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Sara Schneckloth
Columbia, SC

University of South Carolina, Assistant Professor

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How do we hold memory? How do memories hold us? I pose these questions as the starting point for my work, as I strive to embody moments of remembering, and consider the relationship between the body?s physical performance of memory and inscriptive practice.

My work deals primarily with imagined microbiological systems rendered on a macro- scale. I envision and create cells, organs, fluids, and tissues, and seek to assemble the elements into new systems of organic relationship and connection. I work in a variety of mediums, primarily in drawing and painting, and look for ways to take drawing beyond its traditional definition of mark on paper. I integrate traditional techniques with non-traditional mediums and approaches to create large installation pieces.

In this undertaking, I see myself as both scientist and test subject, generating and cataloguing anatomical specimens of emotional engagement. My drawings originate from deep-seated physical reactions to remembered events. Paying attention to my own bodily state rushes of adrenaline, tightening of muscle, knotting of the gut as I occupy states of recall, I generate figural forms that function as markers, or containers, of lived experience. My figures are organic and visceral, imagined biologies alluding to an interior dissected and penetrated. Taking an analytic step back, I arrange, classify, and connect, seeking systems of thought, anatomies of experience. As part of thinking about the visual culture of science, my work also concerns issues of scale. I seek to shift the micro- to macro-, and offer up large-scale visions of microbiological events and spaces as a way to invite the casual viewer into an encompassing visual field. Cells and organs mirror the proportions of the body, a reflection on the components of the self.


born: 1970, Davenport, Iowa


University of Wisconsin - Madison, MFA, 2006
Northwestern University, BA, 1992

selected awards/honors

Research Opportunity Program Award, University of South Carolina, 2008
Percent for Art Commission, State Crime Lab, Wisconsin Arts Board, 2007
Pleasant T. Rowland Foundation Fellowship, 2005

selected publications

Discovering Others, A Creative Arts Resource Guide. Cape Town, South Africa: JUTA Press, 2004.

selected solo or two-person exhibits

Nabit Gallery: Schneckloth and Campbell, Sewanee, TN, 2008
Overture Center for the Arts: Tracks and Traces, Madison, WI, 2007
Mosse Humanities Gallery: In Haptic Recall, Madison, WI, 2006
Cap Gallery: Close Cropped, Cape Town, South Africa, 2001

selected group shows

Columbus Musuem: Columbus Biennial, Columbus, GA, 2008
Madison Musuem of Contemporary Art: Wisconsin Triennial, Madison, WI, 2007
Vermont Studio Center: Waterfall, Johnson, VT, 2005.
South African National Gallery: Questions of Identity, Cape Town, South Africa, 2000

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