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Supporting Members and Donors for the 2011-2012 Season

(Last season 169 members contributed an average of $83 each.)

Membership/Donor Drive to Support Season 8!

Six levels of membership:


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Debbie Heuer*
John Heuer
Harvey C. Hubbell Trust*
Thomas R. Schiff Foundation



Mary Heider*
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip C. Long*
Marilyn Z. Ott*
Richard and Vanessa Wayne*
McCrystle Wood



Farron C. Allen*
Ron Bates*
April Besl*
David Dorsey*
Jennifer Drydyk
Thomas Effler
Sally Fennell*
Chip Finke*
Suzanne Gagnet Fischer*
Cathy Giovanetti
Polly Hart*
Yumiko Irei-Gokce*
Al Lopez*
David and Vickye Payton
Carrie Pollick
Chrissy Rother*
Andy Schaub
Leslie Shiels*
Murray and Robin Sinclaire*
Gina Stevenson*



William and Kate Baumann
Carolyn Bloomfield
Richard Boydston*
George and Kathleen Brinkman*
Matthew J. Davey
John Driesbach
Brett Eberhardt*
Thomas Ebert
Diane Fishbein*
Jason Franz*
Couper Gardiner
Pamela Ginsburg*
Scott Glaser*
Stewart Goldman
Camilla S. Haneberg*
Jack Hennen*
Billy Inabnitt
Kim Flora and Bill Jacobs*
Carl Kalnow
Todd and Donna Lang
Mary Anne Lee
Scott Lenkowsky*
Julie Loboyko
Amy Mauck*
Brigid O'Kane*
Tim and Flora Parsley
Daniel Pfahl*
Carol Pfetzing*
Robert Schefman*
Steph and Stu Shroyer
Carl and Liz Solway*
Robert and Carol Vidal
Keith Wilde
Ruth Wise*
Bob Woodiwiss*
Boris Zakic*


Mary S. Becker
Maria Blake*
Annie Bolling
Karen Bondarchuk*
Charles Bretz
Sharon Butler
Roger Collins*
Lynne Ambrosini and Rob Contin*
Joyce M. Corum*
Christy Dakin*
Bradford E. Dale
Jim and Jane Dean*
Julie and David Doepke*
Jean Donaldson
Jane Durrell*
Dan, Carla, and Laura Fisher*
Mark and Susan Flaspohler*
John Fleischman
Alexandra Sophia Franz*
Fred Franz*
Gary Gaffney*
Peter Haberkorn
Reiner Hansen
David Hartz
Janalyn Hubbell*
Jay Jansen*
Lin Jiang
Kris Rehring Jones
Rebecca Joy
Annette Kitchen
Vivian B. Kline*
Carol Lahke
Roy Robinson and Sari Lehtinen*
Mike, Kathy, and Sara Maloney*
Murray Monroe, Jr.*
Brian Moore
Kevin and Tamera Muente*
Anne Nally*
Janet Nickum
Daniel R. O’Connor*
John Robinson*
Deborah Rockman
Paul Schmitt
Marcia and Paul Shortt*
Bill Shuster
Paul Sittenfeld*
Andrew D. Smith*
Elizabeth Fisher Smith*
Kristin Spangenberg*
Jane Stanton*
Anne Straus
Carol Strebel*
Sheldon Tapley*
Randall Tiedman
Judith Titchener*
Jo Vance*
Patricia Wilson*
Dawn S. Wilson*
Wendi Wilson*
Melissa A. Wolf-Krummen*


(under $25)

Sisters of Mercy
Cathy Frank

* Renewing member from season 7




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Manifest's 16th season is funded in part by a grant from the Robert H. Reakirt Foundation, PNC Bank, Trustee. This season's programming is also supported by an impact grant from ArtsWave, by a sustainability grant from the Ohio Arts Council, and through the generous contributions of individual supporters who care deeply about the visual arts.

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