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about the INDA

The International Drawing Annual publication was conceived as an extension of Manifest's Drawing Center mission to promote, feature, and explore drawing as a rich and culturally significant art form.

The goal of the INDA is to support the recognition, documentation, and publication of excellent, current, and relevant works of drawing from around the world.

This supplemental resource website offers biographical information and artist's statements for each of the artists included in each annual volume of the exhibition-in-print. One detail image from each artist is also provided for reference relative to their information.

Copies of the books may be ordered here as well. Email us here to inquire about academic pricing.

Submission info for the next volume can be found under opportunities when it becomes available. Each INDA deadline is the end of each calendar year (December 31).

Academic pricing for Manifest Press publications is available for students, professors, and institutions. Email us here for more information.





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