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Leanne Christie
Vancouver, British Columbia

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A full time artist since 2008, I dedicate my waking hours to understanding the painting process.   

Educated at the influential Rhodes University Art School, I was tutored in not only the painting as a final product but was instilled with the love of the process itself.  My exposure to the Grahamstown group through the critical analysis of Professor Robert Brooks and Noel Hodnett, laid the foundation of my present practice.  My work reveals the rewards that only labour in the studio can bring.  There is an intuitive understanding of the consistency of paint, the careful placement of brush strokes to lead the viewer at a pace determined by the artist and the removal of color as a fundamental element.  One finds a developing maturity with the medium and a questioning of the visual reality.  The growing awareness of the irrelevance between the laws which govern nature and the reality of the painting, has lead me to experiment with a new hierarchy: brushstroke, composition, color without the retreat into abstraction.  

My painting have become easily identifiable by my sensitive myriad of grays and brushwork which dances on the edge of abstraction.   Future works from this developing artist will continue to reveal myintrigue with the possible tension one can create with my new hierarchy bound by representational subject matter.



born: 1974, South Africa


Rhodes University, BFA, 1996

selected awards/honors

Best Landscape, AIRS exhibition at the Federation of Canadian Artists, 2011

selected publications

Manifest Gallery, INPA 2, Cincinnati Ohio, Manifest Press, 2012
Chris Tyrell, Making it - Case studies of successful Canadian Visual Artists, Vancouver BC, CT productions p. 13-27

selected solo or two-person exhibits

Featured Artist Nov 2012 - Feb 2013, Art rental and sales at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC 2012
De Nova, Barrister's Lounge at the Vancouver Law Courts, Vancouver, BC, 2012

selected group shows

3rd Annual International Representational Show, Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver,BC, 2012
Autumn Salon,  Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, BC, 2012
Harmony Arts Festival, West Vancouver, BC, 2012
2nd Annual International Representational Show, Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver,BC, 2011


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