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Ryota Sato
Okayama, Japan

pages 150-151


We are surrounded by many kinds of communities such as countries, corporations, organizations, family, nationality, etc. All these communities have names, characters; some are even protected by the law and people treat them like a person.

When we look at these communities closely we find that these are made of lots of people who have different personalities, thoughts and many other aspects.

What these people really think about their community often differ from what the community says about who or what they are. When people gather and form a community, all those people's ideas and characters will mix and overlap, shaping a ghost-like figure. I feel this is the figure that truly represents the community, which exist behind their logos.

When I think about myself. Most of young Japanese do not believe in any religion but many have strongly believe in technologies or science but it is hard to point out exactly which part of technology that we believe in. This is creating the ghost and this ghost is what I am trying to capture.



born:1980, Japan


Falmouth College of Arts (UK), Fine Art BA (Hons), 2004

selected solo or two-person exhibits Redlab Gallery, Parts study, Okayama, 2008
Okayama Tenjinyama Cultural Plaza, Atomatics Ryota Sato Exhibition, Okayama, 2007
Toaru Gallery, mami-chang world, Okayama, 2007

selected group shows

Spiral, S.I.C.F, Tokyo, 2009
Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo wonder wall, Tokyo, 2008
Maebashi Plaza, Maebashi Art Compe Live 2008, Gunma, 2008
Museum of Kyoto, Amuse Art Jam, Kyoto, 2007

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