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The Season 11 Manifest Exhibition Annual

This second Manifest Exhibition Annual continues our organization’s commitment to long-term documentation and dissemination of Manifest’s projects, and the expansion of our physical exhibits into a broader geography and time frame, while also bringing all exhibits together under one cover each year to create a more cohesive collection for the public, teachers, libraries, and exhibiting artists.

In season 11 Manifest set foot into the leading edge of its second decade as The Neighborhood Gallery for the World housed in the Victoria Building on Woodburn Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio. This was our first full season with fully expanded gallery spaces—five of them! This meant we could confidently plan the whole season for 45 galleries of art across the year (nine exhibit periods times five active spaces programmed for each period). Season 10 proved this was an optimal footprint for the gallery, both because of the amount of space it represented and also because of the architectural nature of the historic building and sequential galleries revolving around a central spine-like corridor and two dramatic glass-fronted street-facing primary spaces with lights on 24/7. Because of this our opening events became magnified as deeper museum-like experiences for gallery visitors.

Season 11 saw the production of 31 exhibitions, a twenty-five percent increase over the previous season. This allowed for refinements and experiments within our season's productions, including expanding our Regional Showcase series, a full gallery of five exhibits participating in and sponsored by the FotoFocus Biennial, and a record 13 solo exhibitions. All of this helped round out our menu of shows, with our customary balance between solo exhibits, annual projects, and unique thematic group shows.

It is also important for the reader to understand that every exhibition at Manifest is put through a rigorous blind jury process—one which prioritizes quality over taste or style, and which by virtue of many jurors volunteering their time from across the country achieves a neutralization of any singular curatorial bias or juror prejudice. The works contained in this book, while inevitably determined in part by the artists who chose to submit, and the works they offered, is also a culmination of this process of extreme selectivity. The 368 works represented here were chosen out of 6,991 submitted across the year.

This second Manifest Exhibition Annual provides a beautiful chapter-by-chapter documentation of the works presented during this season which spanned September 2014 through September 2015. The book is offered in honor of the quality achieved by each and every artist who participated, and everyone who supported the Manifest organization during our 11th season. We believe this to be a more engaging way for the public to experience this documentation as an archive, and will be more meaningful into the future for the artists whose work is included by cementing their place alongside that of their peers in the history of our programming.

View the season lineup here.


Featuring Works by these Season 11 Exhibiting Artists

Jeffrey Abt
Lindsey Aleman 
Christopher Alexander
Lars Anderson
Nicholas Arbatsky
Jimmie Arroyo
Travis Michael Bailey
Debra Balchen
Stephanie J Baugh
Sarah Beattie
Patricia Bellan-Gillen
Anna Belleforte 
Jesse Berlin
Mike Binzer
Logan Blanco
Kelly Borsheim 
Sally Bousquet 
Collin Bradford
Ariel Brice
Sue Bryan 
Susan Bryant 
Todd Burroughs
Don Burton
Ryan Buyssens
Mike Callaghan
Neil Callander
Patty Carroll
Sara Catapano
Emma Charles
Bryan Christie
Joomi Chung
Derek Courtney
Adrian Cox
Katherine Cox 
Rafael Cronin
Angela Cunningham
Spencer Cunningham
Kevin Curry
Daniel Dallmann
Matthew Deibel
Marion Delarue 
Hélène Delmaire
Thomasin Dewhurst
Lydia Dildilian
Yuxiang Dong
David Dorsey
Rebecca Drolen
Michael Durando
Mitch Eckert
Alia El-Bermani
Steven Elbert 
TyRuben Ellingson
John Engelman
Mary Farrell
Marnie Fender
John Ferry
Tracy Fish
Bryan Florentin
Nathaniel Foley
Zoey Frank

Victoria Fuller 
Donald Furst
Tanja Gant
Martha Gaustad
Juan Gomez-Perales
Jay Gould
Reed Govert
Anders Gramer
Peiter Griga 
Brandice Guerra 
Cynthia Gutierrez
Tobias Hall 
Mark Hanavan
William Haney 
Amir Hariri
Marshall Harris
Adrian Hatfield
David Hicks 
Daisie Hoitsma
Margaret Hopkins 
Gloria Houng
Cecily Howell
Shelby Huber
Jee Hwang 
Austin Irving
Lucas James
Lori Johnson
Willie Jones
Kelly Jordan
Patti Jordan 
Barbara Kacicek
Daniel Kariko 
Soohyun Kim
Daniel King 
Trevor King
William Kitchens
Ricki Klages
Matt Klos
Robert Kolomyski
Hanna Kolzlowski-Slone
Blazo Kovacevic 
Kent Krugh 
Todd Kunkler
Jean-Claude Lajeunie
Mark Langeneckert 
Daniel Lauterbach
Philip LaVelle
Jean LeCluyse 
Matthew Lee
Clayton Lewis
Anna Lindemann 
Carrie Lingscheit
Dominic Lippillo
Eileen MacArthur
Daniel Maidman
Tim Main
Maria Mangano 
Louis Marinaro
Cristina Marquez
Free Marseille 

