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Christina Pettersson
Miami, Florida

pages 36-41


It would never occur to me to draw what I already know.  I am no illustrator of long expired fevers, and I am certainly not in a dialogue with the past.   The perfect blank of a page, and I should ruin that with history?  What with all the divination to be gleamed from the flames of literature, such elaborate displays of what can be, amid larvae and lemurs?  A drawing glows as nothing in life ever can.  Upon it the language of desire materializes absolute, total.   Empty one world and exchange it for a new sultry vision, more voluptuous.   I will go deep within the labyrinth's weltering tides carrying a sword, and come out holding a severed head.  I will bite the necks of Baudelaire's birds.  I will even find my island.  I will speak to the specters as I like and become their spectress.

Life is such a meager substitute.  You cannot pocket it, cannot discard it.  Drawing is the only way to summon up the physical picture of the locale of a fleeting mirage, devoid of all distractions and unhinged from circumstance, mere history.  In the end a pattern forms, and poof!  a kind of miracle of meaning,  even if granted for myself only.



born:1976, Stockholm, Sweden


Valand School of Fine Arts, Guest Student Under Fulbright Grant, Gothenburg, Sweden, 1999
Maryland Institute, College of Art, Bachelor of Fine Art, 1998

selected awards/honors

Individual Artist Fellowship, Florida Division of Cultural Affairs, 2010
Miami Herald Art Basel Competition Winner, 2008
South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship, Florida Division of Cultural Affairs, 2006
Fulbright Scholar, Sweden, 1999

selected publications

Miami Modern Luxury Magazine, Artist Feature (interview, photos), December 2009
New American Paintings, Southern Competition, Featured Artist, 2009, 2007
Manifest, INDA 3 & 4, 2009, 2008
Florida International Magazine, Artist Feature (interview, photos), November 2009

selected solo or two-person exhibits

Spinello Gallery: Resurrection, Miami, FL, 2010
Spinello Gallery: This May Be The Last Time, I Don't Know, Miami, FL, 2008
Rocket Projects: 373 sounds for anne sexton or god is in your typewriter, Miami, FL, 2006
Rocket Projects: New Works, Miami, FL, 2005

selected group shows

Naples Museum of Art, Florida Contemporary, Naples, FL, 2010
Spinello Gallery, Pulse Art Fair/New York, New York, NY, 2010
Museum of Contemporary Art, Optic Nerve XI, Miami, FL, 2009
Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus Biennial, GA, 2008

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