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Jeffrey Shelton
Ortonville, Michigan

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Leonardo da Vinci once quoted, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Those are the words that I try to live by and express through my artwork. As a young man I always had a pencil in hand and used to get in trouble for drawing too much.  As I got older, a series of unfortunate life experiences and closed doors significantly changed my life.  I gave up on drawing and artwork in general and began to focus on my career and material things. For the better part of 8 years I did no art at all. But life works in mysterious ways and in time comes full circle. One thing is to never take a God given gift and put it in the closet like I did.  And in time, sometimes you look back on those closed doors in life and realize they happened for a reason.

I now have a small farm with my older brother and we have a couple of very beautiful half arabian horses.  It's amazing to witness the beauty of things in life, simple things and the horse being one of them.  It's more incredible to be able to capture that moment of beauty and express it in graphite.  Pencil has always made sense to me and have always had an attraction to it.  In my year since getting back into drawing, my ability and techniques continue to mature through constant drawing and perserverance. I personally love a challenging picture and being able to create somthing from nothing.  There was once a quote I heard that said, "pencil is among the easiest to use but hardest to master."  A quote that lives up to its words.

My focus is on equestrian life and all its forms. But more than that its about capturing an emotion and telling a story.  My goal is to produce drawings that are not overlooked but simply looked at and respected.

I dedicate this drawing of "Charlie" to my brother for believing in me, his continual support, friendship and love. Thank you for all you have done.



born:1979, Traverse City, Michigan

selected awards/honors

East Jordan Arts Council scholarship award, 1997
Top Finalist, State of Michigan Wildlife Art Contest, 1991



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