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What past participants say about our studio program:

“The Manifest program is of great value to me. My love of drawing has been with me all of my life although my experience has been sporadic and I am mostly self-taught. The Manifest Studios offer a wonderful environment for drawing and learning. The instructor has been very supportive and her enthusiasm and dedication to the fine art of drawing in the classical style has been a joy and an inspiration.”

“Manifest Drawing Center has been vital to my continuing education in the arts. Drawing from the model has honed my skills in drawing and my painting has improved because of it.”

"Thank goodness for this teaching commitment to the community by Manifest.”

"I valued the individual guidance and 'one-on-one' style of teaching as well as the opportunity for group critiques. With [the instructor's] guidance I was able to break through years of frustrated drawing attempts and really identify what my challenges and my successes were."

“The Manifest courses are a great opportunity for recent graduates to continue learning in a studio environment.”


What is the Manifest Drawing Center Studio?

In 2022 Manifest’s Drawing Center relocated to the organization's new permanent home at 3464 Central Parkway (M1) in Clifton. During the transition period before the Gallery also relocates to the property, the Drawing Center studios occupy the entire building, which is is a fully-equipped, 15,000 square foot facility located at the edge of the historic neighborhood of Clifton, near Camp Washington and Northside, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rambling expansive studios and a dedicated analog Photography wing are home to a variety of programs and studio courses throughout the year. Natural and artificial lighting can be carefully controlled in each space to allow for dynamic engagements with all forms of drawing, painting, and photography.

Studio furniture, including drawing horses and easels are available for use by participants and students, though each participant should bring their own drawing boards, paper, media, etc. as needed. The studio has the region’s largest collection of plaster cast models dedicated for observational drawing, painting, and photography as well as an ever-increasing natural specimen collection and library. Temporary storage areas are available for participants involved in multiple sessions.

Participants are always encouraged (though not required) to display their drawings on the Drawing Center’s pinup walls as an ever-growing in-situ display of images created in our vibrant studios.

Read an article featuring Manifest's Drawing Center program in Drawing Magazine here.

Read the original announcement about the purchase of M1 and Manifest's vision for the future here.

What Programs Does the Drawing Center Offer?

Manifest's Studio Program offers a diverse range of professionally instructed drawing, painting, and photography courses and uninstructed 'open' sessions all centered on the Manifest mission of standing for and promoting visual literacy, critical thinking, and quality in the visual arts. Our Instructed Courses are taught by local professional artists and follow an approach similar to college-level courses. They vary in subject and level of experience required depending on the current term of courses. Our Open Figure Sessions are an ongoing resource for artists of any experience level to come draw the live nude figure independently (without instruction). Manifest's courses and sessions provide the balance of artistic rigor with an approachable atmosphere of creativity and support. A current list of our Drawing Center programs can be found here. This is updated on a roughly quarterly basis.

Who Teaches at the Drawing Center?

Each of our Instructed Courses and Open Figure Sessions are led by professionally-trained instructors and moderators. Many of them currently teach at the academic level in local university art and design programs. While each course differs in structure, our instructors blend a planned curriculum with a customized approach for each participant. You can learn more about our instructors here.

Why Study at Manifest?

Manifest’s Drawing Center is the only regional art center devoted to the discipline of drawing. (Why is drawing so important? Go here to find out!) Our desire is to cultivate an atmosphere of creative growth for local artists and designers who want to strengthen their skills and broaden their artistic network. While our programs are open to everyone, we strive to offer a high-quality experience that inspires the serious artist in his or her art-making endeavors.

How Can I Get Involved?

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Manifest is supported by sustainability funding from the Ohio Arts Council, and through the generous direct contributions of individual supporters and private foundations who care deeply about Manifest's mission for the visual arts.

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