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Third Place Award

Soomin Jung
San Antonio, TX

University of Texas at San Antonio, MFA

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How do you measure things? How do you value things? How do you know why an orange is an orange but an apple? In other words, how do you perceive the world?

Nature and human society are created or structured by a system that is repetitive and organized, and yet chaotic. During the process of creation, a single unit (or an individual) becomes a part of structure and loses its personal identity while a unit stays as it was. (An individual creates relationship with the others and compromises, but doesn't completely transform.)

Ear is a symbol of identity (or individuality), and it is a new thumbprint. Ear stands for an essence component of a system, and an identity of a personnel in a group of people. Identity of a personnel in a group can be ignored or appreciated by a perceiver through a compare and contrast process.


born: : 1977, Seoul, Korea


University of Texas at San Antonio, MFA 2008
University of Texas at San Antonio, BFA program, 2002-05

selected awards/honors

Dimension XXXV, Merit Award in Sculpture Category, Art Center of Corpus Christi, TX, 2007
National Avata Character Design Competition, Daily Chosun, Seoul, Korea, 2001

selected publications

selected solo or two-person exhibits

Rhythm, Satellite Space Gallery, San Antonio, TX, 2008

selected group shows

Laniappe 5: National Print and Drawing Exchange, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, 2007
31st Bradley International Print and Drawing Exhibition, Bradley University, Peoria IL, 2007
Salt City Dozen National Portfolio, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, 2006
The 27th Annual Paper ini Particular National Exhibition, Columbia, MO, 2005

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