, Ohio)

Mike Celona
(Rochester, New York)

Jessi Cerutti
(St. Louis, Missouri)

Mike Crane
(Lexington, Kentucky)

Bill Domonkos
Oakland, California)

Ivan Fortushniak
(Indiana, Pennsylvania)

(Athens, Ohio)

Leanne Hemingway
(Iowa City, Iowa)

Lance Hunter
(Tahlequah, Oklahoma)

Jonas Kulikauskas (with Matas Gediminas Kulikauskas)
(Los Angeles, California)

Lawrence McGarvey
(Westport, Connecticut)

Armin Mersmann
(Midland, Michigan)

Greg Sand
(Clarksville, Tennessee)

Filippo Tagliati
(Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Lynn Tomaszewski
(Shorewood, Wisconsin)

Duat Vu
(Springfield, Missouri)

Art Werger
(Athens, Ohio)

Ye Mimi
(Forest Hills, New York)


      Paper Plane No. 1A by Jonas Kulikauskas

    Lone Ranger is a Dead Ranger by Ivan Fortushniak

    Panel 132 by Lawrence McGarvey


main gallery

Contemporary Collage and Assemblage

Creativity and cultural expression find sources of inspiration in surprising places, and within unexpected materials. One might say that the truly creative life is one lived in such a way that ordinary things, or those not commonly considered ‘artful’ are suddenly seen as being sublime. Certainly many types of art can provide a glimpse into this creative way. But works of collage and assemblage might do it best. So, with GUIDEBOOK Manifest sets out to assemble an exhibit which explores such work - an exhibit that may in fact serve as a guidebook to a creative, enlightened way of seeing and being in the world.

For this exhibit 207 artists submitted 470 works for consideration. Eighteen works by the following 13 artists were selected for presentation in the gallery and catalog.

Mary Snyder Behrens
(Dysart, Iowa)

Terrence Campagna
(Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Brian Christensen
(Springville, Utah)

Jonas Criscoe
(Spartanburg, South Carolina)

Alisa Henriquez
(East Lansing, Michigan)

Janalyn Hubbell
(Chicago, Illinois)

M.A. Papanek-Miller
(Chicago, Illinois)

Francesca Pastine
(San Francisco, California)

Billy Renkl
(Clarksville, Tennessee)

Margaret Suchland
(Oro Valley, Arizona)

Cheryl Wassenaar
(St. Louis, Missouri)

Margaret Whiting
(Waterloo, Iowa)

Michelle Word
(Lansing, Michigan)


      Anatomy: viscera by Billy Renkl

    Analysis by Margaret Whiting

    RM (Lemp + Cherokee) by Cheryl Wassenaar


Opening Reception
Friday May 28
6-9 p.m.



drawing room and parallel space


Small works are very portable and fit well into many spaces. They also evoke in the viewer a sense of one's own physicality, in a completely different way than average or large sized works. Small works are intimate; inviting approach and inspection. Like short poetry, they are a challenge to craft with the same presence of their larger counterparts.

In the spirit of Manifest's mission of exploration, we offered this sixth annual call to artists to submit works no larger than seven inches in any dimension.

For this exhibit 169 artists submitted 350 works for consideration. Thirty-eight works by the following 24 artists were selected for presentation in the gallery and catalog.

Doug Anderson
(Geneseo, New York)

Matthew Ballou
(Columbia, Missouri)

Amy Jo Brown
(East Lansing, Michigan)

Todd Burroughs
(Berkley, Michigan)

David Detrich
(Walhalla, South Carolina)

Richard Elaver
(Fort Wayne, Indiana)

Christian Faur
(Granville, Ohio)

Matt Ferranto
(New York, New York)

Kenneth Hall
(Cedar Falls, Iowa)

Paul Hazelton
(Margate, United Kingdom)

Asuka Hishiki
(Briarwood, New York)

Andrew Kuebeck
(Bloomington, Indiana)

Carole P. Kunstadt
(New York, New York)

Andrea Orr
(Seville, Ohio)

