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2006/07 Schedule of Exhibits


Tranquil Dream
Large Paintings by Cole Carothers
/main gallery

The theme for the pair of kickoff exhibits for Manifest's third season brings a full two-gallery collection of works to Manifest which offer silent, almost eerie, views of objects from everyday life.  Each artist’s works present compositions filled with potential energy, but for the most part devoid of the action of life. The images are frozen moments in time, where objects seem to have stopped mid-motion, to greet the onlooker almost as a voyeur, tolerating a view into some secret inanimate drama. Though the objects are silent, they are brimming with narrative, history, and a palpable life-sense.

Cole Carothers, a veteran Cincinnati painter with a long regional and national history of exhibiting, will show large oil on panel paintings of still-life and interior spaces.

Artist's website



Sept. 29 - Oct. 27
Opening Reception

Friday Sept. 29
6-10 p.m.
Open late on the final friday - October 27
(through 9 p.m.)


The Silent Object
Still Life Paintings and Drawings by Benjamin J. Shamback

/drawing room

Benjamin Shamback (professor of painting at University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama) is a younger but equally accomplished painter. The Silent Object will exhibit exquisite paintings on copper, steel and aluminum, complemented by drawings on mylar.

Artist's website


Something From Nothing
Exploring the Juncture Where Concept
and Material Meet

/main gallery and drawing room

Curated by Elizabeth Kauffman

With Something From Nothing , Manifest explores the prevailing tendency of contemporary art to be concept-driven. All art has both an ideological and material existence. How much of what an artwork is, does its idea try to communicate? How much material is necessary to turn an idea into a work of art? This call for entries is centered around conceptual art, but what we are looking for is not simply work that fits into this already established genre, but work that further investigates the juncture where material and concept meet.

The exhibit consists of twelve works by 4 students and 5 professors from Alabama, Colorado, Indiana, Massachusetts, and Ohio. The exhibit includes photography, painting, sculpture, mixed-media, drawing, digital prints, and installation by:

Barb Bondy, Wendy DesChene, Jim Fike, Sarah Hollis, Jason Kennedy, Marius Lehene, Sara Pedigo, Althea Murphy-Price, and Dina Sherman

Top: (detail) The Last Act of the World's Greatest Chameleon by Jim Fike

Bottom: Gift-Wrapped Casket by Dina Sherman




Nov. 10 - Dec. 8

Opening Reception
Friday Nov. 10
6-10 p.m.

(closed Thanksgiving Day)


Free ADF Film Series Screening - Thursday, November 16th, 7:30pm


Whimsical Muse
/main gallery

Art and design are vehicles for bold social commentary, political activism, and deep personal philosophy. But creative visual works can also provide for levity, playfulness, and innocent joy. The ancient Greek idea of catharsis involved both tragedy AND comedy. Therefore with Whimsical Muse Manifest Gallery presents a collection of works that embody the lighter side of creativity.

Manifest's international call for entries for Whimsical Muse resulted in over 180 submissions from 18 states and 2 Canadian provinces.

The final selection of fourteen works consists of sculpture, digital photography, assemblage, painting, video, and printmaking by twelve artists from Alabama, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Tennessee, and Ontario Canada.

Works by: Margot Cormier Splane, Christine Marie Davis, Wendy DesChene, Beth Edwards, Rhonda Gushee, Shane Harris, Stacey Holloway, Charlie Kearns, Ruth Marks, Gabrielle Mayer, Daniel O'Connor, and Wynter Whiteside.

The video work included in the exhibit will be screened during Manifest's monthly Art and Design on Film presentation on Thursday, December 21st, at 7:30pm.

Top: Untitled by Shane Harris

Bottom: (detail)
We Are Tentmakers By Trade by Daniel O'Connor

Dec. 22 - Jan. 20

Opening Reception
Friday Dec. 22
6-10 p.m.

Closing Reception

Friday Jan. 19
6-10 p.m.


Free ADF Film Series Screenings:

Thursday, December 21, 7:30 p.m.

Thursday, January 18, 7:30 p.m.

Scott Robertson Lecture/Workshop
Saturday Jan. 13th

University of Cincinnati, College of DAAP

Register here

Registration fees reduced by sponsorship from:

The Drawthrough Collection
/drawing room

The Drawthrough Collection by Scott Robertson will bring this notable Los Angeles based concept designer to Cincinnati. Robertson has taught at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California since 1995 (with a brief stint in the Art Center Europe in Switzerland for nearly two years). He is the founder of Design Studio Press, which has a mission of design, drawing, and rendering education.

Robertson currently works as a design consultant for the entertainment, sporting goods, and transportation industry with a past client list that includes Mattel Toys, Nike, Universal Studios, Fiat, and the feature film The Minority Report.

