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international painting annual 2 exhibition-in-print
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Gordon Lee
Columbus, Ohio

Columbus College of Art & Design, Professor

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My work is about taking ordinary man-made objects such as toys, alternator, typewriter and circuit board and recruiting them in a dialogue on the human condition. These are simple games of association. But when you juxtapose them together in certain peculiar ways, they spark our deeper thoughts and reflections. By themselves, these objects carry different meaning for different people based on their reasons of being. We may even have additional emotional attachments to them because we grew up with them or gone through certain memorable life experience with their presence. Thus they bear witness to fragments of our lives. My compositions are organized in such a way that all the elements involved can amplify these moments so we can reflect on our past and embrace our future. These unassuming objects of insignificance can be our conduits or guiding lights throughout our existence. They are simple, humble but noble.


born: 1954, Hong Kong, China


Cranbrook Academy of Art, MFA, 1981
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, BFA 1979


selected awards/honors

Individual Artist Fellowship, Greater Columbus Arts Council, 2002


selected solo or two-person exhibits

Anthony Brunelli Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Binghamton, NY, 2009
Worthington Arts Council, Solo Exhibition, Worthington, OH, 2008
Canzani Gallery, Urban Legends v.2, Columbus, OH 2007
Michael Orr Gallery, Urban Legend v.1, Columbus, OH 2005

selected group shows

Governor John R. Kasich's Office, Columbus, OH, 2011
Schumacher Art Gallery, Invitational Show, Bexley, OH 2007
SACI Gallery, Florence, Italy 2006
Schumacher Art Gallery, Invitational Show, Bexley, OH 2005


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