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Greg Fuqua
Ames, Iowa

Des Moines Area Community College,
Adjunct Professorr

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My work is a melding of my fascination of nature, science, and the forces that shape the form and behavior of matter, and consciousness. In a sense my work represents a reflection between creative nature and creative consciousness. I have invented my own cosmological system and theories, to express notions that combine the micro/macro, inner/outer, the biologic/cosmologic, feminine/masculine, energy/matter, notions of connectedness to nature, and to creationary processes.

The process was born out of a gestural drawing approach, a sort of an emergent physical felt process that oscillates between clarity and chaos, refinement and obscurity. I am attempting to capture the essence of nature, the primordial drive, the organizational tendencies and forces of the universe. I am essentially a formalist, whose interests revolve around the interactions, relationships and tensions between forms and their forces.

The images involve no preparatory work; they are inspired from within and are non-objective. The specific identification of these forms is not evident but they do connect with reality and provide a link between other natural worlds and us. The images themselves reference the sense of intrinsic beauty, mystery, power and technology of nature, which can be thought of as a representation of inner and outer worlds that are inherently familiar to us all.




born: 1970, Des Moines, Iowa


University of Iowa, BFA, 1994
New Mexico State University, MFA, 2000

selected awards/honors

Best of Show, Contemporary Symbolism, Prairie State College, 2007

Nancie Mattice Award, International Juried Exhibition, Dangenart Gallery, 2006
Special Recognition Merit Award, 8th Annual Abstraction International Online Juried Art Exhibition,
Upstream People Gallery, 2006

selected publications

Feature Article, "At the Intersection of Science and Art...", Iowa ArtScene, Vol. 5, Issue12, Dec. 2007
The Tribune, Capturing Creation in Radical Art,, Ames, IA, June 14th, 2006.
The Tribune, Melding Art and Science , Ames, IA, March 29th 2006
Blogger, Troubling Materialism, or What's the Matter With Matter? By Michael Smolinski,
Tuesday, November 28,2006.

selected solo or two-person exhibits

"Epic Drawings", University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics,Gallery III, 2008
"Radical Nature", University Unitarian Gallery-in-the-Round, Ames, Iowa, 2006
"Nature's Energy", On Q- art gallery, Lubbock Texas, 2004
Two-Person Invitational Exhibition, Peoples Gallery, El Paso Texas, 2004

selected group shows

22nd International Juried Show, Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, 2008
49th International Award Exhibition, San Diego Art Institute, 2007
Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, Agora Gallery, 2006
30th Bradley International Print and Drawing Juried Exhibition, Bradley University, 2005

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