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international photography annual 6 exhibition-in-print
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Cover: Kei Ito

about the INPHA 6

For this sixth International Photography Annual Manifest received 750 submissions from 211 artists from 39 states, Washington, D.C., Canada, England, Estonia, France, Germany, Iran, Northern Ireland, South Korea, Sweden and the United States. The publication will include 66 works by 46 artists from 25 states and 2 countries including Canada and the United States. Written works by Eric Rennie and Jane Zich are also included.

Eight professional and academic advisors qualified in the fields of art, design, photography, new media, criticism, and art history juried this project. The process of selection was by anonymous blind jury, with each jury member assigning a quality rating for artistic merit to each work submitted. The entries receiving the highest average combined score are included in this publication.

This Online Supplemental Resource will provide information and details of sample works for each artist included in the publication by the time the publication is released to the public in early 2019.



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116 pages, 46 artists, 66 works
Available in hardcover with dustjacket.


$45 Hardcover


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Jessica Brooke Anderson
Atlanta, Georgia

Wes Battoclette
Cincinnati, Ohio

Angela Bean
Pittsburg, California

Gordon Belray
Toronto, Canada

Matthew Bender
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

David Bernstein
Columbus, Ohio

Susan Bryant
Clarksville, Tennessee

Preston Buchtel
Cleveland, Ohio

Andrew Caldwell
Boone, North Carolina

Alison Carey
Chicago, Illinois

Gary Cawood
Little Rock, Arkansas

Paul Cotter
Pleasant Hill, California

Nicki Crock
Galloway, Ohio

Paden DeVita
Palm Coast, Florida

Yuxiang Dong
New York, New York

Gerry Dotto
Alberta, Canada


Writing included by:
Eric Rennie and Jane Zich

Steven Elbert
Columbus, Ohio

Rachel Enneking
Indianapolis, Indiana

Michael Epner
Allen, Texas

Matthew Finley
West Hollywood, California

Colleen Fitzgerald
Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

Michelle Friars
Vashon, Washington

Jennifer Garza-Cuen
Reno, Nevada

Joseph Goh
Chicago, Illinois

Jodie Goodnough
Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Beth Grabowski
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Ryan Hoover
Loudon, Tennessee

Kei Ito
Baltimore, Maryland

Ellen Jantzen
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Blythe King
Richmond, Virginia

Kent Krugh
Fairfield, Ohio

Greg Lock
Lakeville, Connecticut


Michael Marshall
Athens, Georgia

Andy Mattern
Stillwater, Oklahoma

Benjamin Montague
Cincinnati, Ohio

Lauren Novak
Canton, Michigan

Grant Quintua
Union, Kentucky

James Ritchie
Northville, Michigan

Niv Rozenberg
Brooklyn, New York

Greg Sand
Clarksville, Tennessee

Les Schmidt
New Orleans, Louisiana

David Sokal
Seattle, Washington

Dan Tague
New Orleans, Louisiana

Nicholas Teetelli
Manalapan, New Jersey

Sarah Treanor
Akron, Ohio

Hayward Wilkirson
Lexington, Kentucky





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