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manifest exhibition annual
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The Season 13 Manifest Exhibition Annual

In season 13 Manifest continued to chart a course into its second decade as The Neighborhood Gallery for the World.

This was our third full season with expanded gallery spaces—an intimate yet museum-like sequence of five rooms of varying shapes, sizes, and personalities. Having the ability to confidently plan for 45 galleries of art across the year (nine exhibit periods times five spaces programmed for each period) once again enabled our staff to make the most of the rich options provided by our exhibit concepts and so many participating artists from around the world.

For each of our Exhibition Annuals it is important for us to explain to the reader that every exhibition at Manifest is put through a rigorous blind jury process—one which prioritizes quality over taste or style, and which by virtue of many jurors volunteering their time from across the country achieves a neutralization of any singular curatorial bias or juror prejudice. The works contained in this book, though inevitably determined in part by the artists who chose to participate and the works they offered for consideration, is also a culmination of this process of extreme selectivity. The 484 works represented here were chosen from among roughly 10,203 submitted across the year. With the obvious exception of our regional projects, and those which are restricted to student work (Rites of Passage and Master Pieces) our exhibitions are open to all artists anywhere in the world. In the exhibits documented in this book 285 artists from 41 states and 10 countries are represented.

Season 13 saw the production of 31 separate exhibitions. Among them are included the recently expanded Regional Showcase series (this time with three exhibits exploring works from Texas, Minnesota, and Kentucky), our fourth FotoFocus Biennial sponsored project, and 11 solo exhibitions, rounding out Manifest’s customary balance between solo shows, annual projects, and unique thematic group shows. It is also worth noting that this book includes works by student artists representing 24 different academic institutions. Their inclusion emphasizes Manifest’s ongoing connection and commitment to our founding in 2004, when students and their teachers came together to establish a Switzerland-like organization—a nexus where their common ground of higher pursuit in the visual arts could be examined outside the confines of their own academic programs on common ground.

When Manifest reached its tenth year of exhibition programming we realized it was important to mark our new maturity with a declarative statement, so the decision was made to move from printing small softcover exhibit catalogs to producing the substantial and monolithic Manifest Exhibition Annual. We believe this has proven to be a much more engaging way for the public and participating artists to experience this documentation as an archive. It will also be more meaningful into the future for the artists whose work is included by cementing their place alongside that of their peers in the history of our programming, and the history of art in the world at this particular point in time.

It is my strong belief as an educator, artist, curator of exhibits, and founding director of Manifest that it is very important to distinguish between what it means to have a sense of taste (one’s personal preferences), and having a sense for quality (what one knows, objectively, to be ‘good’). The former is informed by personal experiences, biases, notions, cultural programming, and sentiment—usually for oneself as an individual. The latter is guided by detachment, study, comparison, craftsmanship, context, and understanding of principles. Those who are in a position to judge (jury) a body of work, and to plan an exhibition, serve in the role of arbiter of quality in order to present a collective whole which ends up not only greater than the sum of its parts, but also a rich opportunity for members of the public to practice their own individual sense of taste within an overall context of quality. That is what we work so hard to do here at Manifest. It is my sincere hope that this book once again serves as evidence of our success.

The pages that follow contain every work presented in Manifest’s galleries during our thirteenth season, from September 2016–September 2017. Each chapter represents an exhibition period of four weeks, divided into sections representing specific exhibits on view during that period. Each section is prefaced with the text that was included as part of the exhibition.

This publication is offered in honor of the quality achieved by each and every artist who participated, and everyone who supported the Manifest organization during our 13th season.


Jason Franz, Executive Director
Cincinnati, Ohio

View the season lineup here.

