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Paz de la Calzada
San Francisco, California

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I am a multidisciplinary artist working with painting, sculpture and installation. Different media in my creative work are often integrated to make cohesive installations. My three-dimensional and two-dimensional work compliment and complete each other. I create a variety of forms inspired by the complexity and playfulness of labyrinths. Knots, tangles, woven shapes and patterns of hair feature prominently in my work.

I am interested in exploring the tension between order and chaos. I combine unexpected materials and colors to change the appearance of real objects. I often work with contradictory ideas, shaping natural forms from artificial materials. Sometimes, I apply the order of a formal plaid pattern to a chaotic form. In other projects I work with objects from daily life, like old shoes or beauty masks, and present them transformed with unnatural colors
and in new context.

My work has been fed by the different spaces where I lived-- from the labyrinthine chaos of Mexico City, to Spain's rapidly transforming culture. In California I've been inspired by the proximity of nature to the city. Both the urban street culture and the natural world have offered me materials and forms that entered into my work. I present
my work both as a game and an examination of the world in a playful way.




born: 1967, Madrid, Spain


UNAM, Mexico City. Master's Degree in Fine Arts, 1998
University os Salamanca, Spain. Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, 1992

selected awards/honors

Artist in Residence. Millay Colony for the Arts. Austerlitz, NY, 2008
I Latino Video Festival. Best Experimental. Mission Cultural Center. San Francisco, CA, 2004
Second Award. IV Painting Competition. Academy of Fine Arts, La Coruña, Spain, 2002
Grant for Art Studies in UNAM, México City. County of La Coruña, Spain, 1997

selected publications

Javier Marin Gallery: Entretejidos. Málaga, Spain, 2002 (Catalogue)
Academy of Fine Arts ?Salon de Otoño? Painting competition. La Coruña, Spain, 2006 (Catalogue)
Mission Cultural Center. Solo Mujeres. San Francisco. CA 2006 (Catalogue)
Union FENOSA Juried Show. La Coruna, Spain. 2004 (Catalogue)

selected solo or two-person exhibits

Casa del Libro Gallery: Y yo con estos Pelos, San Francisco, CA, 2007
Artist' Television Access (ATA): Hairy Tales. San Francisco, CA, 2006
66Balmy Gallery: Fabricated. San Francisco, CA, 2004
Javier Marin Gallery: Entretejidos. Málaga, Spain, 2002

selected group shows

San Jose Museum of Art: ?Identity? One Night Stand. San Jose, CA. 2007
Mina Dresden Gallery: Intimate Bodies, Public Spaces. San Francisco, CA, 2007
Mission 17 Gallery. Cronyism. San Francisco. CA, 2006
The Old Mint: Emerge 04. Gen Art. San Francisco, CA, 2004

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