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international photography annual 2 exhibition-in-print
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Preston Buchtel
Cleveland, Ohio


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I work in multiple mediums, primarily painting, collage and photography, often combining them into mixed-media pieces.  Photography has always been a part of my work, playing many roles from inspiration, to source material, to an end in itself.  In recent years, I have expanded my photography based work to include the construction of digitally assembled photographic collages.  

While I embrace digital photography in my work, I continue to use film-based photography and processes, alongside digital technology.  I see my use of digital software, particularly the layering possibilities it offers, as an extension and expansion of film photography and darkroom techniques, such as the use of in-camera or darkroom processes, to construct double/multiple exposure images and photomontages.  

The digital process allows me to assemble and manipulate multiple layers and fragments of information and images, and to control the degree and manner of integration with one another; thus offering new possibilities for the visual creation, destruction, and manipulation of space, time, form, meaning, narrative, and perception.

My piece, Resistance, which is included in this book, is an example of my recent digitally assembled photographic work.  It's from the ongoing Cinema Series, which uses the construct of a movie theatre to tie the creations and actions on the screen back to reality for the viewer.  It is also a framework, in which to explore and discuss the current state of art, culture, the human condition, reality(s), or whatever I choose.  

At the core of all of my work, beyond what medium I use and any hopes or intentions for a particular piece, is my desire to create work with an emotional, intellectual, physical, and analytical depth, to engage and challenge the viewer—and myself.


born: 1963, Barberton, Ohio


Kent State University, BArch, 1992
Cleveland Institute of Art, BFA, 1988

selected awards/honors

Gold Medal, San Francisco International Photography Exhibition, 2013

selected solo or two-person exhibits

Kenneth Paul Lesko Gallery, Cleveland, OH, 2015
Brandt Gallery: Waiting for the Moment Before, Cleveland, OH, 2011

selected group shows

Kenneth Paul Lesko Gallery: Cinema 04, Cleveland, OH, 2013
Gallery Photographica: San Francisco International Photography Exhibition, San Francisco, CA, 2013
Manifest Creative Research Gallery: Magnitude 7, Cincinnati, OH, 2013
Cleveland Print Room: Homegrown, Cleveland, OH, 2013



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