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2007/08 Schedule of Exhibits

Recent Paintings by Kim Flora
/main gallery

Souvenir is a collection of recent paintings by Kim Flora, a Cincinnati artist, and 2005 Art Academy of Cincinnati graduate.

Manifest is pleased to present this collection of works as the kickoff exhibit for our 2007/08 season. Flora's paintings are richly layered, dense meditations on reflections of travel in Europe during a 2005 Art Academy student exchange program to Munich.

The works delicately suggest dream-like memories, sharing the flavor of sentimentality while mixing in an amazing formalist aesthetic.



Sept. 28 - Oct. 26
Opening Reception

Friday Sept. 28
6-10 p.m.
Open late on the final friday -
October 26
(through 9 p.m.)




Free ADF Film Series Screening:

Friday, October 19 7:30pm









New Hybrids:
Environmental Anomalies
Recent Drawings by Jon Swindler

/drawing room

Manifest is proud to present this solo exhibit of recent works by Jon Swindler. New Hybrids assembles a exquisite collection of drawing-based works utilizing the artist's personal metaphors and references to his rural past to provoke a visceral response.

Jon Swindler received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in printmaking and art education from Fort Hays State University in Kansas, and his MFA degree in printmaking and drawing from Southern Illinois University in 2003

Since 2004 he has served as Assistant Professor of Art at Wright State University in Dayton Ohio where he teaches introductory through advanced levels of drawing and printmaking.


Resistance to Vision:
Searching, Sifting, Finding, Seeing
/main gallery and drawing room

Proposed and Curated by Dana Saulnier,
Associate Professor, Miami University, Oxford

Creative work is often ninety percent not seeing what one hopes to see. Rejection and destruction accompany the fragmentary and ambiguous episodes of seeing, that are the constant companions of the instincts, intuitions, and insights born of creative actions. This is true of many different processes of visual art from naturalism to abstraction. Naturalism is haunted by the plenitude of vision whereas abstraction frequently sets out to make visible, or generate, what is not yet seen. For this exhibit we sought work that makes visible an active process of seeing and making as necessary to its aesthetic. We intend for this exhibit to present a collection of works where searching and sifting, “seeing in” and “seeing as” are the visible givens of creative dialogue.

Resistance to Vision received nearly 350 entries from 130 artists from 30 states and nine different countries. The results of the intense jury/curatorial process will present 16 works by artists from 8 different states.

A public lecture by Professor Saulnier will accompany this exhibit on Thursday, November 29th at 6pm. at the University of Cincinnati, College of DAAP, rm 5401.

The Artists Include:

Erin Enderle (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Nicole Foran
(Cincinnati, Ohio)
J Brett Grill (Columbia, Missouri)
Kenneth Hall (Oxford, Ohio)
Yumiko Irei-Gokce (Inverness, Illinois)
Irina Koukhanova (Brecksville, Ohio)
David Chapman Lindsay (Lubbock, Texas)
Nickolus Meisel (Pullman, Washington)
Armin Mersmann (Midland, Michigan)
Joseph Morzuch (Woodway, Texas)
Kurt Nicaise (Covington, Kentucky)
Yvonne Petkus (Bowling Green, Kentucky)
Stephanie Sypsa (Columbus, Ohio)
Kamila Szczesna (Galveston, Texas)
Art Werger (Athens, Ohio)
Margaret Whiting (Waterloo, Iowa)

   Sun in My Eyes by Nicole Foran



   Between Earth and Sky 3 by Kurt Nicaise

Nov. 9 - Dec. 7

Opening Reception
Friday Nov. 9
6-10 p.m.

(closed Thanksgiving Day)




Free Curator's Lecture:

Thursday, November 29 6pm. University of Cincinnati, College of DAAP, rm 5401

Free ADF Film Series Screening:

Friday, November 16 7:30pm

Trick of the Light:
Contemporary Photography
/main gallery

Curated by Dennis Kiel,

Chief Curator, The Light Factory, Charlotte, NC

Trick of the Light invited artists to submit recent photography-based work in an effort to assemble a compelling exhibit revealing the power of light-based imagery to communicate, express, or evoke as visceral first-hand experience as strong as any painting or sculpture exhibit.

For Trick of the Light, 414 entries from 120 artists were received. The intense jury and curatorial process resulted in fifteen works by eleven artists from six states and Japan being chosen for inclusion in this exhibit and companion catalog.


