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international photography annual 2 exhibition-in-print
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Richard Clifford
Wheeling, West Virginia


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My goal as an image-maker is to instill a sense of magical awe and wonder the in the minds of people.  To achieve my goal I work with a variety of media, such as photography, graphic design, typography and screen-printing.   One of my favorite media to work with is long exposure photography, where I move various light sources in interesting ways in front of my camera lens.

Most of my light painting photographs have abstract and surreal elements to them, often made by making dramatic movements with various lights at my disposal. These elements are inspired by my interest in fantasy and sci-fi. My light painting photographs are completely autographic, no two are ever the same, as I can never truly control where the light will go.

When people see one of my light painting photographs I want them to imagine a surreal event taking place before them and their imaginations to run wild about what's going on in the photo.  As the viewer looks at the photograph, the photograph should become a scene playing inside their head as they imagine the scene from the photograph unfolding.  Everyone interprets art differently and I want my light paintings to boost people's imagination as they each view and interpret my light paintings differently.


born: 1991, Wheeling, West Virginia


West Liberty University, Graphic Design, 2014

selected awards/honors

Interactive runner-up, Media Art and Design Festival, West Liberty University, 2013



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