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Steen Pedersen
Yellow Springs, Ohio

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I strive to create work that is both representational and alive.  I feel this is best achieved when working from life. A problem is to translate the artist's perception of the three dimensional subject to necessarily abstract marks on the two dimensional support.  Art history informs us that this problem can be solved in many different ways.

I work in both dry and wet media. Quickly executed work tends to be expressive in nature. Work done over an extended length of time are often more analytic.  Both types of work involve balancing expression and representation with constantly evolving visions for the work. Painting in oil allows the work itself to be fluid and moveable, in a sense alive, at least for a while.  

When working on a piece for an extended length of time I observe details on a smaller and smaller scale as the work progresses. This body of work is an exploration of this way of seeing. The exploration is informed by fractal geometry. One approach to fractal geometry is to look at the subject at different scales. In this approach each scale corresponds to a certain "pixel size".  In the context of a portrait certain parts of the face demand our attention more than others.


born: Denmark

selected solo or two-person exhibits

BEARly legal, Arts Interface, Springfield, OH, 2007

selected group shows

Personal Best, Dayton Visual Arts Center, Dayton, OH, 2007
Interpretations of the figure, DeHaan Gallery, University of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN, 2008
Fall Show, 48 High Street Gallery, Dayton, OH, 2009
Works on Paper, Rosewood Gallery, Kettering, OH, 2011



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