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international painting annual 2 exhibition-in-print
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Jonathan  Langfield
Somerset, Massachusetts

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I begin a piece with a loose, gestural, free association; my hand reacting to my reflection, the space around me, and the plasticity of the paint. I think of the first few marks as a turbid soup of elementary matter that will eventually create form through discovery. I continually search for concrete relationships inside the form, as well as gravity, space, and mass. I am now aware of where my hand is on the canvas, though sometimes I paint without looking.

I strive to evoke what is underneath the skin, and how it affects the surface. The drama of this interaction creates tension through mark-making on the canvas. While posing, I move over time, resulting in distortions in the paintings. At the same time the figure/ground relationship is in constant flux. The result is a convulsive and turbulent art--paintings that are the manifestations of my anxieties. The figures in the paintings inhabit a time and space that runs parallel to my own.


born: 1987, Fall River, Massachusetts


Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, MFA, 2013
University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, BFA, 2009

selected awards/honors

Swain Scholarship

selected solo or two-person exhibits

"Get Head! Recent Paintings By Jonathan Langfield," Mom And Pops, Fall River, MA, 2011
"Heads,"  The Narrows Center For the Arts, Fall River, MA, 2011


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