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For the INDA 9 Manifest received 1508 submissions from 580 artists in 46 states, Washington D.C., and 32 countries. The 192 page publication includes 116 works by 82 artists from 30 states, Washington D.C., and 7 countries including South Africa, Spain, the Netherlands, France, England, Canada, and the United States. Writings by Patricia Emison and Jane Zich are also included.

Fourteen professional and academic advisors qualified in the fields of art, design, and art history juried this 9th International Drawing Annual. The process of selection was by anonymous blind jury, with each jury member assigning a quality rating for artistic merit to each work submitted. The entries receiving the highest average combined score are included in this publication.

This Online Supplemental Resource provides biographical info, artist statements, and details of sample works for each artist included in the publication.


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192 pages, available in softcover or clothbound hardcover with dustjacket.

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Michael Baum (Spearfish, South Dakota)

Tamie Beldue (Black Mountain, North Carolina)

Patricia Bellan-Gillen (Burgettstown, Pennsylvania)

Karen Bondarchuk (Kalamazoo, Michigan)

Jason Brady (Dallas, Pennsylvania)

Derek Brennan (Sandusky, Ohio)

Collette Broeders (Windsor, Ontario)

Beth Brown (Baltimore, Maryland)

Sue Bryan (New York, New York)

Bethany Carlson (Peoria, Illinois)

Curtis Cascagnette (Maumee, Ohio)

Joomi Chung (Oxford, Ohio)

Catarina Coelho (Arlington, Massachusetts)

Larry Cressman (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Domenic Cretara (Long Beach, California)

Joseph Crone (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Brent Dedas (Nashville, Tennessee)

Lola Del Fresno (Santa Monica, California)

Kathiucia Dias (Chatsworth, California)

Jillian Dickson (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

Robert Dmytruk (Summerland, Canada)

Kara Dunne (Providence, Rhode Island)

Timothy Duong (Long Beach, California)

Rita Elsner (Washington, District of Columbia)

Christina Empedocles (San Francisco, California)

Emil Ferris (Evanston, Illinois)

Benny Fountain (Waco, Texas)

Tanja Gant (North Richland Hills, Texas)

Essays by: Patricia Emison and Jane Zich

Felice Grodin (Miami Beach, Florida)

Karla Hackenmiller (Athens, Ohio)

Mark Hanavan (Middletown, Ohio)

William Haney (Hillsborough, New Jersey)

Kirsty Harris (London, United Kingdom)

Brian Hawkins (Lawrence, Kansas)

Craig Hawkins (Valdosta, Georgia)

Sarah Jane Hickson (Moorveld, Netherlands)

Sonja Hinrichsen (Oakland, California)

Ian Ingram (Austin, Texas)

Charles Kanwischer (Waterville, Ohio)

Judith Berk King (Miami Shores, Florida)

Stanka Kordic (Bedford, Ohio)

Robert Lansden (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Chris LaPorte (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Marc Leone (Cincinnati, Ohio)

James Linkous (Brooklyn, New York)

Paul Loehle (West Chester, Ohio)

Zachari Logan (Saskatoon, Canada)

Tony Luciani (Durham, Canada)

Nicholas Mancini (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Darren Marsh (Manchester, United Kingdom)

Charles Matson Lume (Saint Paul, Minnesota)

Luisiana Mera (Nashville, Tennessee)

Armin Mersmann (Midland, Michigan)

Joseph A. Miller (Buffalo, New York)

Ron Monsma (South Bend, Indiana)

Michael Namkung (Miami, Florida)


Leslie Nichols (Bowling Green, Kentucky)

Jack Nixon (Wilmette, Illinois)

Morgan O’Hara (New York, New York)

Ethan Pope (St. Paul, Minnesota)

Adam Rake (Bloomington, Indiana)

Vincent Reid (Howick, South Africa)

Nick Reszetar (Milan, Michigan)

Joshua Risner (Alto, Michigan)

Janvier Rollande (Orr’s Island, Maine)

John Sabraw (Athens, Ohio)

Csilla Sadloch (Yardley, Pennsylvania)

Mariasun Salgado (Madrid, Spain)

Patricia Schappler (Bedford, New Hampshire)

Shelby Shadwell (Laramie, Wyoming)

Tara Shukla (Grinnell, Iowa)

Robin Smith (Littleton, Colorado)

David Starr (Kewaunee, Wisconsin)

Audrey Stommes (Roberts, Wisconsin)

Sheldon Tapley (Danville, Kentucky)

Kathleen Thum (Liberty, South Carolina)

Duat Vu (Springfield, Missouri)

Melissa Wilkinson (Bono, Arkansas)

Shane Wolf (Paris, France)

Jack Wong (Halifax, Canada)

Erin Wozniak (Canton, Ohio)

Hong Zhang (Lawrence, Kansas)


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