Michael Reedy
(Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Alexandra Ryckman
(Chicago, Illinois)

Samantha Skelton
(Oxford, Ohio)

Eric Standley
(Blacksburg, Virginia)

Benjamin Stanley
(Savannah, Georgia)

Jacquelyn Walther
(Richmond, Virginia)

Lisa Wilson
(Oxford, Ohio)

McCrystle Wood
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

Elizabeth Zanzinger
(Seattle, Washington)

Andrew Zimmermann
(Arlington, Virginia)



      Gesture by Jacquelyn Walther

    Quantum Leap by Kenneth Hall

    Transition by Elizabeth Zanzinger

    Box of Crayons by Christian Faur

    Felted Vessel #2 by Samantha Skelton




main gallery and drawing room

2nd Annual

An exhibit of works exploring the uncovered human form

Curated by Jason Franz

Manifest exhibits many kinds of works, from the most conceptual and experimental to more traditional. In fact we think it's important to have such a range in our repertoire. In our Drawing Center Studio we provide opportunities and instruction to professionals and students to study life-drawing. Although our studio is not limited to working just from the nude model, it is a core component in our curriculum, and our flagship studio offering.

So a year ago we asked ourselves - why not add another annual exhibit to our roster, this one dedicated to works that in some way depict, explore, or address the human nude form? The first exhibit turned out to be a solid success.

This year we were excited to renew our invitation to artists to submit works in any media, of any style or genre, (abstract, conceptual, highly realistic, etc.), and of any size, for consideration in Manifest's second annual NUDE, an international competitive exhibit exploring the uncovered human form in current art.

For this exhibit 270 artists from 41 states and 11 countries submitted 675 works for consideration. Twenty-five works by the following 19 artists were selected for presentation in the gallery and catalog.

Ami Badami
(Northampton, Pennsylvania)

Ken Buck
(Highland Heights, Kentucky)

Nora Daniel
(Zanesville, Ohio)

Thomasin Dewhurst
(Livermore, California)

Valerie Escobedo
(Findlay, Ohio)

Melissa Hall
(Lexington, Kentucky)

Marshall Harris
(Williamsport, Pennsylvania)

James Keul
(New York, New York)

Daniel Maidman
(Brooklyn, New York)

Douglas Malone
(Royal Oak, Michigan)

William McMahan
(Martinsville, Indiana)

Douglas Prince
(Portsmouth, New Hampshire)

Michael Reedy
(Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Matthew Schenk
(Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Christine Schirmer
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

Benjamin Shamback
(Mobile, Alabama)

Kendric Tonn
(Wooster, Ohio)

Donna Wilson
(Roswell, New Mexico)

Christine Wuenschel
(West Lafayette, Indiana)





      Anatomical Displacements-08 by Douglas Prince

    Figure Study (9) by William McMahan

    Morning Reflection by Valerie Escobedo

    Waiting 1 by Christine Wuenschel


Opening Reception
Friday July 9
6-9 p.m.














































Artist's Talk 1
Friday, August 6
7 p.m.

Artist's Talk 2
Friday, August 6
8:30 p.m.












parallel space

Seeing Red (Nose)
Works by Chris Sickels

A solo exhibit of works of sculptural and photographic illustration, drawing, sketchbooks, and animation.

Manifest digs deep, exploring the gamut of visual arts (the fringes of which include design and illustration, not just philosophical conceptualism and nihilism). Adding to its history of such exhibits begun with Transportation Design, the Drawthrough Collection by Scott Roberston, and Funny Men which included works by noted illustrators Ryan Ostrander and Gabriel Utasi, Manifest invites Chris Sickels of Red Nose Studio back to Cincinnati for a full spectrum look at his intense and highly unique illustrative process.

Seeing Red (Nose)
will feature a start to finish range of works by Sickels that lead to his stunning photographic images. Like artists such as Sandy Skoglund or the Brothers Quay, Sickels employs a painstaking process of crafting every element within each image as an object, then combining and manipulating them, then lighting and ultimately photographing. Manifest’s exhibit will include original sketchbooks, hand-crafted sculptural models, finished photographic illustrations, and stop-motion animation featuring the compelling characters in haunting moving dramas.

