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international drawing annual 9 exhibition-in-print
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Mariasun Salgado
Madrid, Spain

Polytechnic University of Madrid, Doctor Lecturer

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We live surrounded by mega structures. Such is their presence that we no longer perceive them as dystopian. Beyond the invasion of urban space, as evident in cities, these infinite and hypertrophied facilities condition our life but we cannot discern them because of the distortion scale. Being always precise labyrinthine, they often create a matted fabric whose logic is hidden from our eyes. We are like a mouse in a maze. Only the global view allows us to find a way out.

For that these works propose a different view of these spaces beyond what we perceive by using visual hybridizations. In these works the emphatic presence of the architecture is expressed through images that remind us of manga aesthetics and allude to the super density of the nowadays Asian world, that is, the late capitalism of the West led to its limits.

It is about a deployment of new scenarios that are governed by their own laws which in turn seek harmony within an apparent chaos, by approaching the beauty of geometry and mathematics. An order that surrounds its tiny and scarce native inhabitants of pre-technological times, although as in real life, they remain outside the established order. A vision that allows us to observe the isolation and loneliness through the experience of its inhabitants, exempt from emotions.

It is the observation of the space around us beyond the space itself, in short an exercise of decontextualization through density and scale manipulation.

The work entitled Babel's Stairs II reflects an imaginary architecture. Drawing architecture and character photography are joined together to create a contemporary collage. I use collage technique for these works because I believe real architecture is a collage itself.

Space contextualization conferred by the character appearing in this work, suggests an indefinite time frame, which could be set either in the 20th or the 21st century.

The composition is a research in which numerical harmony and proportion is related to √2. The color variation of the modules and their place in the virtual mesh are a consequence of the algorithm.

The incidence of light represented by cast reddish shadows, give the ensemble a look of vintage photography, confronting us with the paradox of handling representation codes closer to comic drawing than to photography or painting.


born: 1970, Madrid, Spain


Polytechnic University of Madrid, PhD, 2004
Madrid's Technical School of Architecture, MA, 1995

selected awards/honors

UEM Award in Teaching Innovation, European University of Madrid, 2009
Conditioning Architecture Award, Pliego's City Council, Spain, 2007
Arena Architecture Award, Blanca's City Council, Spain, 2007
Town Hall Architecture Award, Ribadesella's City Council, Spain, 2006

selected publications

Espacio e identidad. International Exhibition catalogue. German Embassy in Madrid, Madrid 2013. p 127
Space Conflicts. Mariasun Salgado Solo Exhibition, Duolun MoMA, Shanghai, p. 1-36 China, 2012
2012 City Text. International Art Exhibition of Ten Artist, ECNU Press Shanghai, p. 14-15 China, 2012
Typological Formulas of Space Development. Volume I: Rational Systems. Mairea Publishing,

selected solo or two-person exhibits

Adolfo Domínguez Foundation: Rougart Inter Spaces, Madrid, 2013
Duolun Moseum of Modern Art: Space Conflicts, Shanghai, China, 2013
ETSAM Library: Superstudio 1966-1973, Madrid, Spain, 2011
Casa Decor 03: Rougart Space, Madrid, Spain, 2003

selected group shows

Artig Kunstpreis 2014 results exhibition, Galerie kunstreich, Kempten (Germany), 2014
Espacio e identidad collective exhibition, organized by the German Embassy, Madrid, Spain, 2013
ECNU: City Text. International Art Exhibition of Ten Artist, Shanghai, China, 2012
Pliego's City Council. Proposals for the Environmental Conditioning of Las Cañadas Public Space, Murcia Spain, 2008

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