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68 Supporting Members and Donors for 2007-2008 Season


Farron  Allen
Jessica Grace Bechtel
George & Kathleen Brinkman
Daniel Brown
Sharon  Butler
Joseph Curry
Jim Dean
Katherine & David Dintenfass
Julie Doepke
Jane Durrell
Sandy Eichert
Chip Finke
Diane Fishbein
Elizabeth Fisher-Smith
Mark Flaspohler
Alexandra Sophia Franz
Jason Franz
Gary Gaffney
Camilla Haneberg
David Hartz
Jim Hasse, S.J.
Jack Hennen
Barbara Henshaw
L. Brian Huehls
Stewart Katz
Vivian Kline

Nancy Kopp
Kim Krause
Cynthia Kukla
Walter Langsam
Mary Anne Lee
Marilou Krizsa Lee
Matthew Litteken
Phillip & Whitney Long
Elaine Lynch
DeSales Crossings Marianist Community
Amy Mauck
Constance McClure
Pic Michel
Kevin and Tammy Muente
Brigid O'Kane
Lou Olenick
Carol Pfetzing
Trevor Ponder
Elaine Potter
Allison Probst
Scott Ramming
Jay & Marilyn Richey
Roy Robinson
John Robinson
Andrew Schaub
Elena Schaub

John Schiff
Leslie Shiels
W.D. Shuster
Mu & Robin Sinclaire
Elizabeth and Paul Sittenfeld
Liz & Carl Solway
Kristin Spangenberg
Jane Stanton
Gina Stevenson
Amy Titus
Cedric Vogel
Richard & Vanessa Wayne
Josephine Weaver
Wendi Wilson
Robert & Lauren Woodiwiss
Boris Zakic


2005-2006 Supporters

2006-2007 Supporters

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Manifest's 16th season is funded in part by a grant from the Robert H. Reakirt Foundation, PNC Bank, Trustee. This season's programming is also supported by an impact grant from ArtsWave, by a sustainability grant from the Ohio Arts Council, and through the generous contributions of individual supporters who care deeply about the visual arts.

current gallery hours:

tues-fri 12-2pm & 5-7pm, sat noon-5pm
(or by appointment)
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closed Sun and Mon

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