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Rogerio Silva
Lisbon, Portugal



pages 164-165


The idea of sublimating the concepts represented in my work in order to support and enhance the drawings in its singularity, it makes me focus in the origin as the core of my work occurs as a result of post-photographic work.

If we consider the photo of a person or any object may be a mechanical way to steal the essence of the reality and considering that this reality will always have a soul that animates this power in its original way, we think that the sublimation of soul in the subject was lost by the process of photography, and thus robbed of its true individuality.

Paradoxically when I use photographic images as the basis in the working process and turn them into drawings, I take the idea that I am denying the photography as a condition in removing the essence of reality, while returning symbolically through drawings the soul that had been stolen.

The drawing is done always in a particularly intimate attitude. The drawing reveals the true capabilities of the artist as a seeker of the essences of form.



born:1962, Lisbon


1996-1997 - Print Course - Cooperativa Diferença
1995 - Drawing Course (frequency)  - Ar.Co Art Center
1992-1994 - Drawing and Painting Course - National Society of Fine Arts                                        

selected awards/honors

Art Interview, 4th quarterly International Artist Competition, Honorable mention, 2006
Art Interview, 3th quarterly International Artist Competition, Honorable mention, 2005
Soctip Young Painters Prize, 3th Prize, 1989
Multiface Gallery Young Painters Prize, 3th Prize, 1988

selected publications

Cancioneiro Chinês; drawing exibition publication, 2010 Lisbon, Pages:24
The house of mirrors; drawing exibition publication,2009  Lisbon, Pages:24
Breath and Fascination Manual; drawing exibition publication, 2009 Oporto, Pages:28
As Esperanças Plásticas Portuguesas,  Brás de Queirós, Manuela Synek, 1992, Pages:272, Editor: Vega ISBN: 9789726993001

selected solo or two-person exhibits

The house of mirrors, Gallery Palpura, Lisboa, 2010
Cancioneiro chinês, with the artist Luzia Lage, Gallery Palpura, Lisboa, 2009
The house of mirrors, Gallery Trindade, Oporto, 2009
The place between us, Gallery Trindade, Oporto, 2009

selected group shows

Encore - Gallery Palpura - Lisbon, 2010
In Transit - Mail Artl, Portuguese Comunications Foundation, 2009
ART INTERVIEW, Gallery Twenty-four, Berlin 2007

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