Darren Marsh 
Susannah Martin
Ryota Matsumoto 
Taylor Mazer
Leigh Merrill
Armin Mersmann
Ryan Meyer
Marcus Michels
Kyle Miller
Kenneth Millington 
Damon Mohl 
Zach Mory 
Joe Muench 
Erek Nass
Vince Natale
Dora Natella
CK Nichelson
Adam Niklewicz
Jack Nixon
Toranj Noroozi
Mark Nystrom
Martin O’Connor
Flannery O’Kafka
Miriam Omura
Caroline Owen
Steve Paddack
David Parker
Keith Parks
Nathan Perry 
Elena Peteva
Nicole Pietrantoni
Ann Piper
Josh Raftery
Adam Rake 
Katrina Rattermann
Phil El Rassi
Michael Reedy
Nick Reszetar
Nadine Robbins
John Roberts 
Tai Rogers
Julia Romano 
Alicia Rothman
Susan Rotondo 
Luis Alvarez Roure
Edward L. Rubin
Samantha Parker Salazar
Mariasun Salgado 
Scott Sawtell
Matthew Schenk
Christian Schmit
Jenny Schoensiegel 
Mark Schoon
Talbot Selby
Sohail Shehada
Hyeyoung Shin
Amy Schissel 
Jamie Bates Slone 
Samantha Slone

Debra Small
Isaac Smith
Madeline Rile Smith
Jon Sours
John Spurlock 
Greg Stahly
David Stanger
Geoffrey Stein 
Jeffrey Stenbom
Kirsten Stolle 
Amber Stucke
Jiehao Su
Julio Suarez
Steven Subotnick 
Jonathan Swanz
Judy Takacs
Sheldon Tapley
Kathleen Taylor 
Eric Theodore
Jesse Thomas 
Michael Tole 
Eric Troffkin
Michael Van Buskirk
Dorothea Van Camp 
Rachel VanWylen
Toan Vuong
Dave Wagner
Mary Wagner
Jeremy Walbridge
Christina Weaver
Grant Wells
Stig Weston
Derek Wilkinson
Ben Willis
Dennis Wojtkiewicz
Taylor Woolwine
Christine Wuenschel 
Caomin Xie
Erica Young
Walter Zurko 


SEASON 11 Exhibitions at Manifest Gallery
340 pages, 31 exhibits, 362 works of art, 216 Artists from 38 states and 12 countries:




340 pages full-color,
13" x 10",
hardcover casebound (symth sewn binding, premium laminated full-color printed cover; full color dust jacket.)

(all proceeds support Manifest's future)



about the MEA 11

31 exhibits
(See exhibit listing here.)

362 works of art

220 Artists from 39 states and 12 countries including: Argentina, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, Spain, and the United States

25 academic institutions represented by student work, including:

Academy of Art University
Bowling Green State University
California State University, Long Beach
Columbus College of Art & Design
Eastern Michigan University
Goddard College
Indiana University
Kent State University
Laguna College of Art + Design
Morehead State University
New Mexico State University
Ohio University
San Francisco Art Institute
Sterling College
Tulane University
Tyler School of Art
University of Alabama at Birmingham
University of Arkansas
University of California, Santa Cruz
University of Connecticut
University of Florida
University of Illinois at Chicago
University of Miami
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
University of Saint Francis


Through nine seasons Manifest Press produced 74 full-color catalogs documenting the works selected for every exhibit presented in our galleries. Starting with season 10 (fall of 2013) we shifted to the design of one much larger high quality hard-cover publication documenting each entire season of exhibits, artists, and works shown. The Manifest Exhibition Annual continues Manifest's commitment to long-term documentation and dissemination of our projects, and the expansion of physical exhibits into a broader geography and time frame, while also bringing all exhibits together under one cover each year to create a better product which will be more valuable to the public, teachers, libraries, and exhibiting artists. The book is much larger in size than our already robust INDA, INPA, and INPHA publications, and is designed, printed, and distributed with the same quality and attention to detail. The MEA does not replace those media specific exhibits-in-print, rather it complements them, and we think rounds out Manifest Press's publication suite nicely.

This commitment represented a dramatic undertaking for our small nonprofit staff. We have faced many unexpected challenges and positive changes since establishing the plan for the MEA. Once production of the retrospective books is up to speed each publication will be designed and printed within the first half of the following season, and expected to ship by the following summer. (Manifest's exhibit season runs September to September each year.

Visit Manifest Press to see past catalogs (the old style) and our award-winning INDA, INPA, and INPHA books.

The MEA is an optional free member's benefit when you become a supporting member at the PHILOSOPHER level (or above) here.

Academic pricing for Manifest Press publications is available for students, professors, and institutions.

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