manifest international drawing annual 2007 exhibition-in-print
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Stefan Chinov
Dayton, Ohio

Wright State University, Assistant Professor

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Closely related to my three-dimensional work, these drawings are introspective rather than preparatory.
They arise from studies of natural and built environments reduced to configurations of structure and surfaces.
In my three-dimensional work I employ a logic governed as much by rational geometry as by physical encounters that depend on gravity and the terrain. Similarly, in my drawings I rely on a mixture of planning and incident. Somewhere at this juncture formal elements, such as lines and planes, seem to touch upon a physicality
that feels almost human.


born: 1968, Sofia, Bulgaria


Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX, MFA, 2000
National Academy of the Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria, BFA/MA, 1994

selected solo or two-person exhibits

Traces, Curfman Gallery, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, 2006
Hallworks, The Dallas Center for Contemporary Art, Dallas, TX, 2006
Figures of Rhetoric, Brookhaven College Center for the Arts, Dallas, TX, 2004

selected group shows

Static/Flux, Portland State University, Portland, OR, 2008
Here and Abroad, Box Heart Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, 2008
International Visions, MainSite Contemporary Gallery, Norman, OK, 2007

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