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The Positions of
Gallery Intern and Academic Gallery Intern*

What is Manifest’s Internship Program?

Manifest recognizes how important it is to support the education of artists, students, and art-lovers. Our goal is to be a hub of creative research for both creatives and our local and international community, and so we have created an opportunity for those interested in the professional field of art and design to learn first-hand about how a non-profit gallery works. 

Gallery Interns and Academic Interns at Manifest receive instruction and hands-on experience with gallery practices. Academic Interns who choose to use the internship to fulfill education requirements are eligible to receive college credit based on the requirements of their school. Interns need not be students enrolled in a school or college - any person interested in volunteering on a regular weekly basis with Manifest is encouraged to apply.


What do Interns do at Manifest?

Interns serve in the following roles:

  • Gallery Sitters - Interns are our primarily liaisons with the public, providing information and offering a professional, friendly experience, and conducting sales of books and artwork.
  • Event Hosts - Interns host gallery receptions, artist talks, drawing center demos, and other similar events.
  • Installation and Maintenance Assistants - Interns assist with art handling, shipping, exhibition installation, and with the maintenance of Gallery and Drawing Center facilities.
  • Clerical and administrative assistants - Interns may be asked to help with research, membership efforts, mailings, data entry, etc.
  • Drawing Center Program Assistants - Interns assist open figure moderators and the Drawing Center Coordinator with various programs and research projects at the Drawing Center.
  • Promoters - Interns help spread the word about Manifest and its offerings to the public, particularly within their own neighborhoods and schools.

As interns become more familiar with Manifest and its mission, they are also asked for creative input on our programs and curatorial work. They may also be asked to take on further responsibilities within specific areas of the organization (for example at the Drawing Center or in grant research). These roles are awarded based on the intern’s interest, skills, and proven ability to work to Manifest’s standards.

After the completion of 120 hours of service, Interns are eligible to be promoted to higher levels of responsibility (Senior Gallery Intern and Gallery Assistant). Dedicated interns may be considered for Junior Board Membership. These advanced positions involve more responsibility and input into the operation of the organization and involve consideration as a juror for gallery exhibitions.


How can I become a Manifest Intern?

Those wishing to apply for internship will be asked to submit:

  • resume
  • a letter of intent explaining why he/she would like to work with Manifest.

Applicants should first familiarize themselves with the Manifest mission. Prospective Interns will be interviewed and Manifest staff will select finalists. Applicants may also be asked for letters of recommendation from a teacher, employer, or colleague.

Gallery Internships commence on a date to be determined by the Manifest staff. Academic Gallery Internships will consist of a schedule coordinated with the institution offering the college credit. Each internship will be defined by a simple contract outlining the specific nature of the service and duration.

*Application requirements may be modified at the discretion of the management.


How long does an Internship last?

Intern positions consist of a minimum of 120 supervised hours of volunteered time with a minimum of 5 service hours per week. Academic Internships may require more or less service hours depending upon the credit granting institution’s policy for such study. Manifest staff will maintain a record of hours and service completed.

Interns not receiving college credit will receive an official letter of acknowledgement from Manifest’s administration that they have satisfactorily completed their internship.

An intern handbook will be provided to all new interns upon starting work at Manifest. Interns will also be asked to sign a contract that states their duties, responsibilities, as well as their commitment to Manifest.


Aside from the educational opportunity, what other benefits do Interns receive?

While it is expected that an internship at Manifest be viewed as community service (Manifest is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization), Manifest offers each intern the benefit of free attendance at all regular Open Figure life drawing sessions at the Manifest Drawing Center. At the level of Senior Intern added benefits are free attendance to Drawing Marathons and half-price regular instructed courses (not including major workshops) throughout the duration of the internship.


Applications for internship should be submitted via email and email attachments to:

Katie Baker
Exhibition Coordinator

Questions should also be e-mailed to Katie Baker.

* The distinction between a Gallery Intern and an Academic Gallery Intern is made for the purpose of differentiating between those receiving college credit (and perhaps fulfilling specific requirements outlined by their institution of study) and those not receiving college credit.

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