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Season 16 (2019/20) Grand Jury Award

This Grand Jury Award considered works exhibited at Manifest from late
September 2019 through mid-September 2020.



Starting with our 13th season, Manifest launched a new annual cash award of $2500. The Annual Manifest Grand Jury Prize is a seasonal capstone distinction awarded to one work from among the hundreds exhibited on-site at the gallery across the season.


  • The works shown below represent the highest ranking artworks out of roughly 9,500 separate works submitted for consideration across 33 exhibits, including 27 group and 6 solo exhibitions during our 16th season. (This excludes any exhibit that could not be presented due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Manifest Prize winner/exhibitor. The Manifest Prize is a separate cash award process and solo exhibit.)

  • The Manifest Grand Jury Prize will be re-juried by the same jurors who served across the season, excluding any who may have a conflict of interest. When concluded this will result in as many as 30 individuals having scored the works shown below in an effort to determine the winner. The detailed history, jury process, and rationale for the Grand Jury Prize can be found here.
  • At least one work per eligible exhibition is included as a finalist for consideration. Solo exhibitors are invited to select their preferred work from their exhibition for jury, or may defer to the Director's choice.

  • This Season 16 Grand Jury Prize features a pool of 53 works by 50 artists, representing 33 different exhibitions. The exhibits presented a total of 471 works by 336 artists in 43 states and 7 countries. Details on the exhibitions, and all of season 16, can found at this link. The entire season, and all works shown, will be documented in the forthcoming Manifest Exhibition Annual publication planned for tentative release in late 2021 or early 2022.

  • We have made this page available so the artists and the public are aware of the contenders, and to serve as a recognition of these artists' works for having received high scores from their respective juries, which given the severity of the competition is an achievement worthy of mention.

  • Thumbnails below may be clicked to see the full image. Images are provided in chronological order based on the date of exhibition.

Note: As of 2021 the name of this award has been revised from the Manifest Grand Jury Prize to the Grand Jury Award in order to clarify and differentiate it from the annual Manifest Prize which is a completely separate submission-based award that also grants $5,000 to one artist.

The Winner of the 2019/2020 Season 16 Manifest Grand Jury Prize of $2,500:

Fox or Foe by Jessica Teckemeyer



Jessica Teckemeyer
Stillwater, Oklahoma

Fox or Foe
polyurethane, clay, paint, glass
20.5” x 24” x 14.5”, 2017

Exhibition: MONSTERS






Mark Adkins
Oak Park, Illinois

Untitled Three
ink and watercolor on paper
15” x 11”, 2017

Exhibition: AQUACHROME


Steven Elbert
Columbus, Ohio

LaSalle St Bridge, Chicago
monochromatic watercolor
30” x 42”, 2014

Exhibition: AQUACHROME



Reuben Negron
Asheville, North Carolina

Persephone: A Myth of Devotion n°2
12” x 16”, 2018

Exhibition: AQUACHROME


Joe Morzuch
Starkville, Mississippi

Green Chair
oil on canvas on panel
44” x 60”, 2019

Exhibition: SOLO


Kim Anderson
Bradenton, Florida

Painting Painting
oil on canvas and walnut stereo viewer
18” x 32”, 2016

Exhibition: PAINTED


James Perrin
Nashville, Tennessee

Checkout Counter #2
oil on panel with paint scrapings
14” x 10”, 2015

Exhibition: PAINTED


Jacob Crook
Starkville, Mississippi

Nightrise II
11” x 8.5”, 2019

Exhibition: DARK


Jess Holz
Boston, Massachusetts

Microsculpture 52 #2
scanning electron micrograph
28” x 40”, 2018

Exhibition: SOLO


Erin Schaefer
Cincinnati, Ohio

Framework I
magazine paper on plywood
50” x 30”, 2019

Exhibition: LIGHT


Erin Schaefer
Cincinnati, Ohio

Framework II
magazine paper on plywood
37.5” x 30”, 2019

Exhibition: LIGHT


Snail Scott
Edwardsville, Illinois

67" x 20" x 15", 2009



Robert Long
Flagstaff, Arizona

Cricket, Silence-Maker
pigmented print from digitally colored graphite drawing
20" x 16", 2011

Exhibition: BUG-INSECTUM


Elana Hagler
Pike Road, Alabama

oil on panel
20” x 16”, 2012

Exhibition: 10TH ANNUAL TAPPED


Sam King
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Untitled (2018-10)
oil on linen mounted on canvas
24” x 18”, 2018

Exhibition: 10TH ANNUAL TAPPED


Donna Garcia
Alpharetta, Georgia

archival pigment print
13" x 19", 2017

Exhibition: TIME BOMBS


Gary Schmitt
Indianapolis, Indiana

28" x 20” x 3.25", 2013

Exhibition: TIME BOMBS


Manuel Zamudio
McAllen, Texas

oil on wood
15” x 15”, 2019

Exhibition: TIME BOMBS



Dionisio Cortes
New York, New York

Accommodating the mess #6 / loop
watercolor and casein on paper
79” x 42”, 2016

Exhibition: CHAOS


Chris Flynn
Chicago, Illinois

Anatmospheric Perspective: Talking Drum
copperplate photogravure with chine-collé on handmade kozo
30" x 22", 2018

