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Martin Puryear

Sustainable Practices for
an Artistic Career

Instructed by Samantha Haring (ONLINE)

Wednesdays, 6-8pm
June 19-August 7, 2024

Note: This class will be held online via the Zoom platform. Please contact Education and Studio Program Manager Adam Mysock ( with any questions.

Registration Deadline: June 16, 2024


“If you want the world to pay for projects, you have to be able to display why you’re worthy.” — Amanda Palmer

Studio work is just one part of the equation. To establish a career, today’s artists must also be entrepreneurs, public relations specialists, web designers, and more. They must have the ability to champion their art from its conception through to its consumption.

Yet lessons on how to take your work beyond the studio often remain elusive, clouded behind an ‘everyone for themselves’ mentality, or ignored (intentionally or not) because art and business are two separate worlds. Often the life skills of the artist are just left to be developed in some nebulous future.

Beyond the Studio is a series of weekly seminars about the professional practices, tools, and information every artist needs to sustain a successful career over a lifetime. These seminars will provide many opportunities to ask questions of those in the field, and to discuss and share experiences with a group of peers.


This class will cover the following topics:

• Writing About Your Work: Artist Statements and Bios
• Documenting Artwork
• Planning and Building a Website
• Developing a Social Media Presence
• Navigating Jury Pools, Exhibitions, and Residencies
• Dealing with Applications: Grants, Proposals, and Awards
• Shipping and Installing Artwork
• Understanding the “Business" of Art (CVs, Resumes, Contracts, Invoices, and other essential forms)

$345 for the 8-week class

Class Size:
Minimum: 4
Maximum: 12

Materials List:

• Sketchbook and pencil for taking notes during discussions
• At least five pieces of finished artwork that accurately represent you and your current artistic practice
• Access to either a DSLR camera or a smartphone


Level of Study: This class is for individuals with art-making experience interested in developing their personal, professional artistic practice. Foundational knowledge of the materials and techniques an artist uses in their studio is recommended, and the curiosity and drive to create an art-making infrastructure outside of a classroom setting is a must! 

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Note: BEYOND THE STUDIO will be held online weekly via the Zoom platform. Please contact Education and Studio Program Manager Adam Mysock ( with any questions. Manifest's STUDY HALL hours on-site are a great opportunity to bridge the lessons of this class with in person work, gatherings, and collaborative research at the Drawing Center.

LOCATION: Unless otherwise specified, all courses are hosted at Manifest's new facility at 'M1' in Clifton at 3464 Central Parkway (see map and directions below). Manifest's new facility provides multiple studio classrooms, private lesson space, a darkroom, a film processing room, and a multi-purpose lecture and class meeting space as well as on-site parking, grounds, and exterior spaces in which to relax, discuss, and make art. The studios are outfitted with professional equipment, furniture, and study aids.


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About the instructor:

Samantha Haring is a Midwest painter from Des Plaines, Illinois. She makes quiet paintings in a noisy world. Haring earned her MFA from Northern Illinois University and her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has also studied in Italy at the International School of Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture; it was there that she fully developed her commitment to light, color, and observational painting. Haring’s work has been published in New American Paintings and recent Manifest International Drawing and Painting Annuals.

Haring was one of the 2015-2016 Artists-in-Residence at Manifest. She has been a Resident Instructor at the Drawing Center since 2016; she also teaches drawing and design courses at the University of Cincinnati’s School of Design. She currently maintains a studio in Cincinnati, where she spends an inordinate amount of time staring at the color of dust.





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