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Season 13 (2016/17) Grand Jury Award


Starting with our 13th season, Manifest launched a new annual cash award of $2500. The Annual Manifest Grand Jury Prize is a seasonal capstone recognition awarded to one work from among all those exhibited on-site at the gallery across the season. The first Grand Jury Prize considered works exhibited at Manifest from late September 2016 through mid-September 2017. Thumbnail images of these works are shared below, along with the winner.


  • Based on jury scores the highest scoring work from each exhibit of the season has been added to the pool of candidates for this first annual Grand Jury Prize. In some cases more than one work tied as a high scorer in some exhibits. Juries were conducted 'blind' without reference to the artist's personal info, location, or background. Jurors are volunteer experts in art and design from across the United States, including professors, working artists, curators, gallery directors, and others qualified and trusted to provide sound objective judgment of the works provided. Each jury usually consists of at least 5 jurors, and sometimes more than 10. Jury groups are shuffled and changed from exhibit to exhibit, so a pattern does not result. (Learn more about the Manifest jury process here.)

  • These works represent the highest ranking artworks out of roughly 8,453 separate works submitted for consideration across 20 group and 10 solo exhibitions during our 13th season.

  • The Manifest Grand Jury Prize will be re-juried by the same advisors who served across the season, excluding any who may have a conflict of interest. When concluded we anticipate that this will result in 20-30 individuals having scored the works shown below in an effort to determine the winner. Learn more about the Manifest Grand Jury Prize here.
  • At least one work per exhibition is included for consideration. Solo exhibitors are invited to select their preferred work from their exhibition for jury, or may defer to the Director's choice.

  • This Season 13 Grand Jury Prize features a pool of 40 works by 38 artists, representing 30 different exhibitions. All told, season 13 presented 469 works by 279 artists in 41 states and 10 countries. Details on the exhibitions, and all of season 13, can found at this link. The entire season, and all works shown, will be documented in the forthcoming Manifest Exhibition Annual publication by around spring of 2019.

  • We have made this page available so the artists and the public are aware of the contenders, and to serve as a recognition of these artists' works for having received high scores from their respective juries, which given the severity of the competition is an achievement worthy of mention.

  • Thumbnails below may be clicked to see the full image. Most sculptural works also include one or more detail images. Images are provided in chronological order based on the date of exhibition. Sizes are in inches unless otherwise noted.

Note: As of 2021 the name of this award has been revised from the Manifest Grand Jury Prize to the Grand Jury Award in order to clarify and differentiate it from the annual Manifest Prize which is a completely separate submission-based award that also grants $5,000 to one artist.

The Winner of the 2016/2017 Season 13 Manifest Grand Jury Prize of $2,500:

Anamorph by Jason Ferguson


Jason Ferguson
Grass Lake, Michigan

3D printed plastic (generated from CT scans of the artist's own skull)
8 x 36 x 7, 2016

Exhibition: SCHEMA




Timothy Jahn
Milltown, New Jersey

A Ginger 
Charcoal and pastel on paper
22 x 18, 2014

Exhibition: PHOTOREAL
(Sponsored by FotoFocus)


David McCrae
Seattle, Washington

Take (Bamboo)
Inkjet print on mulberry paper
9 x 7, 2014

Exhibition: REAL-PHOTO
(Sponsored by FotoFocus)



Francis Schanberger
Dayton, Ohio

Half Slip
Yellow Onionskin Anthotype
44" x 35", 2015

Exhibition: REAL-PHOTO
(Sponsored by FotoFocus)


Jay Senetchko
Vancouver, Canada

The Best of Life, August Twenty Sixth - collage study
collaged Time Life images on paper
5 x 11.5, 2013

Exhibition: SOLO EXHIBIT


Jason Ferguson
Grass Lake, Michigan

3D printed plastic (generated from CT scans of the artist's own skull)
8 x 36 x 7, 2016

Exhibition: SCHEMA


detail of previous work


detail of previous work


Margaret Smithers-Crump
Houston, Texas

Acrylic and oil on translucent Plexiglas
115 x 144 x 5, 2016

Exhibition: SOLO EXHIBIT


detail of previous work


detail of previous work


Gordon Lee
Columbus, Ohio

Consumption Nation-Landfill 16
Acrylic on 16 panels
80" x 80" x 1.5", 2016

Exhibition: SUSTAIN


Nathan Stromberg
St. Paul, Minnesota

Golf Clubs in Stiff Orange-Blue Leather
vintage magazine collage
12.5" x 27.5", 2015



Kurt Dyrhaug
Beaumont, Texas

Curved Tonka Wing
cast aluminum and enamel paint
26" x 21" x 8", 2015



Mark Pomilio
Phoenix, Arizona

Progeny XV
charcoal on paper
11 x 10, 2016

Exhibition: SOLO EXHIBIT


Allan Bennetts II
Ferndale, Michigan

Disk Drives I
oil on linen
24 x 18, 2016

Exhibition: 7th ANNUAL TAPPED


Neil Callander
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Sleeping Porch
oil on muslin on panel
48" x 48", 2013-2014

Exhibition: 7th ANNUAL TAPPED


Damon McArthur
Kewanee, Illinois

oil on linen
12" x 12", 2016

Exhibition: GAME ON!



