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Shelby Shadwell
Laramie, Wyoming

University of Wyoming, Assistant Professor

pages 158-160


The title for each piece, "Economy," refers to my search for solutions to formal visual problems in my work.  I often completed these drawings in one sitting favoring gritty atmospheric effects created with layers of brushed and blended material.  A palpable economy of form arose from the pared down interaction between myself, the limited materials and subject matter through the directness of the drawing process. "Economy" also refers to the relentless trafficking of goods to meet the demands of consumer driven markets and culture.  In this context, the materials also comment on the content of the work.  As the global economy stumbles under its own weight, the truck figures appear to melt into the ground, mired in thick landscapes of carbon like doomed mastodons of old.  



born:1981, Springfield, Missouri


Southern Illinois University Carbondale, MFA, 2006
Washington University (St. Louis), BFA, 2003                                     

selected awards/honors

Basic Research Grant funded as PI awarded by the College of Arts and Sciences, University of Wyoming 2009
Artist in Residence, ART342, Fort Collins, CO, 2009
2nd Place Prize awarded by Shirley Madigan, Chairman, Illinois Arts Council, Looking at Southern Illinois Exhibition, 2006
Belle Cramer Printmaking Award, Washington University (St. Louis), 2002

selected publications

SHAPED / PAUSE; Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center. Cincinnati, OH: Volume 40, 2009
Sardy, Marin. "True West: David Jones and Shelby Shadwell." THE Magazine November:  p 41
Photos, John. "Hit the Road." The Santa Fe Reporter September 23-29: p 29
Fairfield, Douglas.  "An Exhibition of Convoyeurs."  The Santa Fe New Mexican Pasatiempo  September 18-24: Cover Image and pp 34-35

selected solo or two-person exhibits

333 Montezuma Annex, Westwork, Santa Fe, NM, 2010
222 Shelby Street Gallery, True West, Santa Fe, NM, 2009
First Street Gallery, Economy, Trinidad, CO, 2009

selected group shows

University of North Carolina, Drawing Discourse, Asheville, NC, 2010
Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center, PAUSE, Cincinnati, OH, 2009
Cole Art Center, Stephen F. Austin State University, Texas National Juried Competition, Nacogdoches, TX, 2009
Coos Art Museum, Expressions West, Coos Bay, OR, 2009

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