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Dorian Iten
Cham, Switzerland

Angel Academy of Art, 2nd Year

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Growing up near a forest I have had a deep love for mother nature from as long as I can remember. Also, in early childhood I was impressed with the self-discipline and accomplishments of monks and dreamed about going to a tibetan buddhist monestary. My family or what was left of it by then didn't belong to any particular religion at that point so thinking back to it now I'm not sure where that wish came from. Well I haven't gone to a monestary so far but my interest in spirituality and thehuman experience that had been somewhat suppressed during my high-school years is now coming back. At the same time I'm quite rational and often take a scepticly scientific stance. I seem to have a insatiable curiosity in me that urges to question and disobey and ask and think and change and seek and grow. I train passionately to become a professional painter and illlustrator, the one thing we tend to seperate into Love, Beauty and Truth is what heats the flame.



born: 1985, Austria


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selected group shows

St. James Church, City Wide Art V, Florence, Italy 2007
Jack Barclay Bentley, Annigoni's Legacy, London, UK, 2007
Altstadthalle, KUNSTpause 2007, Zug, Switzerland, 2007
St. James Church, City Wide Art IV, Florence, Italy 2005

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