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Matt Kruback
Amherst, NY

State University of New York Brockport,
Adjunct Lecturer

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My work is based on a deep respect and personal intimacy with the natural landscape. As a child I witnessed the gravity, power and grandeur of the earth, and as an adult I have formed a deeper and more profound connection with the living world. I believe that nature has the power to move one to great emotions and physical states. It is this force that reveals our strengths and inadequacies so honestly and without temperance. These paintings, drawings and prints explore the iconography of the landscape to articulate more universal ideas about the human experience.

The magic, miracle and mysticism of the untouched wild drives the making of these objects, and ultimately I work to evoke a sense of the metaphysical through the paint, charcoal and ink. While many of the land-forms and scenarios have been altered, exaggerated or otherwise invented, I remain humbly truthful to the original experience as witnessed. These works are based entirely on actual atmospheric events and locations.

Isolation illuminates and revitalizes the small tasks of mere survival. Working, resting, moving and eating become florid acts of necessity when removed from the facility of the modern and comfortable world. The profundity and preciousness of human emotions and interactions arrive undeniably against the cold and emotionless backdrop of raw earth. Hope becomes as painful as it is joyous, fear and confidence trudge shoulder-to-shoulder along the switchbacks and success and failure peer at each other in the lake's mirror.

We search for markers along the journey. A cairn left by somebody knowing something of the truth, a lunar body that trails slowly behind it's solar sibling, or the green of life from a wind-whipped and frost-bitten tree that survives despite the absence of any growing season. We learn from what is unquestionable to appreciate that which is intangible. It is from this point that we depart on the next step.




born: 1980, Loveland, Colorado


Arizona State University, M.F.A. 2006
Colorado State University, B.F.A. 2002

selected awards/honors

University Graduate Fellowship, Arizona State University, 2005
Special Talent Award, Arizona State University, 2005
The Gayle J. Novak and Robert D. Cocke Award in Painting, Arizona State University, 2005

selected solo or two-person exhibits

Central Arizona College: Matt Kruback - Recent Work, Coolidge, AZ, 2007
Burton Barr @Central Gallery: PERMAfrost, Phoenix, AZ, 2007
Harry Wood Gallery: Ascent, Tempe, AZ, 2006
Trinity Cathedral Gallery: Spirit, Phoenix, AZ, 2006

selected group shows

Meadows Gallery: VAST Annual Juried Exhibition, Denton, TX, 2008
Limner Gallery: Juxtapositions, Hudson, NY, 2008
Shemer Museum Gallery: Landscaped, Phoenix, AZ, 2008
Turchin Center for the Visual Arts: Halpert Biennial, Boone, NC, 2007

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