The Exhibiting Artists Include:

Robert Coomer (Batavia, Ohio)

Diane Deaton-Street (Louisville, Kentucky)

Laura Fisher (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Richard Gilles (Folsom, California)

Tama Hochbaum (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

Daniel Kariko (Tallahassee, Florida)

Jaime Kennedy (Kent, Ohio)

Tom McFarlane (Morningview, Kentucky)

Francis Michaels (Monroe, Ohio)

Seiko Oka (Osaka, Japan)

Michael Sherwin (Morgantown, West Virginia)

The End of the Beginning by Jaime Kennedy



   Back to the Old House by Diane Deaton-Street



Dec. 14 - Jan. 11

Opening Reception
Friday Dec. 14
6-9 p.m.


Free ADF Film Series Screenings:

Friday, December 21
7:30 p.m.

Funny Men:
Illustrations by Gabriel Utasi
and Ryan Ostrander

/drawing room

Funny Men brings two successful Illustrators together for a tour-de-force exhibit of classic drawing-based illustration.

Gabriel Utasi

At the turn of this century, Gabriel Utasi received a BFA in communication arts/illustration and the prestigious Wilder traveling scholarship from the Art Academy of Cincinnati (2000). While studying at the Academy he also worked as studio assistant to the renowned illustrator C.F. Payne. Upon graduating, Utasi worked freelance, until he accepted a position working as illustrator/graphic artist for the Fresno Bee newspaper in Fresno California. Nearly three years later (2005) he was hired by the East Valley Tribune in Mesa, Arizona where he has been making maps, charts and award winning illustrations ever since. Utasi’s freelance clients have included Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine, Idea Magazine, Trusteeship Magazine, Cincinnati Magazine, Wireless Information Week Magazine, St. Anthony Messenger, Sojourners Magazine, Dirt Rag Magazine, and The Cincinnati Enquirer.

Ryan Ostrander

Ryan Ostrander studied illustration at the Columbus College of Art and Design, also receiving his BFA in 2000. He has been on staff at the Cincinnati Post as full-time illustrator and graphic designer since 2000. Ostrander has received numerous awards from Scripps Howard News Service, The Associated Press of Ohio and The Society of Professional Journalists, which has three times named him "Best Graphic Artist." His freelance clients include The Sporting News, Cleveland Magazine, The Progressive, DVM Newsmagazine, The Dallas Observer, Inside Business Magazine, Ohio Magazine, Late For The Sky Productions, Cincinnati Gentlemen and The Arrow Foundation. His paintings have been exhibited widely including at the Society of Illustrators museum in New York City.


  George W. Bush by Ryan Ostrander

   Anchor Baby by Gabriel Utasi
   (image courtesy of The East Valley Trubune, Mesa, AZ)



Body of Work:
The Human Form in Contemporary Art
/main gallery

The human form has been a central subject of artwork since well before it was called 'art'. From Lascaux to Willendorf, to Matthew Barney and Jenny Saville, artists have found ways to provide forms of self-reflection to society.

Body of Work invited artists to submit works in any medium or genre that investigate or incorporate the human form in some way. A range of types of entries were strongly encouraged. Manifest received over 450 entries representing this spectrum, from purely academic examples of anatomical figure drawing, to conceptual and less-obvious interpretations.

Over 130 artists from 34 states and 9 countries submitted entries to this exhibit. The final selection includes 17 works by 12 artists from eight states and the United Kingdom. Works of painting, sculpture, collage, drawing, and printmaking promise to make Body of Work an exceptional exhibit marking the first exhibit of Manifest's fourth year in operation.

The Exhibiting Artists Include:

Alastair Adams (Oakham, United Kingdom)

Carrie Rebecca Armellino (Valparaiso, Indiana)

Nathan Bond (Brooklyn, New York)

Matthew Davey (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Gary Gaffney (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Laurie Lisonbee (Salem, Utah)

Bethany Pierce (Oxford, Ohio)

Michael Ruback (Chicago, Illinois)

John Sabraw (Athens, Ohio)

Ed Wong-Ligda (Comstock Park, Michigan)

Gerard Huber (Dallas, Texas)

Beauvais Lyons
(Knoxville, Tennessee)

   Double Fracture by Bethany Pierce

    Planche 144 by Beauvais Lyons


Jan. 25 - Feb. 22

Opening Reception

Friday Jan. 25
6-9 p.m.



Fine Arts Fund Sampler Weekend:

Saturday, February 9
6:30-9:00 p.m.

Free ADF Film Series Screenings:

Friday, February 22
7:30 p.m.























