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MEAs10 is the Silver Medal Winner
of the 2019 IPPY Book Awards
(Fine Art category) by the Independent Publisher Association

The Season 10 Manifest Exhibition Annual

Season 10 represented an enormous turning point for Manifest. Not only did we reach and accomplish a solid decade of public programming focused on quality in contemporary visual art, study, and related experiences, we also successfully accomplished the expansion of our exhibition spaces, from three galleries to our long-desired five galleries, doubling our street visibility, and adding sixty-six percent more exhibition space.

The growth of the gallery allowed for what we felt was breathing room in our exhibit programming. With this the gallery could now work with variable numbers of solo exhibits, spread shows across multiple rooms, and plan combinations of exhibits that would bring depth and interest to the gallery-by-gallery experience for visitors to Manifest.

This first Manifest Exhibition Annual provides a beautiful chapter-by-chapter documentation of the works presented during this momentous season which spanned September 2013 through September 2014.

View the season lineup here.


Featuring Works by these Season 10 Exhibiting Artists

Julie Abijanac
Recep Akar
Harry Ally
Winnie Sidharta Ambron
Margery Amdur
Barry Andersen
Erin Anderson
Rob Anderson
Peter Antor
Kelly Asbury
Jonathan Aumen
Mike Bale
Tom Bartel
Curtis Bartone
Kenneth Batista
Donald Beal
Mary Claire Becker
Tamie Beldue
Ian Bellomy
Peter T Bennett
Kim Bissette
Barbara Blacharczyk
Colin Blakely
Ingrid Blixt
Alexandra Bloch
Evan Boggess
Sondy Bojanic
Wilson Borja
Judith Brandon
Eric Brennan
Claire & Stephen Brewer
Brandon Briggs
Beth Brown
Sue Bryan
Preston Buchtel
Greg Burak
Seder Burns
Autumn Bussen
Ryan Buyssens
Susan Byrnes
Neil Callander
Carrie Callihan
Hannah Cameron
David Campbell
Ian Campbell
Kayla Carlson
Brut Caniollus
Sean Caulfield
Stefan Chinov
Morgan Chivers
Bryan Christie
Joomi Chung
Anna Chupa
Mary Claus
Tim Clorius
Nick Conbere
Time Conte
Spencer Corbett
Lauren Coulson
Alice Coulter
Adrian Cox
Katherine Cox
Daniel Dallmann
Dhiman Dam
Bryon Darby
Matthew Davey
Chris Day
Richard Diedrich
Molly Dierks