Rosalie Rosenthal
Louisville, Kentucky

Fallin In
32 x 45, 2015

Exhibition: GAME ON!


Mark Tennant
New York, New York

oil on canvas
48 x 36, 2016

Exhibition: HALF TRUTH


Mark Tennant
New York, New York

Blanche Niege 1
oil on canvas
48 x 40, 2016

Exhibition: HALF TRUTH


Margaret Whiting
Waterloo, Iowa

Narrow Viewpoints:  Ridpath's History Of The World; Where Are The Women?
stack of paper circles with images of one eye of famous men, cut from pages in the book "Ridpath's History of the World", vintage optometrist lens    
1" x 2" x 1.5", 2016

Exhibition: HALF TRUTH


Charles Kanwischer
Waterville, Ohio

Falling Tree
graphite on prepared panel
16" x 20", 2014-15

Exhibition: SOLO EXHIBIT


Laura Makar
Hamtramck, Michigan

hand cut paper
14 x 30, 2015

Exhibition: SOLO EXHIBIT


David Dorsey
Pittsford, New York

Breakfast with Golden Raspberries
oil on linen
24 x 47.5, 2016

Exhibition: PLACE


Claudia Hammer
Louisville, Kentucky

Singer Sewing
Oil on wood
18 x 18, 2016



Christian Schmit
Lakeside Park, Kentucky

Perception Complex
Cardboard, paper
30 x 14.5 x 36, 2016



Daniel Dallmann
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Three Still Lifes
Oil on Linen
21 x 18, 2016

Exhibition: PLACE


Brigham Dimick
Edwardsville, Illinois

Bitmap Pioneer
acrylic on mounted paper
48" x 55". 2016

Exhibition: PLACE


Richard Morris
San Diego, California

Recumbent Figure
Ink, Charcoal, Graphite on Paper
5" x 15", 2016

Exhibition: DRAWN 2017


Jessica  Teckemeyer
Dubuqueo, Iowa

polyurethane, paint, wood, acyrlic, glass, electronics, pump, tears
feline: 36" x 52" x 24, 2012

Exhibition: SOLO EXHIBIT


detail of previous work


detail of previous work


Ellina Chetverikova
Cincinnati, Ohio

The Forest Dream
oil on panel
3 x 5", 2016

Exhibition: 13th Annual MAGNITUDE SEVEN (small works)


Tenley Dubois
Issaquah, Washington

Oil on Linen
6 x 4, 2017

Exhibition: 13th Annual MAGNITUDE SEVEN (small works)


Hayward Wilkirson
Lexington, Kentucky

Paper Airplane No. 1 (1/64" lead sheet)
hand-folded lead sheet
1 x 7 x 3.5, 2017

Exhibition: 13th Annual MAGNITUDE SEVEN (small works)


Nazareth Garcia
Northbrook, Illinois

Hands That Are Gentle Hands That Are Strong
Oil on MFD
18.75 x 18.6", 2017

Exhibition: 13th Annual RITES OF PASSAGE


Ellina Chetverikova
Cincinnati, Ohio

Severodonetsk Left Window View
gouache on paper
4 x 5.5", 2017

Exhibition: SOLO EXHIBIT (Manifest Artist in Residence Showcase)



Adam Mysock
Cincinnati, Ohio

I Saw a Headline Once
Acrylic on panel
8 x 6.5, 2017

Exhibition: SOLO EXHIBIT (Manifest Artist in Residence Showcase)



Emily McIlroy
Honolulu, Hawaii

Memory: Autopsy

oil and charcoal on paper
52" x 30", 2014

Exhibition: IN MEMORIAM


Lisa  Bryson
New Bedford, Massachusetts  

Woman in Black
Oil on panel
24" x 12", 2017

Exhibition: 11th Annual MASTER PIECES


Felicia Forte
Hamtramck, Michigan

oil on paper
12" x 16", 2016

Exhibition: SKETCH



Kathleen Taylor
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Four Bollards, from the series of Los Angeles urban architecture entitled: "No Entry"
photograph (archival pigment print)
10" x 15", 2007

Exhibition: MONOCHROME


Maxim Wakultschik
Düsseldorf, Germany

Optical portrat wood #42

varnish on wood
39 x 31 x 3.5", 2016

Exhibition: MONOCHROME


Tim Waite
Halifax. Massachusetts

digital composite
24 x 36", 2016

Exhibition: 9th Annual NUDE





Tamie Beldue
Black Mountain, North Carolina

Portrait of a Heart
graphite, watercolor & encaustic
40" x 40", 2014

Exhibition: SOLO EXHIBIT


Ralph Slatton
Erwin, Tennessee

intaglio: line etch, aquatint
18" x 24", 2003

Exhibition: SOLO EXHIBIT




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