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international painting annual 2 exhibition-in-print
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Allan Gorman
Upper Montclair, New Jersey

Brandspa LLC, Owner


pages 88-89

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My paintings are about the beauty found within man's industry. I look for interesting shapes and precision created by man made objects to explore form, composition, color and emotion. For me, the images are about security and permanence, and often evoke a romantic nostalgia for another time and place.

Even as a kid, I had an affinity for man-made things that linked to the past elevated train stations... subway cars with rattan seats... propeller planes... architecture and furniture from the art deco period... streamlined automobiles; and of course the artwork of Edward Hopper, Charles Sheeler and George Bellows.

Now when I make my own art, I'm drawn to subject matter that takes me back there classic structures... nostalgic photos... and now, highways, trucks and industrial objects. I'm attracted to timeless, classic shapes, fine craftsmanship, power, and a strong connection to the things I love.

I marvel at and try to share the powerful, angular, and interesting shapes found in the objects we've created. I celebrate the care and skill that goes into designing and building things, their stately and precise beauty, and their ability to evoke those familiar feelings of simplicity, curiosity and comfort.


born: 1947, Brooklyn, New York

selected awards/honors

Artist Portfolio Magazine #2 Cover Award, 2011
Projekt30 - Aug, Sep, 2011
Vermont Studio Center Residency Scholarship, 2011

selected publications

Thomas, Allison - "Canvas Constructions: Drawing Inspiration from Concrete and Steel"- Transportation Today Newsletter #9 - July, 2011
Finn, Joan - "sTRUCKtures: Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary" - Montclair Times Arts Section Cover Feature - May, 26, 2011
Seed, John - "5 Paintings, 5 Studio Shots, 5 Quests for Beauty" - Huffington Post - Apr 29, 2011
Menendez, Didi - Poets and Artis Magazine #24 - Feature Story - Spring 2011

selected solo or two-person exhibits

SCCC Galleries - "Allan Gorman: Abstractions in Reality", Newton, NJ - 2012
Phoenix Gallery - "Allan Gorman - sTRUCKtures", NYC - 2011
Brassworks on Grove - "Structural Harmonies" Montclair, NJ - 2010

selected group shows

Governor's Island Art Fair - NYC - 2011
Aljira Center for Contemporary Art - "Viewpoints" Newark, NJ - 2011
Monmouth Museum - "32nd Annual Exhibition - Monmouth, NJ - 2011
NJ State Museum - 2010 NJ Arts Annual - Trenton, NJ - 2010


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