Chris Sickels, the creative force behind Red Nose Studio, creates an eccentric world we'd all like to visit. Red Nose Studio’s illustrations appear in advertising, magazines, books, newspapers, packaging, character development and animation. His work has been honored by virtually every award institution or annual and has been featured in HOW, Print, Creativity, Communication Arts and 3x3 Magazine. He has twice been honored with the Carol Anthony Grand Prize award from the Society of Illustrators 3-D Salon. Two of his short films, The Red Thread Project and Innards, were selected to screen at the 2005 and 2006 Los Angeles International Short Film Festival. He authored and illustrated  The Look Book, and has illustrated the children's book Here Comes The Garbage Barge released in February 2010.

Sickels client list includes such notables as Target, Microsoft, Time magazine, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, United States Postal Service, Random House Books, AARP, and SMFB (Norway).  He has lectured widely about Illustration and his creative process at such institutions as Ringling College of Art, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), University of Southern Indiana, Parkland College, Savannah College of Art and Design, Taylor University, as well as the HOW design conference in 2008 and ICON 4 conference in 2007.

Originally from Indiana, Sickels earned a BFA in Communication Arts with an emphasis in Illustration from The Art Academy of Cincinnati in 1996.

main gallery, drawing room, parallel space


Building upon the philosophy and success of the Rites of Passage exhibits for undergrads, Manifest offers a similar opportunity to graduate students for exhibiting at Manifest.

An annual offering, this fourth installment of the Master Pieces project will continue to reveal the intensity and professionalism of students working towards their terminal academic degree in the field of art or design.

Often the most exceptional work comes out of these artists’ immersion in their culture of study and intellectual pursuit. Manifest’s goal, therefore, is to select works that in the truest sense of the word are contemporary masterpieces – works that set the standard of quality that the artist is expected to maintain throughout his or her professional career. The exhibit catalog for this show will serve as a visual documentation of these artists’ own benchmarks for years to come.

This 4th annual Master Pieces was open to submissions by current graduate students, or those who received their MFA/MA degree after July 2009.

For this exhibit 113 artists submitted 303 works for consideration. Twenty-seven works by the following 13 artists were selected for presentation in all three galleries at Manifest.

Amy Boone-McCreesh
(Current Graduate Student - Towson University)

Cassie Clements
(2010 MFA Graduate - West Virginia University)

Nathan Hatch
(Current Graduate Student - University of Kentucky)

Josh Johnson
(2010 MFA Graduate - University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Mari LaCure
(2010 MFA Graduate - University of Kansas)

Janet Macpherson
(Current Graduate Student - The Ohio State University)

Amanda Marcott
(2010 MFA Graduate - New Mexico State University)

William McMahan
(2010 MFA Graduate - Indiana University)

Amanda Pfister
(2010 MFA Graduate - Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville)

Kasey Ramirez
(Current Graduate Student - Indiana University)

Amy Royer
(Current Graduate Student - Brigham Young University)

Dominic Sansone
(2010 MFA Graduate - Herron School of Art and Design)

Louis Tortora
(Current Graduate Student - College of Saint Rose)



      Antipodes by Janet MacPherson

    Untitled #1/Female Profile by Louis Tortora

    In This Life You Must... by Amanda Marcott

    An Island Onto Myself by Nathan Hatch

Opening Reception
Friday Aug. 13
6-9 p.m.







 Josephine S. Russell
Charitable Trust

Manifest is supported by sustainability funding from the Ohio Arts Council, and through the generous direct contributions of individual supporters and private foundations who care deeply about Manifest's mission for the visual arts.

gallery hours:

tues-fri 12-7pm, sat noon-5pm
closed on sun-mon

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gallery map
2727 woodburn avenue
cincinnati, ohio 45206

drawing center map (m1)
3464 Central Parkway
cincinnati, ohio 45223



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