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David Mazure
Mars Hill, North Carolina

East Tennessee State University,
MFA Printmaking (2nd Year)
Instructor at East Tennessee State University


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A questioning and a response to that questioning that leads to more questions. This is the infinite karmic loop of how humanity understands the universe. It is not the answers we seek. Instead, we find meaning in the act of seeking these answers.

My investigation into the inner-workings of the universe begin with a response to forms in nature. A response to natural forms that when unified initiate a cerebral awareness of the concealed gestalt of the universe; the unknown, unexpected, and unfathomed concepts of space and time. Existing on a shared plane of the microcosm and the macrocosm, I hope to communicate an uncertainty of what humanity considers its reality. It challenges established belief systems through a pseudo-theosophic integration of science, art and mysticism. Teetering on the edge of two abysses, one of hope and one of meaninglessness, my work aims to transcend inward beyond the scope of both to enrich the human consciousness.



born: 1976, Belleville, NJ


Rutgers University - Mason Gross School of the Arts - BFA, 1998

selected awards/honors

Honorable Mention/22nd International Juried Show/Visual Arts Center of New Jersey/2008
Merit Award/Paradox Exhibit/21st Century Juried Art Competition/2007
Semi-Finalist/September Exhibition/Emerging Artists Group/2007

selected publications

Inclusion in the International Drawing Annual (2 entries)/iNDA/MANIFEST GALLERY, Cincinnati, OH/2008

selected solo or two-person exhibits

Nothing in Common/Nelson Fine Art Gallery/Johnson City, TN/2008

selected group shows

Marks/Carroll B. Reece Museum/Johnson City, TN/2008

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