Featuring Works by these Season 13 Exhibiting Artists

Nicole Adkisson
Claudio Ahlers
Becky Alley
Cody Anderson
Brian Andrews 205
Marissa Angel
Brianna Angelakis
Robin Assner-Alvey
Erika Baez
Gerry Bannan
Kenneth Batista
Wes Battoclette
Martin Beck
Tamie Beldue
Gordon Belray
Allan Bennetts II
Pirjo Berg
Ed Bernstein
Lucas Bianchi
Jillian Bloise
Jason Bly
David Bonagurio
Thomas Bosse
Sally Bousquet
Judith Brandon
Brandon Briggs
Dimelza Broche
Christopher Brown
Mathew Brown
Zach Brown
Katlyn Brumfield
Susan Bryant
Lisa Bryson
Brianna Burnett
Jeanne Burris-Johnson
Neil Callander
Cole Carothers
Christian Carson
Lauren Carter
Walter Castro
Sara Catapano
Sean Caulfield
Whitney Causey
Ellina Chetverikova
Namwon Choi
Dan Christian
Diane Chung
Elizabeth Claffey
David Colannino
Blake Conroy
Chris Cornelius
Chris Corson
Christopher Cosnowski
Paul Cotter
Larry Cressman
Jennifer Cronin
Ashley Czajkowski
Rick Dailey
Daniel Dallmann
Nora Daniel
Jaime de la Jara
John Deamond
Cam DeCaussin
Franklin Delgado
Michael DeLuca
Shiqing Deng
Rose Desiano
Thomasin Dewhurst
Brooks Dierdorff
Brigham Dimick
Adrienne Dixon

David Dorsey
Patricia Drummond
Tenley Dubois
Matthew Durante
Kurt Dyrhaug
Mitch Eckert
Matthew Egan
Steven Elbert
Drew Etienne
Maggie Evans
Dylan Everett
Jason Ferguson
John Ferry
Christopher Fleming
Carol Flueckiger
Carrie Fonder
Kylie Ford
Felicia Forte
Michael France
Jenny Freestone
Jonathan Frey
Veronique Gambier
Tanja Gant
Nazareth Garcia
Susanna Gaunt
Martha Gaustad
Christy Georg
Robin Germany
June Glasson
Charlie Goering
Joseph Goh
Jose Gomez
Annie Gonzalez
Sofia Gonzalez
Sarika Goulatia
Jamie Green
Stephanie Grenadier
James Grubola
Jason Guynes
Claudia Hammer
William Haney
Samantha Jane Hardewig
Samantha Haring
Adrian Hatfield
Hiroshi Hayakawa
Rebecca Hayes
Nicci Haynes
Brandon Hearty
Hillary Heckard
Marco Hernandez
Nathan Heuer
Joseph Holsapple
Jess Holz
Steve Hughes
Nicholas Hullibarger
John Ilg
Dale Inglett
Kei Ito
Timothy Jahn
Josh Jalbert
Ron Janowich
Jeremy Jones
Chris Kalmbach
Katie Kameen
Charles Kanwischer
Donald Keefe
Evan Kitson
Ann Klem
Jenny Knavel
Steve Knight
Kat Knutsen
Kent Krugh