This exhibit of Robertson’s concept design work fulfills Manifest’s Drawing Center mission whereby that fundamental discipline is promoted, featured, and explored, as well as to serve as a resource for those interested in a career in the creative visual arts.

Drawings by Scott Robertson




rawings by Kathleen Thum
/main gallery

Manifest Gallery is proud to present this solo exhibit featuring Kathleen Thum’s large assembled abstract drawings, along with several small works. Thum’s sprawling and mult-layered abstracts expand across the gallery wall and embody the notion of living internal systems. This exhibit continues the Manifest Drawing Center mission to promote, feature, and explore drawing as a rich and culturally significant art form.

Of her work Thum states: I think of my drawings as internal landscapes of our bodies; cells, veins, skin, nerves. These landscapes are systems that our lives depend upon. They circulate blood, compress or expand to breathe, filter or cover to protect and carry signals or messages. They are all inter-related and inter-dependent. I use these systems to construct various structures in my drawings. Like our internal systems, the structures are linear, flowing, clustered, dense, and intertwined.

Thum currently teaches drawing as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Skidmore College and previously taught Freshman Foundations in the School of Art and Design at the New York State College of Ceramics, Alfred University. She lives in Ballston Spa, New York. She is the recipient of numerous awards and artist residencies, and holds a Masters degree in Drawing and Printmaking from Bowling Green State University in Ohio.


Feb. 2 - March 2

Opening Reception

Friday Feb. 2
6-10 p.m.
Open late on the final friday - February 23
(through 9 p.m.)


Free ADF Film Series Screenings:

Thursday, February 15, 7:30 p.m.

paintings and drawings
by Emil Robinson

/drawing room

Awake features eight works of painting and drawing by Emil Robinson. Robinson’s poignant views of individuals and architectural spaces offer beautifully conceived representations of the external and often cold surfaces and environments of everyday life.

Together the two concurrent exhibits by Robinson and Thum provide for interesting comparisons between two approaches to surprisingly related subjects.

Emil Robinson is a recent MFA graduate from the University of Cincinnati college of DAAP. Recently his work has been included in exhibits at The Carnegie Visual Arts Center in Covington, Kentucky; Associated Artists Gallery in Winston Salem, North Carolina; The Columbus Museum of Art; and Tatistcheff Gallery in New York City.



It's In Your Head:
Approaches to Likeness

/main gallery

It’s In Your Head: Approaches to Likeness invited artists to submit works that address portraiture in traditional AND non-traditional ways. The human face and head is such an engaging subject, and audiences react (consciously and unconsciously) to artwork of the head and face in very different ways from other subjects. There is often an intimacy, and a sense of personal interaction, with such work that this exhibit will seek to examine and magnify.

The 18 works featured were selected out of over 330 entries by 150 artists from 25 states and five countries, including Canada, England, Russia, Israel, and the U.S.

Works include drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, and photography by 12 artists.

Ruth Adams, Jessica Grace Bechtel, Andrew Dailey, Gary Duehr, Rick Finn, Greg Jones, Ted Kauflin, Collin Moses, Michael Nichols, Tim Parsley, Brent Payne, and Rebecca Weller.

       Self Portrait by Tim Parsley



March 16 - April 13

Opening Reception

Friday March 16
6-10 p.m.
Open late
on the final friday - March 30
(through 9 p.m.)


Free ADF Film Series Screenings:

Thursday, March 15
7:30 p.m.

Thursday, April 12
7:30 p.m.

Selections from the NDA 2006
/drawing room

Selections from the National Drawing Annual will be the second annual presentation of this exhibit, featuring eight handpicked works representing some of the finalists for the Second Annual NDA 2006 exhibit-in-print competition.

The National Drawing Annual received over 350 entries from 121 artists in 27 states and 6 countries, including the U.S., Canada, England, Scotland, Germany, and Russia.

Artists included in this exhibit are: Felice Grodin, Jennifer Jenkins, Marc Leone, Todd McGill, Kevin O'Grady, Brent Thomas, Travis Townsend, and Kerry Walton. These artists are from Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Ohio, West Virginia,
Kentucky, and England.

       Crater #2001 by Marc Leone



/main gallery and drawing room

Conceived and initiated in 2005, The Rites of Passage exhibits were developed in order to support student excellence by offering a public venue for the display of advanced ‘creative research’; to promote young artists as they transition into their professional careers; and to bring the positive creative energies of regional institutions together in one place.

For this year's Rites exhibit Manifest screened 276 works from senior undergrads in twelve national college programs including the Art Institute of Chicago, Auburn University, Baylor University, Herron School of Art and Design, Miami University of Ohio, Oberlin College, Northern Kentucky University, Thomas More College, University of Buffalo, University of Cincinnati, University of Minnesota, and University of Pittsburgh.