Alexandra Dietz
Alexandra Dooley
Meghan Duda
Theresa Wall Duggan
Timothy Duong
Brett Eberhardt
James Ehlers
Stacey Elko
Alexandra Emberley
Amy Erickson
Gaela Erwin
Lauren Frances Evans
Pamela Farrell
Zara Feeney
Michael Felber
John Ferry
Donna Festa
Rick Finn
Jessie Fisher
Meghan Flynn
Maureen France
McArthur Freeman
John Gaunt
Martha Gaustad
Adrienne Ginter
Ally Glowacki
Carl Gombert
Dan Good
Tyler Griese
Brett Groves
Philip Gurrey
Melissa Gwyn
Hans Haberger
Karla Hackenmiller
Tim Hahn
Mark Hanavan
Takayuki Hara
Samantha Haring
Marshall Harris
Jamey Hart
Crystal Hartman
Chancelor Havlik
Brandon Hearty
Jean Hess
Nathan Heuer
Stacey Holloway
Natasha Holmes
Anthony Holmquist
Jade Hoyer
Primary Hughes
Bryan Hutchinson
James Ibur
Lucas James
Heidi Jensen
Jason John
Melanie Johnson
Joshua Johnson
Abner Jonas
Kelly Jordan
Hwayong Jung
Molly Kaderka
Tim Kennedy
Kimberly Kersey-Asbury
Oneyung Kim
Jamie Kinroy
William Kitchens
Matt Klos
Ria Kmetova
Robert Kolomyski
Lou Krueger
Kent Krugh
Carole Kunstadt
Kevin Kunstadt
Bryce Lafferty
Chris LaPorte
Casey Lard
Philip LaVelle
Terrence Lavin
Jimin Lee
Matthew Lee
John Lee
Shannon Lee
Marc Leone
Craig Lloyd
Ben Lock
Paul Loehle
Zachari Logan
Brandon Lowery
Aaron Lubrick
Beauvais Lyons
Eileen MacArthur
Wade MacDonald
Daniel Maidman
Nicholas Anthony Mancini
Susannah Martin
Nichole Maury
James Russell May
Taylor Mazer
Tony McAteer
Michael McCaffrey
Kathy McGhee
Garry Mealor
Armin Mersmann
Marcus Michels
Douglas Miller
Kolton Miller
Joseph A Miller
Samantha Mitchell
Damon Mohl
Ron Monsma
Joe Morzuch
Kay Myers
Vince Natale
Dora Natella
Sharon Navage
Doug Navarra
Scott Noel
Dan O’Connor
James Oberschlake
Daniel Ogletree
Meghan Olson
Roberto Osti
Nina Pascal
Sara Pearce
Steen Pedersen
Sara Pedigo
Elena Peteva
Jeremy Plunkett
Mark Pomilio
Carolyn Pyform
Erin Raedeke
Adam Rake
Scott Ramming
Nicholas Raynolds
Elizabeth Reagh
Ruth Ann Reese
Brian Rego
Billy Renkl
Todd Reynolds
Neil Riley
Joshua Risner
Emil Robinson
Ramiro Rodriguez
Janvier Rollande
Rosalie Rosenthal
Adam Rowlett
Elizabeth Runyon
Rahshia Sawyer
Gary Schmitt
Jerry Schutte
Chris Segre-Lewis
Benjamin Shamback
Cassie Shaver
Gail Simpson
Debra Small
David Smith
Keely Snook
Casey Snyder
Alexander Solomon
Christopher St. Leger
Hunter Stamps
David Stanger
Doug Stapleton
Colby Stephens
Nathan Sullivan
Jessica Summers
Diane Szczepaniak
Judy Takacs
Sheldon Tapley
Tana Tapson
Jessica Tenbusch
Jesse Thomas
Kathleen Thum
Rossitza Todorova
Kendric Tonn
Travis Townsend
Christopher Troutman
Ezra Tucker
Andrew Patterson Tutschka
Wes Valdez
Stacey Valerie
Dorothea Van Camp
Wouter van de Koot
Samantha VanDeman
Peter VanDyck
Duat Vu
Mary Wagner
Tim Waite
Krista Walker
Tom Walton
Jenny Wiener
Art Werger
Tyler Wilkinson
Joshua Willis
Roscoe Wilson
Dennis Wojtkiewicz
McCrystle Wood
Taylor Woolwine
Erin Wozniak
Danielle Wyckoff
Kim Young
Jason Tanner Young
Ted Zourntos


SEASON 10 Exhibitions at Manifest Gallery
324 pages, 25 exhibits, 414 works of art, 273 Artists from 41 states and 10 countries:





324 pages full-color,
13" x 10",
hardcover casebound (symth sewn binding, premium laminated full-color printed cover; full color dust jacket.)

(all proceeds support Manifest's future)



about the MEA 10

25 exhibits
(See exhibit listing here.)

414 works of art

273 Artists from 41 states and 10 countries including: Belgium, Canada, China, England, Germany, India, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, and the United States

22 academic institutions represented by student work, including:

Arizona State University
Bowling Green State University
Clarke University
Clemson University
Cleveland Institute of Art
Eastern Kentucky University
Eastern Michigan University
Edinboro University
Indiana University
Kansas City Art Institute
Laguna College of Art
Northern Kentucky University
Ohio University
Pratt Institute
The Conservatory of Contemporary Realism
University of Arkansas
University of Dayton
University of Miami
University of Tennessee
University of Texas at Arlington
University of Wyoming
West Virginia University


Through nine seasons Manifest Press produced 74 full-color catalogs documenting the works selected for every exhibit presented in our galleries. Starting with season 10 (fall of 2013) we shifted to the design of one much larger high quality hard-cover publication documenting each entire season of exhibits, artists, and works shown. The Manifest Exhibition Annual continues Manifest's commitment to long-term documentation and dissemination of our projects, and the expansion of physical exhibits into a broader geography and time frame, while also bringing all exhibits together under one cover each year to create a better product which will be more valuable to the public, teachers, libraries, and exhibiting artists. The book will be larger in size than our INDA, INPA, and INPHA publications, and will be designed, printed, and distributed with the same quality and attention to detail. The MEA will not replace those media specific exhibits-in-print, rather it will complement them, and we think round out Manifest Press's publication suite nicely.

Once production is up to speed each publication will be designed and printed within the first quarter of the following season, and expected to ship by the following January. (Manifest's exhibit season runs September to September each year.

Visit Manifest Press to see past catalogs (the old style) and our award-winning INDA, INPA, and INPHA books.

The MEA is an optional free member's benefit when you become a supporting member at the PHILOSOPHER level (or above) here.

Academic pricing for Manifest Press publications is available for students, professors, and institutions.

Email us here for more information.



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