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Gabrielle Nowicki
Rodney, Ontario

page 129


I like that drawing is both an action and a product. The most elemental action of making a mark on paper contrasts with finer rendering that creates an illusion of reality. Which is more real, the realistic rendering or the marks that record the path of a pencil dragged across a surface?

In this drawing, the houses stake their territory. They are lovingly created with attention to detail; they are built, embellished, gardens are tended and they become homes for generations to come.

In contrast, the tractor and its planter draw fleeting lines around the community to last the duration of one growing season. Each year the lines are wiped clean and re-drawn the next spring.

I record my thoughts, feelings and experiences through drawing. Often, simply the quality of line expresses clearest the dynamics of daily occurrences. The finer detailed drawings are the precious moments I make time to savour, treasure and ponder.



born:1961, Enfield, United Kingdom


University of Western Ontario, BFA, 1984

selected group shows

Fantastic and Visionary Art, Touring Exhibition, Orange Regional Gallery, Orange, New South Wales, Australia, 2003-2004

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