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Felice Grodin
Miami Beach, Florida

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"To affirm on the contrary that the universe resembles nothing at all and is only formless, amounts to saying that the universe is something akin to a spider or a gob of spittle."

Georges Bataille: "Informe." Documents 7 (December 1929), p. 382.

We are living in a time when fixed notions have been lost and new possibilities are on the horizon. My work attempts to trap the mutable state of things where paradigms shift, boundaries erode and particles collide. I investigate the architecture of chance, the stretching of the truth and the delaying of the inevitable. Borrowing and subverting from my training as an architect, I explore processes that merge the physical and mental landscape. I attempt to map out cartographies of tension and compression that represent moments of transformation, movement and entropy whereby subject and object are no longer discernible.





born: 1969, Italy


Harvard University Graduate School of Design,  MArch, 1997
Tulane University School of Architecture, BArch, 1992

selected awards/honors

Faculty Design Award, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, 1997
Thomas J. Lupo Award for Metropolitan Studies, Tulane University School of Architecture, 1992

selected publications

Girls' Club;  Following the Line.  Ft Lauderdale, FL:  Girls' Club p. 40-41, 2013
Bakehouse Art Complex; Woman to Woman, An Exhibition of Collaborative Explorations.  Miami, FL:  BAC p. 20-21, 2012
Manifest Research Gallery and Drawing Center;  Arch/ Selections from the INDA 6.  Cincinnati, OH:  Manifest Press p. 12, 2011

selected solo or two-person exhibits

Locust Projects:  A Fabricated Field, Miami, Florida, 2014
Diana Lowenstein Gallery:  nolo contendere, Miami, Florida, 2013
Dimensions Variable:  The Outer Limits, Miami, Florida, 2011
Diana Lowenstein Gallery:  Lost Horizon, Miami, Florida, 2009

selected group shows

Miami Center for Architecture & Design:  Drawn From Miami, Miami, Florida, 2013
ArtCenter South Florida:  Unpredictable Patterns of Behavior, Miami Beach, Florida, 2013
Girls' Club:  Following the Line, Ft Lauderdale, Florida,  2012-13
Kathryn Markel Fine Arts & Leslie Heller Workspace:  Little Languages / Coded Pictures, New York, New York, 2012

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