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about the INPA 3

For the INPA 3 Manifest received 1292 submissions from 439 artists in 45 states and 27 countries. The publication includes 115 works by 82 artists from 26 states and 8 countries including Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Poland, and the United States. Essays by Matt Metzger and Willie Robertson are also included.

Eleven professional and academic advisors qualified in the fields of art, design, criticism, and art history juried the third International Painting Annual. The process of selection was by anonymous blind jury, with each jury member assigning a quality rating for artistic merit to each work submitted. The entries receiving the highest average combined score are included in this publication.

This Online Supplemental Resource provides biographical info, artist statements, and details of sample works for each artist included in the publication.

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A few sample spreads...



featured artists

Suzanne Anan
Belmar, New Jersey

Stefan Annerel
Antwerp, Belgium

Libby Barbee
La Junta, Colorado

Donald Beal
Provincetown, Massachusetts

Kevin Bell
Missoula, Montana

E. Thurston Belmer
St. Louis, Missouri

Thomas Berding
Lansing, Michigan

Evan Bogess
Sheperdstown, West Virginia

Tony Bowen
Brighton, England

Avital Burg
Brooklyn, New York

Erin Cameron
Columbus, Ohio

David Campbell
Media, Pennsylvania

Susan Cantrick
Paris, France

Jeannie Choe
Leonia, New Jersey

Leanne Christie
Vancouver, Canada

Katie Claiborne
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Adrian Cox
St. Louis, Missouri

Morgan Craig
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jonas Criscoe
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ghanesh Das
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Angela Dittmar
Chattanooga, Tennessee


Essays by:
Matt Metzger and Willie Robertson

Catherine Dunne
Lexington Park, Maryland

Brett Eberhardt
Macomb, Illinois

Valerie Escobedo
Findlay, Ohio

John Ferry
Prairie Village, Kansas

Justine Frischmann
San Rafael, California

Carl Gombert
Maryville, Tennessee

Brandice Guerra
Alva, Oklahoma

Melissa Gwyn
San Francisco, California

Brian Haberman
Cheyenne, Wyoming

Laura Hagihara
Chicago, Illinois

Elana Hagler
Englewood, Colorado

Rachel Hellmann
Chelsea, Massachusetts

Andrew Hendrixson
Mount Vernon, Ohio

Jeffrey Hensley
Ellicott City, Maryland

Chris Hernandez
Warsaw, Poland

Cheryl Hochberg
Kutztown, Pennsylvania

Jason John
Jacksonville, Florida

Junsoo Kim
San Francisco, California

Ricki Klages
Laramie, Wyoming

Daniel Klewer
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Matt Klos
Sparrows Point, Maryland


Rob Kolomyski
Woodbury, Minnesota

Heather Larson
Chico, California

Craig Lloyd
Cincinnati, Ohio

Michael Mahoney
Macomb, Illinois

Susannah Martin
Frankfurt, Germany

Chris Mcginnis
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Simon Mcwilliams
Belfast, Ireland

Eric Mecum
Chicago, Illinois

Matt Metzger
Cincinnati, Ohio

Joseph Moniz
Acushnet, Massachusetts

Kevin Muente
Erlanger, Kentucky

Zahra Nazari
Memphis, Tennessee

Val Nelson
Vancouver, Canada

Kelly O’Brien
Smyrna, Georgia

Josh Ostraff
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Steen Pedersen
Yellow Springs, Ohio

Samuel Preston
Wood River, Illinois

Jonathan Queen
Cincinnati, Ohio

Jeff Robinson
Normal, Illinois

Rachel Sard
New York, New York

Lauren Satlowski
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


Robert Schefman
West Bloomfield, Michigan

Suzanne Schireson
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Elise Schweitzer
Indianapolis, Indiana

Jane Sherrill
Somerville, Massachusetts

Casey Snyder
Grand Rapids, Michigan

David Stanger
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Nathan Sullivan
Jaffrey, New Hampshire

Krista Svalbonas
Jersey City, New Jersey

Judy Takacs
Solon, Ohio

Sheldon Tapley
Danville, Kentucky

Fremont Thompson
Clarkston, Michigan

Joseph Ventura
Hoboken, New Jersey

Jovan Karlo Villalba
Miami, Florida

Grant Whipple
Baltimore, Maryland

Melinda Whitmore
Oak Park, Illinois

Chelsey Wood
Vermillion, South Dakota

Mars Woodhill
Houston, Texas

Boris Zakic
Georgetown, Kentucky

Kristine Zingeler
Calgary, Canada




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