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Amy Lowry
Chicago, Illinois



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As a child, I was always drawing. I grew up in a rural suburb of Cincinnati Ohio, surrounded by meadow, creek, woods, and pasture. I was born in the same year that John met Paul, Elvis bought Graceland, and Jack Kerouac wrote "On the Road". My first word was pencil. I didn't choose art; it chose me.

My family and I often traveled by car from the Midwest, inching our way up Route 1 to Camden, where my grandmother owned an antique shop. The journey through that landscape remains inscribed in my memory, inseparable from my experiences. The SNAPS series is comprised of oil collages on paper and board. Each one references a place or experience of Maine, culled from my memory.

My winter months are spent in Chicago, where I work primarily with oil on canvas, often referring to sketches and photographs of the Mid Coast area. One day a discarded palette caught my eye - the stains, smears, and colorful admixtures on wax paper evoked a topography that was abstracted yet familiar. I cropped the dried palettes, modified them, and soon images emerged that suggested roads, fields, mountains and streams. I named them after familiar places: Rockport Harbor, Ragged Mountain, Travers Bog. The residue of one painting became the core of another.

I currently divide my time between studios in Chicago and Camden Maine.





born: 1957, Cincinnati, Ohio



University of Vermont, BA, 1979


selected publications

Fox Tails: Four Fables from Aesop, Holiday House, New York, New York, 2012
New York Times; "Give Peas a Chance" May 15, 2005
The Pea Blossom, Holiday House, New York, New York, 2005


selected solo or two-person exhibits

SNAPS: Portraits of Maine, Dowling Walsh Gallery, Rockland, Maine, 2014
THE FORCE, Ten High Street, Camden, Maine, 2012
RESULTS, The Thomas McCormick Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, 2007
HUA, Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, 2002


selected group shows

Chicago After 40: Current Work by Past Members, Artemisia Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, 2014
Miniatures, Linus Gallery, Pasadena, California, 2013
Mayhem in the Garden, Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, 2009
Tortas, Nilufar Gallery, Milan, Italy, 2008



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