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Michael Prault
Normal, Illinois


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I am intrigued by the voids that exist between words on a page, reality and experience, and opposing belief systems.  Both the producer and product of one another, language, experience, and relationship share this interstitial existence.  Within each void we lose and gain necessary elements needed to achieve a utopian society.

With the collapse of space and time, the ultimate void, brought about by the digital revolution, it would seem as if such a society were on the brink of being discovered.  However, we now find ourselves in a society of disconnect and misinformation.  We are in the midst of countless conflicting theories, beliefs, and cultures.  It would appear that by connecting the globe with a digital network we have furthered our distance between human relationships and commonly accepted definitions of reality.

With such an abundance of information at our disposal and a constantly dwindling physical connection between people of the 21st century, I question the creation and use of labels such as real/unreal, normal/abnormal and ethical/unethical.   I create post-apocalyptic environments, collect images of a fractured yet functioning world with a camera, appropriate and reconceptualize images from the internet, and construct objects from precious and discarded materials.

My process and resulting works mimic the scattered nature of digital information and communication.  Each work is a snapshot of contemporary culture as it crosses borders and belief systems.  In the end, my work is an investigation of the evolution of art, language, experience, and relationship in a world bombarded by radio waves and tangled in fiber optic cable.


born: 1979, Normal, Illinois


University of Georgia, MFA, 2012
Illinois State University, BFA, 2009

selected awards/honors

Wilson Center Graduate Student Research and Performance Grant

selected solo or two-person exhibits

Normalady, University Galleries (Illinois State University), Normal, IL 2009

selected group shows

Work of the New Masters, Aurum Studios, Athens, GA 2012
MFA Thesis Exhibition, Lamar Dodd School of Art, Athens, GA 2012
Georgia Gaze, Lamar Dodd School of Art, Athens, GA 2010
A Discourse of the Frame, Transpace Gallery, Normal, IL 2008







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