Appetite and Consumption:
Works on Paper by Kelly Jo Asbury
/drawing room

Manifest Gallery is proud to present a solo exhibit of the large-scale works on paper by Kelly Jo Asbury.

An intimate drawing room experience of larger than life scale, this exhibit will present works which the artist states are intended to
arouse and discomfort the viewer by means of subtlely familiar imagery and suggestions of sensuality.

The artist states:

These paintings/drawings explore our primordial link to water and our relentless search for one another... The use of symbolic references to water, metamorphosis and adaptation are linked conceptually to herpetology, more specifically amphibians through various cultural views (especially Mayan) of fertility, growth and birth.



A Survey of Wall-based Sculpture
/main gallery

Projections invited artists to submit works of art that are clearly sculptural, with three-dimensional space a key element, but which are not in any way floor (or pedestal) based.
Works to be exhibited are either wall or ceiling mounted. This concept pushes the boundaries of the general expectation regarding the weightiness of sculptures, so often seen as being earth-bound and gravity defined.

130 artists from 33 states and 8 countries submitted 260 works to this exhibit. The final selection includes 11 works by 9 artists from nine states.



The Exhibiting Artists Include:

Kristina Arnold (Bowling Green, Kentucky)

Kevin Ewing (Athens, Ohio)

Shane Harris (Champaign, Illinois)

Richard Herzog (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Adrienne Outlaw (Nashville, Tennessee)

Trish Ramsay (Columbus, Georgia)

Eric Troffkin (St. Louis, Missouri)

Jonathan Whitfill (Lubbock, Texas)

Glenn Williams (Ankeny, Iowa)



    Let's talk about this! by Shane Harris

    Fecund Series by Adrienne Outlaw



March 7 - April 4


Friday March 28
6-9 p.m.




Free ADF Film Series Screenings:

Friday, March 21
7:30 p.m.

Selections from the iNDA 2007
/drawing room

Selections from the International Drawing Annual will be the third annual presentation of this exhibit, featuring ten handpicked works representing eight of the 44 finalists for the Third Annual iNDA exhibit-in-print competition.

The International Drawing Annual publication was conceived as an extension of Manifest's Drawing Center mission to promote, feature, and explore drawing as a rich and culturally significant art form through the pursuit of scholarly activities.

The goal of the International Drawing Annual is to support the recognition, documentation, and publication of excellent, current, and relevant works of drawing in the United States and beyond. All works included in each annual were made within three years leading up to its publication.

The artists included in the upcoming iNDA 2007 publication are listed here.

Artists with works included in the Selections exhibit include:

Dale Clifford (Atlanta, Georgia)

Heidi Jensen (Jacksonville Beach, Florida)

Soomin Jung (San Antonio, Texas)

David Mazure (Mars Hill, North Carolina)

Douglas Miller (Louisville, Kentucky)

Stephen Mishol (Lowell, Massachusetts)

Reiner (San Francisco, California)

Doug Russell (Laramie, Wyoming)


    Unnatural Selection by Dale Clifford

    OBLIVION by Soomin Jung

/main gallery and drawing room

Conceived and initiated in 2005, The Rites of Passage exhibits were developed in order to support student excellence by offering a public venue for the display of advanced ‘creative research’; to promote young artists as they transition into their professional careers; and to bring the positive creative energies of regional institutions together in one place.

With this fourth annual installment of the Rites series, Manifest now offers a $300 best of show award to encourage and support excellence at this career level. Rites is open to students graduating or expecting to graduate in 2007, 2008, or 2009.

Over 360 submissions were received from 47 students from 25 colleges. The final selection includes 22 works by eleven artists from nine college programs.

The artists are:

Jen Adrion, Columbus College of Art and Design

Liz Beard, Miami University

Amanda Foran, Auburn University

Hei B. Ahn*, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Joanna Lord, Miami University

Michael Meadors*, East Carolina University

Jahaziel Minor, Art Academy of Cincinnati

Whitney Sage, Miami University

John Sloan, Western Washington University

Ruth Wartman*, Art Academy of Cincinnati

Stephen Williams*, Bowling Green State University

* 2007 graduate

    Found Op Art No. 9 by John Sloan

    Untitled by Joanna Lord

April 18 - May 23

Opening Reception
Friday April 18
6-9 p.m

Open late
on the final friday -
April 25
(through 9 p.m.)


Free ADF Film Series Screenings:

Friday, May 16
7:30 p.m.

