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Cover: Amelia Vercauteren


about the INPHA 5

For this fifth International Photography Annual Manifest received 953 submissions from 266 artists from 39 states and 11 countries. The publication will include 77 works by 51 artists from 24 states and 5 countries including Australia, Canada, England, Scotland, and the United States. Written works by Cynthia d’Este and Jenee Mateer are also included.

Twelve professional and academic advisors qualified in the fields of art, design, photography, new media, criticism, and art history juried this project. The process of selection was by anonymous blind jury, with each jury member assigning a quality rating for artistic merit to each work submitted. The entries receiving the highest average combined score are included in this publication.

By mid-summer 2018 this Online Supplemental Resource will provide artist info and details of sample works for each artist included in the publication.



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INPHA 5 is now shipping!

INPHA 5 is the Bronze Medal Winner
of the 2019 IPPY Book Awards
(Photography category) by the Independent Publisher Association

128 pages, 51 artists, 77 works
Available in hardcover with dustjacket.


$45 Hardcover


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Lars Anderson
Cincinnati, Ohio

Eric Baggett
St. Louis, Missouri

Terry Barczak
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mia Beach
Bloomington, Indiana

Gordon Belray
Toronto, Canada

Preston Buchtel
Cleveland, Ohio

Michael Cardinali
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

Mark Chen
Vienna, Virginia

Gwen Cinelli
Oak Park, Illinois

Steven DaLuz
San Antonio, Texas

Jason DeMarte
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Gerry Dotto
Sherwood Park, Canada

Meghan Duda
Fargo, North Dakota

Rina Dweck
Brooklyn, New York

Mitch Eckert
Louisville, Kentucky

Vanessa Filley
Evanston, Illinois

Christine Fitzgerald
Ottawa, Canada



Writing included by:
Cynthia d’Este and Jenee Mateer

Morgan Ford Willingham
Emporia, Kansas

Timothy Freeman
Cincinnati, Ohio

Bex Godfrey
Nottingham, England

Joseph Goh
Chicago, Illinois

Arthur Grau
Boston, Massachusetts

Courtney Greene
Cincinnati, Ohio

Julie Hamel
Loudon, New Hampshire

Matt Hamon
Potomac, Montana

Christine Holtz
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Richard Hricko
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ellen Jantzen
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Olivia Johnston
Ottawa, Canada

Steve Knight
Baytown, Texas

Bryson Leidich
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Rafal Maleszyk
Waipahu, Hawaii

Barbara Levine & Martin Venezky
Houston, Texas

R. Eric McMaster
Austin, Texas



Rob O'Neil
Albany, New York

Kanthy Peng
Chicago, Illinois

Krystal Perez
San Diego, California

David Quinn
Brooklyn, New York

Susan Ridge
London, United Kingdom

Ibai Rigby
Austin, Texas

Allison Roberts
Madison, Wisconsin

Rosalie Rosenthal
Louisville, Kentucky

Greg Sand
Clarksville, Tennessee

Rachel Sanfilippo
Chicago, Illinois

Rick Schatzberg
Brooklyn, New York

Megan Shaughnessy
Madison, Connecticut

Jim Shirey
Athens, Ohio

Laura Thompson
Glasgow, United Kingdom

Amelia Vercauteren
Laramie, Wyoming

Lin Wei
Sydney, Australia

Thomas Whitworth
Summerfield, Florida





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