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All Manifest calls-for-entry are open to all artists, from students to professionals, unless otherwise noted.

The Grand Jury Award
$5,000 end of season award

All exhibitors during a given season are automatically eligible to be considered for this award. As of fall 2021, in light of the struggles the world has faced during the covid-19 pandemic and in an effort to give back more in support and recognition of artists achieving excellence, Manifest is doubling the amount of this annual award to $5,000. The Grand Jury Award will be awarded to one work as a 'best of the season' from among all exhibits at Manifest. All current season exhibitors are potentially eligible for this prize.* Candidates will be announced after the close of each season. LEARN MORE HERE...

Manifest is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit founded and operated by artists for artists, now in its 18th season. Since its launch in 2004 Manifest's exhibits and publications have featured nearly 10,000 works by nearly 4,000 artists. Our organization has provided considerable support to working artists through all four aspects of its programming, and this continues to evolve every year.

  Exhibition Calls   |  Season 19 - Gallery Exhibits running Sept. 2022 – August 2023
Some upcoming exhibitions have deadlines extended by a few weeks as indicated below.

Show Period 9 (August 18 - September 15, 2023)                  *This show period is Manifest's Season Finalé for our 19th year of programming!**

15th Annual International Exhibition of Works
Featuring the Uncovered Human Form
Deadline Extended to June 4, 2023

An international call for works of any media exploring the uncovered human form.


An International Call for Works of Art
Made of or About Plastic
Final Deadline: June 4, 2023
(no extensions!)

PLASTIC is an open international call for works featuring plastic as subject matter, works primarily made from any type of plastic, or art about its heavy presence in our lives.


Secrets, Surveillance, and Solitude
Final Deadline: June 4, 2023
(no extensions!)

PRIVATE SPACE is an open call for works about secrets, surveillance, solitude, and the tension between openness and over-exposure. What have you been able to keep to yourself—and how much are you willing to tell us about it?


  Exhibition Calls   |  Season 20 - Gallery Exhibits running Sept. 2023 – August 2024

Deadline to Apply: June 1, 2023

Calling for Solo Proposals for our Milestone 20th Season
(September 2023 - August, 2024)

It is important to Manifest's non-profit mission that each of our seasons of free public exhibits consist of a balanced mix of projects. Our solo exhibits provide a deeper insight into individual artists' vision from around the world, complementing the wide variety found in our thematic group exhibits across the year.

Application process is now open here!


Show Period 1 (September 29 - October 27, 2023)                  *This show period launches Manifest's 20th year of exhibition programming!**

Deadline to Apply: June 24, 2023

The sixth biennial international exhibition surveying Painting of all types, styles, and subjects will launch our milestone 20th season alongside AQUACHROME.


Deadline to Apply: June 25, 2023

A biennial international call for works of outstanding watercolor, gouache, inkwash, and other similar media, including mixed media, for an exhibition that will join PAINTED to launch our 20th season.



  • GRAND JURY AWARD for Seasons 17 & 18
  • SKY
  • MAR/SIR applications


  • 19th Annual RITES OF PASSAGE
  • 19th Annual MAGNITUDE SEVEN (small works)


About the Manifest Jury Process

The Manifest jury process is conducted by a rotating peer group panel of volunteers who are artists, arts professionals, Manifest alumni, and previous award recipients from around the country. Panel makeup changes from exhibit to exhibit in order to promote diversity in the types of work shown in the gallery. The process is always conducted as a blind jury where only the work in question is judged, not individuals.

About the Manifest Peer Jury and Curatorial Process

Manifest is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit founded and operated by artists for artists, now in its 18th season. Since its launch in 2004 Manifest's exhibits and publications have featured over 8,000 works by more than 3,500 artists. Our organization has provided considerable support to working artists through all four aspects of its programming, and this continues to evolve every year.


Each season Manifest sends an opportunities poster like this one to over 400 academic institutions across the U.S. Our new Season 19 poster is linked for download at left. It includes all Manifest artist opportunities for the coming season through August 2023.

This poster gets pinned on information boards, studio walls, art centers' info boards, and professors' office doors. It lists a full season of opportunities for professional, developing, academic, and student artists to participate in Manifest's peer-juried exhibits, publications, and artist residency programs.

If you are an instructor or administrator at an academic institution with an art program, and do not usually see our posters at your institution and would like one or more, please email us at with your name, school mailing address, and the name of the institution you represent. We'll add you to our list if your school is not already on it.

Please also consider sharing the link to our poster by email and social media. Manifest is an organization by artists, for artists. We can only do what we do by virtue of good word of mouth.

  Gallery Internships & Volunteer Opportunities for Community Service

Manifest is now seeking interns and volunteers for the current season and beyond.

Ideal applicants will be quality-minded, responsible, and outgoing individuals. Students in any field of study are qualified, however successful applicants should have a reasonable interest in the art and design fields, art history, business, statistics, philosophy, sociology, etc. Internships at Manifest provide valuable hands-on experience with the operations of a small non-profit organization functioning at a level equivalent to most commercial or university galleries and many museums. Our interns often use their tenure at Manifest as a springboard to graduate school or full-time employment at museums and organizations around the country.

Manifest will work with college programs to coordinate the awarding of college credit. Non-students are eligible to apply for volunteer internship positions as well.

  Paid Positions - Staff & Studio Instructors

Manifest is always looking for kindred creative spirits devoted to excellence in the visual arts for teaching opportunities in our educational studio curriculum. Our studios are a great landing spot for recent MFAs to hone their skill in the classroom for those who desire a future in education.




  Season Funder:

Manifest's 19th season is supported by the generosity of tens of thousands of contributors to the ArtsWave Community Campaign, by a sustainability grant from the Ohio Arts Council, and through the generous direct contributions of individual supporters and private foundations who care deeply about Manifest's mission for the visual arts.

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