22 works by seven artists from Baylor University, Thomas More College, University of Cincinnati, and University of Buffalo will comprise the 2007 Rites of Passage exhibit.

Rites of Passage 2007 exhibitors:

Trey Hoover, Thomas More College

Rebecca Nebert, University of Cincinnati

Tim Parsley, University of Cincinnati

Jessica Rahn, University of Cincinnati

Taylor Stephenson, Thomas More College

Hana Studer, Baylor University

Nathan Sutton, University of Buffalo

      Chlorophyll by Jessica Rahn
      University of Cincinnati

      Analogs 1 by Nathan Sutton
      University of Buffalo

April 27 - May 25

Opening Reception
Friday April 27
6-10 p.m

Open late
on the final friday -
May 25
(through 9 p.m.)


Free ADF Film Series Screenings:

Thursday, May 17
7:30 p.m.


Magnitude 7
/main gallery and drawing room

Co-curated by Jeffrey Salter

Small works are very portable and fit well into many spaces. They also evoke in the viewer a sense of one's own physicality, in a completely different way than average or large sized works. Small works are intimate; inviting approach and inspection. Like short poetry, they are a challenge to craft with the same presence of their larger counterparts. In the spirit of Manifest's mission of exploration, we offered this third annual call to artists and designers to submit works no larger than seven inches in any dimension.

To this invitation Manifest received 350 entries from 143 artists in 26 states and the UK. These were passed through a 5 person jury and subsequent curatorial process. The resulting exhibit will present 50 works by 30 artists from
California, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, and the United Kingdom.

      The Body Paradox #12 by Angela Katona-Batchelor
      (Boise, Idaho)

      Laughable Loves: Kiss Vessel by Susan Ewing
     (Oxford, Ohio)


June 8 - July 6

Opening Reception
Friday June 8
6-10 p.m.

Open late on the final friday - June 29
(through 9 p.m.)



The Artists Include:

Natalya Aikens
Rebeca Alvarado
Julie Anderson
Samantha DiRosa
Susan Ewing
Kim Flora
Nathaniel Fowles
Sarah Harvey
Angela Katona-Batchelor
Sun Kyoung Kim
Anna Kipervaser
Ron Kroutel
Matt Liston
Richard Luschek
Julie Mader-Meersman

Jillian Moore
Brent Payne
Mary Penn
Jon Radermacher
Alex Roulette
Christian Routh
Amy Rublaitus
Octavia Sharp
Taylor Stephenson
Isaac Sullivan
John Tallman
Tina Tammaro
Rob Thompson
Paul Vogeler
Ruth Wartman


Master Pieces
/main gallery and drawing room

Building upon the philosophy and success of the Rites of Passage exhibits for undergrads, Manifest offers a similar opportunity to graduate students for exhibiting at Manifest.

Planned to be another annual offering, Master Pieces will reveal the intensity and professionalism of students working towards their terminal academic degree in the field of art or design. Often the most exceptional work comes out of these artists’ immersion in their culture of study and intellectual pursuit. Manifest’s goal, therefore, is to select works that in the truest sense of the word are contemporary masterpieces – works that set the standard of quality that the artist is expected to maintain (or better) throughout his or her professional career. The exhibit catalog for this show will serve as a visual documentation of these artists’ own benchmarks for years to come.

For MASTER PIECES 2007 Manifest has selected fifteen works by eleven Masters from eight different states.

The Artists Include:

Luke William Achterberg - (Lexington, Kentucky)

Corey Ackelmire - (Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio)

Robert Anderson - (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Ai-ling Chang - (Savannah, Georgia)

Sayaka Ganz - (Bowling Green, Ohio)

Stephanie Gorman - (Muncie, Indiana)

Joshua Jalbert - (Eugene, Oregon)

Angela Katona-Batchelor - (Boise, Idaho)

Jillian Moore - (Iowa City, Iowa)

Josh Rodenberg - (Richmond, Virginia)

Joni Younkins-Herzog - (Bloomington, Indiana)

      Knobbles by Jillian Moore
      (Current MFA student - University of Iowa)

     Wall Bend by Josh Rodenberg
     (2007 MFA Recipient - Virginia Commonwealth University)

July 13 - Aug. 10

Opening Reception
Friday July 13
6-10 p.m.

Open late on the final friday - July 27
(through 9 p.m.)


Free ADF Film Series Screenings:

Thursday, July 19
7:30 p.m.



 Josephine S. Russell
Charitable Trust

Manifest is supported by sustainability funding from the Ohio Arts Council, and through the generous direct contributions of individual supporters and private foundations who care deeply about Manifest's mission for the visual arts.

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