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about the INPA 4

For the INPA 4 Manifest received 1560 submissions from 563 artists in 45 states and 32 countries. The 200 page publication includes 125 works by 92 artists from 29 states and 9 countries including Greece, the Netherlands, Colombia, Germany, France, China, England, Canada, and the United States. Written works by Philip Gerstein and Laura Grothaus are also included.

Eleven professional and academic advisors qualified in the fields of art, design, criticism, and art history juried the fourth International Painting Annual. The process of selection was by anonymous blind jury, with each jury member assigning a quality rating for artistic merit to each work submitted. The entries receiving the highest average combined score are included in this publication.

By mid-2015 this Online Supplemental Resource will provide biographical info, artist statements, and details of sample works for each artist included in the publication.

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Margery Amdur
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Erin Anderson
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Brianna Angelakis
Ormond Beach, Florida

Beverly Barber
Brookline, Massachusetts

Alla Bartoshchuk
San Diego, California

Donald Beal
Provincetown, Massachusetts

Andrew Blanchard
Spartanburg, South Carolina

Nathan Bond
Brooklyn, New York

Amanda Brazier
Chattanooga, Tennessee

John Michael Byrd
Sunderland, Massachusetts

Leanne Christie
Vancouver, Canada

Christopher Cosnowski
Chicago, Illinois

Daniel Dallmann
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jamal de Jong
Montreal, Canada

Tom de Jong
Apeldoom, Netherlands

Thomasin Dewhurst
Livermore, California

David Dorsey
Pittsford, New York

Drew Etienne
Bloomington, Indiana

Zara Feeney
Thousand Oaks, California

John Ferry
Prairie Village, Kansas

Sean FitzPatrick
Baltimore, Maryland

Mary Flack
Chicago, Illinois

Marina Genadieva
Athens, Greece



Essays by:
Philip Gerstein and Laura Grothaus

Mark Giangaspero
Stow, Ohio

Bridget Grady
Watertown, Connecticut

Alison Moyna Greene
Kansas City, Missouri

Amanda Greive
Edinburg, Illinois

Carrie Grubb
Cincinnati, Ohio

Hans Habeger
Libertyville, Illinois

Samantha Haring
DeKalb, Illinois

Brandon Hearty
Magrath, Canada

Adam Hedley
London, England

Jay Hendrick
Fairfax, Virginia

Felice House
Austin, Texas

Gerard Huber
Dallas, Texas

CJ Hungerman
Geneva, Illinois

Jason John
Jacksonville, Florida

Kelly Jordan
Bloomington, Indiana

Junsoo Kim
San Francisco, California

Sam King
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Ricki Klages
Laramie, Wyoming

Megan Klco
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Rob Kolomyski
Woodbury, Minnesota

Daniela Krachtt
New York, New York

Philip LaVelle
Cincinnati, Ohio

Tony Luciani
Durham, Canada

Eileen MacArthur
Arthur, Canada

Michael Mahoney
Macomb, Illinois

Julia Maiuri
Shelby Township, Michigan

Nicholas Mancini
Cincinnati, Ohio

Logan Marconi
Gainesville, Florida

Jeffrey Markowsky
Savannah, Georgia

Clinton Marstall
Kansas City, Missouri

Gregory Martin
Mississippi State, Mississippi

Susannah Martin
Frankfurt, Germany

Damon Mcarthur
Kewanee, Illinois

Matt Miller
Plainville, Massachusetts

Joseph Morzuch
Bono, Arkansas

Kevin Muente
Erlanger, Kentucky

Marilyn Murphy
Nashville, Tennessee

Vince Natale
Woodstock, New York

Cap Pannell
Dallas, Texas

Jesse Parrotti
Oakland, California

Gary Passanise
St. Louis, Missouri

Ann Piper
Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania

Nicholas Raynolds
Asheville, North Carolina

Josh Rectenwald
Newport, Kentucky

Paul Rutz
Portland, Oregon

Jose Sanchez
Medelin, Colombia

Krista Schoening
Rockford, Illinois

Jerry Schutte
Tempe, Arizona

Elise Schweitzer
Indianapolis, Indiana

Nicholas Scrimenti
Kettering, Ohio

Charlotte Segall
Brooklyn, New York

Benjamin Shamback
Mobile, Alabama

Ping Shen
Rockville, Maryland

Marna Shopoff
Indianapolis, Indiana

Joseph Siddiqi
Montreal, Canada

Rabecca Signoriello
New Castle, Pennsylvania

Kevin Sloan
Denver, Colorado

David Smith
Hong Kong, China

Justin Snodgrass
Redlands, California

Jon Sours
Asheville, North Carolina

David Stanger
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Carol Stewart
Bexley, Ohio

William Russell Walker
Jefferson, Georgia

Joshua Willis
Brooklyn, New York

Mara Wilson
Morgantown, West Virginia

Shane Wolf
Paris, France

Erin Wozniak
Canton, Ohio

Stephen Wright
North Hollywood, California

Caomn Xie
Morrow, Georgia


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