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Justine Henry
West Footscray, Victoria

pages 84-85


Drawing is compelling for me because of its tactility and immediacy and its seeming ability to tap into the unconscious in a direct way. I prefer to use simple materials such as pencil, ink or charcoal on paper as I find they offer the least resistance in my search for directness and spontaneity in my process.

I am inspired by patterns, structures and processes found in nature, for example, spider webs, tree branches, aerial maps, found drawings‚ such as cracks in walls and footpaths, and marks of decay. Other phenomena such as neural paths, networks, calligraphy and city space also find their way into the imagery of my drawings.

Sometimes the drawings are intuitive, sensory renderings that seem to make themselves, as if the body and arm are enacting a tracing of the unconscious, bypassing language and conscious thought.

At other times the activity is more muscular and wrought, an intense period of physical activity during which the struggle to find a balance between order and chaos plays itself out on the sheet of the paper.

Subsequently, these drawings are defined by an accretive layering of marks and erasures that are as much about structuring time as space and that reveal the struggle between intellect and intuition; between the impulse to create freely and the desire for exactitude and control. What I want to convey is a sense of built up energy and gesture and somehow express, in a raw and direct way, the complexities of lived experience.



born: 1972, Christchurch, New Zealand


RMIT University, Advanced Diploma - Electronic Design & Interactive Media, 2001
University of Canterbury, BFA, 1996
University of Canterbury, BA, 1996

selected awards/honors

Creative Media Award, RMIT University, 2001

selected publications

Alicia Guerrero-Yeste, Freddy Massad; A+A: Arquitecturanimacio/Architecturanimation, Col.iegi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya, p. 196-202, 2003

selected group shows

Marking Time, Conical, Melbourne, Australia, 2006
Sky Lounge (Multimedia Festival), National Museum of Australia, Canberra, Australia, 2003
A+A: Arquitecturanimacio, Catalunya Festival, Barcelona, Spain, 2002
Melbourne International Student Animation Festival, Melbourne, Australia, 2002

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