Kenneth Lantz
Jessica Larva
Amber Law
Gracelee Lawrence
Gordon Lee
Jason Lee
Anna Lee-Hoelzle
Margaret LeJeune
Kathleen Lemoine
Becca Levine
Kathy Liao
Chris Liberti
Katia Lifshin
Dominic Lippillo & Mark Schoon
Travis Little
Cecilia Lo
Nick Long
Robert Long
Paul Lorenz
Richard Luschek
C. Matthew Luther
Eileen MacArthur
Tim Main
Laura Makar
David Marquez
Michael Marshall
Andy Mattern
Damon McArthur
Thomas McBroom
Michael McCaffrey
Tammy McClennan
Simon McCool
David McCrae
Emily McIlroy
John McKaig
Ellen McMahon
Michael Meadors
Jennifer Meanley
Michael Mentler
Armin Mersmann
Lucy Meskill
Marcus Michels
Bailey Miller
Daniel Miller
Robyn Moore
Richard Morris
Mary Murphy
Jon Murrill
Adam Mysock
Zach Nagle
Xi Nan
Dora Natella
Michael Nichols
Carolyn Norton
Kevin Oehler
Mark Orgeron
Roberto Osti
Steve Paddack
Jessica Palomo
Juan Perdiguero
Nathan Perry
Anthony Pessler
Jesse Matthew Petersen
Elena Peteva
Kristen Peyton
Thomas Pfannerstill
Joseph Pfeiffer-Herbert
Molly Phalan
Jeremy Plunkett
Alegria Polit
Mark Pomilio
Charity Ponter
Bill Porter
Peter Precourt
Adam Rake
Michael Reedy
Billy Renkl
Nick Reszetar
Caroline Roberts
Azalea Patricia Rodriguez
Julio Rodriguez
Rosalie Rosenthal
Greg Sand
Buket Savci
Pia Sawhney
Molly Scannell
Lauren Scavo
Francis Schanberger
Christian Schmit
Kevin Schroeder
Charles Scott
Rosemary Scott-Fishburn
Jay Senetchko
Shelby Shadwell
Ying-Fang Shen
Ralph Slatton
Margaret Smithers-Crump
Alex Spinney
John Spurlock
David Stallings
Jeffrey Stenbom
Lana Stephens
Nathan Stromberg
Studio Third World Collective
Julio Suarez
Sarah Sutton
Judy Takács
Sheldon Tapley
Melanie Tassone
Kathleen Taylor
Megan Alyce Taylor
Samantha Taylor
Jessica Teckemeyer
Rachel Temkin
Mark Tennant
Kim Thorpe
Kathleen Thum
Jeremy Thurlby
Travis Townsend
Sarah Treanor
Alice Valenti
Nicolas Vionnet
Duat Vu
Tim Waite
Maxim Wakultschik
Christina Warzecha
Lauryn Welch
Art Werger
Margaret Whiting
Joshua Wilichowski
Derek Wilkinson
Hayward Wilkirson
Laura Willig
Morgan Ford Willingham
Patrick D. Wilson
Rachel Wolf
Connie Wolfe
Erin Wozniak
Livia Xie
Ran Zheng


SEASON 13 - Exhibitions at Manifest Gallery
358 pages, 31 exhibits, 484 works of art, 285 Artists from 41 states and 10 countries:




358 pages full-color,
13" x 10",
hardcover casebound (symth sewn binding, premium laminated full-color printed cover; full color dust jacket.)

(all proceeds support Manifest's future programming)



about the MEA 13

31 exhibits
(See exhibit listing here.)

484 works of art

285 Artists from 41 states and 10 countries including: Australia, Canada, Colombia, England, Germany, India, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States 

24 academic institutions represented by student work, including:

Alfred University
American Academy of Art
Arizona State University
City College of New York
Dominican University
Indiana University
Louisiana Tech University
Maine College of Art
Miami University
New York Academy of Art
Ohio University
Purdue University
Rhode Island School of Design
Savannah College of Art and Design
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
Stephen F. Austin State University
The University of New Hampshire
University of Florida
University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
University of Wyoming
Wittenberg University


Through nine seasons Manifest Press produced 74 full-color catalogs documenting the works selected for every exhibit presented in our galleries. Starting with season 10 (fall of 2013) we shifted to the design of one much larger high quality hard-cover publication retrospectively documenting each entire season of exhibits, artists, and works shown.

The Manifest Exhibition Annual continues Manifest's commitment to long-term documentation and dissemination of our projects, and the expansion of physical exhibits into a broader geography and time frame, while also bringing all exhibits together under one cover each year to create a better product which will be more valuable to the public, teachers, libraries, and exhibiting artists. The book is much larger in size than our already robust INDA, INPA, and INPHA media-specific survey publications, and is designed, printed, and distributed with the same quality and attention to detail.

This commitment represented a dramatic undertaking for our small nonprofit staff. We have faced many unexpected challenges and positive changes since establishing the plan for the MEA. Once production of the retrospective books is up to speed each publication will be designed and printed within the first half of the following season, and expected to ship by the following summer. (Manifest's exhibit season runs September to September each year.

Visit Manifest Press to see past catalogs (the old style) and our award-winning INDA, INPA, and INPHA books.

The MEA is an optional free member's benefit option when you become a supporting member at the PHILOSOPHER level (or above) here.

Academic pricing for Manifest Press publications is available for students, professors, and institutions.

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