Magnitude 7
/main gallery and drawing room

Small works are very portable and fit well into many spaces. They also evoke in the viewer a sense of one's own physicality, in a completely different way than average or large sized works. Small works are intimate; inviting approach and inspection. Like short poetry, they are a challenge to craft with the same presence of their larger counterparts. In the spirit of Manifest's mission of exploration, we offered this fourth annual call to artists and designers to submit works no larger than seven inches in any dimension.

The call resulted in a record 550 submissions by 254 artists. The exhibit will feature 51 works by 34 artists from the U.S., Ireland, and Sweden.


Works included by:

    curio by Metra Mitchell

    Thistle by Deborah Bryan

    Untitled by Lisa Wilson


June 6 - July 3

Opening Reception
Friday June 6
6-9 p.m.

Open late on the final friday - June 27
(through 9 p.m.)



Corey Ackelmire  
(Carbondale, Illinois)

Ulrika Andersson  
(Stockholm, Sweden)

Jason Baldwin  
(Starkville, Mississippi)

Deborah Bryan  
(Johnson City, Tennessee)

Charlie Buckley  
(Oxford, Ohio)

Andrew  CopperSmith  
(Glen Ellyn, Illinois)

Antonio Darden  
(Duluth, Georgia)

Eileen Doktorski  
(Logan, Utah)

David Dotson  
(Oxford, Ohio)

Nathan Dube  
(Carbondale, Illinois)

Christine Elfman  
(Rochester, New York)

Craig Fisher  
(Toledo, Ohio)

Rachel Gillen  
(San Francisco, California)

Karla Hackenmiller  
(Athens, Ohio)

Jeffrey Hensley  
(Arlington, Virginia)

Yumiko Irei-Gokce  
(Inverness, Illinois)

Vanessa Irzyk  
(Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts)


Sun Kyoung Kim  
(Urbana, Illinois)

Mark Langeneckert  
(Columbia, Missouri)

Jeff Leake  
(Bowling Green, Kentucky)

Kirk Maggard  
(Carmel, Indiana)

Dan McAvey  
(Boston, Massachusetts)

Metra Mitchell  
(St. Louis, Missouri)

Adam Mysock  
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

Dane Patterson  
(Brooklyn, New York)

Brent Payne  
(Oxford, Ohio)

Amy Marie Regan  
New Hampshire)

June Roys  
(Joplin, Missouri)

Michelle Rozic  
(Nacogdoches, Texas)

Liliana Trinajstic  
(Dublin, Ireland)

Jovan Villalba  
(Long Island City, New York)

Lizabeth Whipps  
(Dayton, Ohio)

Lisa Wilson  
(Oxford, Ohio)

Josh Willis  
(Brooklyn, New York)



Free ADF Film Series Screenings:

Friday, June 20
7:30 p.m.

Master Pieces
/main gallery and drawing room

Building upon the philosophy and success of the Rites of Passage exhibits for undergrads, Manifest offers a similar opportunity to graduate students for exhibiting at Manifest.

Another annual offering, this second installment of the Master Pieces project will reveal the intensity and professionalism of students working towards their terminal academic degree in the field of art or design. Often the most exceptional work comes out of these artists’ immersion in their culture of study and intellectual pursuit. Manifest’s goal, therefore, is to select works that in the truest sense of the word are contemporary masterpieces – works that set the standard of quality that the artist is expected to maintain (or better) throughout his or her professional career. The exhibit catalog for this show will serve as a visual documentation of these artists’ own benchmarks for years to come.

This second annual Master Piece received over 300 entries by 136 artists in 25 states and three countries. The final selection includes 13 works by the following eight new masters:

Chris Bohach (Lexington, Kentucky)

Andrew Dailey (Kettering, Ohio)

Thea Augustina Eck (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Christina Empedocles (San Francisco, California)

Metra Mitchell (St. Louis, Missouri)

Svala Olafsdottir (Anthony, New Mexico)

Gayle Shaw Clark (Statesboro, Georgia)

Ming Zhou (Columbia, Missouri)

    It Is Never Tomorrow #5 by Thea Augustina Eck

    Untitled #2 by Svala Olafsdottir

July 18 - Aug. 15

Opening Reception *
Friday July 18
6-9 p.m.

Open late on the final friday - July 25
(through 9 p.m.)




 Josephine S. Russell
Charitable Trust

Manifest is supported by sustainability funding from the Ohio Arts Council, and through the generous direct contributions of individual supporters and private foundations who care deeply about Manifest's mission for the visual arts.

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