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Sara Schneckloth
Columbia, South Carolina

University of South Carolina, Assistant Professor

pages 154-156


How do we hold memory?  How do memories hold us?  I pose these questions as the starting point for my work, as I strive to embody moments of remembering, and consider the relationship between the body's physical performance of memory and inscriptive practice.

My work deals primarily with imagined microbiological systems rendered on a macro- scale.  I envision and create cells, organs, fluids, and tissues, and seek to assemble the elements into new systems of organic relationship and connection.  I work in a variety of mediums and look for ways to take drawing beyond its traditional definition of "mark on paper."

I believe that the act of drawing is a way of residing in multiple states of awareness: of present, past, future, of what one is, has been, and hopes to become; of the physical, the mental, and the formal.  I draw as a way to see more deeply, both inside and out, and to elevate the act of seeing to a process that is fully engaging of both body and mind.  In the gesture of a drawing, there abides the question of how human beings hold memory.  I care about how the body holds its history, and how that recollected history can be performed through the act of making embodied signs.

Sara Schneckloth teaches drawing at the University of South Carolina in Columbia.



born:1970, Davenport, Iowa


Northwestern University, BA, 1992
University of Wisconsin - Madison, MFA, 2006        

selected publications

"Open Gestures." Visual Communication Quarterly, Volume 16, Number 3, Taylor and Francis Group (Philadelphia, PA: 2009).
New American Paintings - Exhibition in Print, Southern Edition, Number 82, Open Studios Press, Boston, MA.
"Marking Time, Figuring Space: Gesture and the Embodied Moment." Journal of Visual Culture, Volume 7, Number 3, Sage Publications (London, England: 2008).
Discovering Others: A Creative Arts Resource Guide, JUTA Press (Cape Town, South Africa: 2004).

selected solo or two-person exhibits

McMaster Gallery: Open Gestures - (re)Active Drawings, Columbia, SC, 2008.
University of the South: Sara Schneckloth & Barbara Campbell Thomas, Sewanee, TN, 2008.
Overture Center for the Arts: Sara Schneckloth and Teresa Getty - Tracks and Traces,  Madison, WI. 2007.

selected group shows

Chicago Art Source Gallery: Sheer Splendor - Davidoff, Pardue, Schneckloth, Chicago, IL, 2010.
University of North Carolina-Pembroke: Outside the Lines - New Directions in Drawing, Pembroke, NC, 2009.
Southern California Institute of Architecture: Analog Interactivity, Los Angeles, CA, 2009.
Columbus Museum: Columbus Biennial, Columbus, GA, 2008.

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