Exhibition: CHAOS


Ryan Howerton
Topeka, Kansas

Nana Nana Boo Boo Stick My Head in Doo Doo
graphite on paper
15” x 22”, 2017

Exhibition: CHAOS


Clive King
Sarasota, Florida

Chaos Machine 3
ink on paper
78" x 56", 2016

Exhibition: CHAOS


Margery Thomas-Mueller
Alton, New Hampshire

After Texas
graphite, india ink, and watercolor on yupo
48” x 69”, 2019

Exhibition: CHAOS


Dganit Zauberman
Guilford, Connecticut

oil on board
8” x 10”, 2018



John Lee
Williamsburg, Virginia

Lay and Bay
oil on linen
35” x 40”, 2018

Exhibition: MUNDANE



Anita Cooke
New Orleans, Louisiana

Connections, Divisions, Touch Points, Turning Points
acrylic on canvas, thread, and wood
36” x 36”, 2018

Exhibition: PERIPHERAL


Julie Herman
Liverpool, New York

Scranton Lace
inkjet print
17" x 22”, 2017

Exhibition: WEATHERED


Perin Mahler
Laguna Beach, California

Birthday Party
oil on canvas
57” x 72”, 2012

Exhibition: SOLO


Frederick Fochtman
Columbus, Ohio

oil on muslin panel
12" x 8", 2018

Exhibition: OH, KY, & IN


Michael Nichols
Bowling Green, Kentucky

airbrushed buon fresco
18” x 18”, 2019

Exhibition: OH, KY, & IN


Travis Townsend
Lexington, Kentucky

Vessel of Manifest Destiny! Second Permutation
wood, paint, clamps, string, toy train parts, unfired clay, and paper
50” x 60” x 57”, 2019

Exhibition: OH, KY, & IN


Isabel Zeng
Perrysburg, Ohio

nugold and transparent resin
12” x 8” x 3”, 2019

Exhibition: OH, KY, & IN


Jason Ferguson and Lance Winn
Grass Lake, Michigan

Distorted Americana 1
polystyrene foam, plastic, map pins, and metal sawhorses
60" x 80" x 48", 2019


detail image 1
detail image 2
detail image 3


Amy Schissel
Miami, Florida

Animate Field 1
graphite, ink, and acrylic on paper
102" x 84", 2018



Bill Sieber
Carbondale, Illinois

Flatirons 2
24" x 24” x 6.5", 2019


detail image 1



Andrew Martin
Lubbock, Texas

Tablet Landscape 18 (Angled View)
charcoal and acrylic on shaped plywood
5” x 7”, 2016

Exhibition: DRAWN 2020


Gilles Tarabiscuité
Montreal, Canada

Pure Photography 1.0
uv ink on polystyrene
36” x 36”, 2019

Exhibition: REDUCTION


Katie Hudnall
Indianapolis, Indiana

Nut Case
salvaged wood, glass, industrial felt, fasteners, and 178 acorns
41” x 33” x 23”, 2019

Exhibition: WOOD

detail image 1



Nathan Gaefcke
Cincinnati, Ohio

Study for Goliath
oil on panel
16” x 13” , 2019

Exhibition: MAR SHOWCASE



Sutton Allen
Highland, Illinois

Studio Wall with Tape
oil on panel
6” x 5”, 2020



Frederick Fochtman
Columbus, Ohio

oil on panel
3” x 6”, 2016



Ron Prigat
Cincinnati, Ohio

The Connoisseur
oil on panel
12” x 9”, 2020

Exhibition: MAR SHOWCASE



Kiana Ziegler
Ashland, Ohio

Flying / Falling I
digital photography
8” x 8”, 2019



Mikey Yates
Boulder, Colorado

Line Up
oil on canvas
48” x 36”, 2020

Exhibition: MASTER PIECES 14


Nathan Ely
Niagara Falls, New York

Radiolaria I
cyanotype, SEM image
20” x 24”, 2019

Exhibition: MINI / MICRO


Jessica Teckemeyer
Stillwater, Oklahoma

Fox or Foe
polyurethane, clay, paint, glass
20.5” x 24” x 14.5”, 2017

Exhibition: MONSTERS


Erik Akerman
Columbus, Ohio

Serenity 2
light installation
48” x 72” x 2”, 2020

Exhibition: TWINKLE


Michael Lorsung
Muncie, Indiana

Disparate Materials
glass, 10w40 motor oil, brass fittings, steel, led light, victor diner mug
20” x 18” x 16”, 2015

Exhibition: TWINKLE



Laurel Fulton
Boulder, Colorado

The Difference Between Hearing and Listening
printed image, powder coated copper, nickel and leather
printed image (25” x 40”)
object (14” x 16" x 10”), 2020

Exhibition: ERGO


Bobbi Meier
Chicago, Illinois

Conversation Piece (reclining)
fiberfill, pantyhose, spandex, wood, thrifted table base, foreground
61” x 60” x 28”, 2016

Exhibition: ERGO


Christopher Smith
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A View From the Box
glass fiber reinforced cement
32” x 54”, 2016

Exhibition: NUDE 12


Somasa Saritdikhun
Johnson City, Tennessee

Above Triangle
polylactic acid 3d print
25” x 25” x 42”, 2020

Exhibition: NUDE 12




Buket Savci
Brooklyn, New York

Not So Long Ago
oil on canvas
44” x 54, 2020

Exhibition: SOLO




Sharon Reeber
Weston, Missouri

Ink on paper
16” x 13”, 2020



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