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Daniel Maidman
Brooklyn, New York

pages 114-115


The model for this drawing, Lillian, told me not long after I met her that she refuses to take up less space than a man when riding the subway in New York. That comment worked its way around to inspiring this drawing.

My work is realist but not academic; I am not working on a way back, but a way forward. Most of my pieces are nudes. The visible body moves in rivers of light and oceans of light; the shifting of light on the surface is an index of the state of the interior. The key is not to look to light alone, or form alone, because they are outward things. I have struggled my entire life to see light and form as reflections of the invisible presence of the person, and to make the light and form in my work take on a quality of transparency and imminence.



born: 1975, Canada


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, BA, 1995

selected awards/honors

Finalist - Portrait/Figure Painting, The Artist's Magazine's 26th Annual Art Competition, 2009

selected publications

International Artist Magazine, cover story, pp. 80-85, April/May 2010
International Artist Magazine, pp. 40-45, February/March 2010
American Art Collector, Savvy Collector's Guide, p. 41, December 2009
American Art Collector, Artist Focus, p. 176, November 2009

selected solo or two-person exhibits featured artist, January 3, 2010

selected group shows

Clatsop Community College Art Center: "Au Naturel: The Nude in the 21st Century," Astoria, Oregon, 2010
Lana Santorelli Gallery: "Summer Nudes" New York City, NY, 2008

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